Toy Tractors For Kids Of All Ages

by frugalrvers

Though times have changed, toy tractors for kids are still popular today. Children of all ages love tractor toys alone or with trailers - especially ride on varieties!

When I was a boy in the 50s growing up in the farm country of central Illinois, tractors and farm equipment were common sights. In the planting and harvesting seasons especially, farm implements like planters, combines, tractors and wagons, and harrows would share the 2-lanes with trucks and cars.

Going from field to farm and back, farmers drove these vehicles proudly, and we all knew the big makes and models just as well as we knew cars. We could usually identify the make of the tractor and equipment by the color, and the bright reds, blues and greens were incredibly attractive to the eye and mind of a child.

I Can See Why A Toy Tractor Would Be Popular

It seems only natural that toy versions of tractors and farm equipment would be popular. As a boy I would play in the sandbox and the yard with my models of tractors and wagons, and they were the perfect size for a small hand to push around and fantasize with. If you could afford it, you could have a model, made from metal and painted to look exactly like the real thing, of just about anything that a real farmer would have. But these toys were quite expensive because they were well-made and built to last. That's one reason they are still collected today - their durability, and the nostalgia that comes from seeing these little beauties.

Riding Toy Tractors - Tractor Toys Your Child Can Drive

Another form of toy based on tractors and farm equipment was the riding toy tractor. This was made to be pedaled like the cars that were made for kids back in the middle of the century, but were designed to look just like the big ones that the real farmers used. Tooling around the back yard in one of these on a hot summer day was a highlight of childhood. Again, you could add on wagons and other implements as your allowance allowed - but because these were bigger, only the more well-off kids could afford to have any kind of collection.

Today's ride on tractors take fun to the extreme. They are available for kids of all ages, from toddlers to larger children, and look and feel so authentic...and are priced within range where most youngsters can experience them without breaking the bank.

John Deere Toy Tractor Memories

Of course, it's clear in hindsight that these were great ways for the companies to promote their products. In fact, the only place you could get John Deere toys was a the dealership. While the grown-ups would be talking about trade-ins and new equipment, the kids would be drooling over the showcases full of shiny new models, all laid out and ready to take home. Makers of farm equipment still manufacture these toys and they are still very popular, but it's the old ones that bring a good price from collectors wanting to relive their childhoods in some small way.

Toy Tractors And Trailers - How A Tractor With Trailer Makes It Seem More Real

Having a toy tractor was exciting enough, but when you added trailers and other pieces into the mix, the end result was pure joy. Growing up, tractors didn't just ride around like a car...they did jobs, and whatever was attached to the back end had its own special purpose.

Kids today love toy tractors with additional pieces, like the ones you will see below....

Kids Toy Tractors Remain Popular Throughout Generations

Another reason we kids (mostly boys) loved toy tractors when we were growing up in a small farming community was because we wanted to play grown-up. It's hard to believe, but way back when there was a time when kids actually emulated their parents, respected them, and wanted to be as much like them as possible - they were our role models before TV and rock and roll took over. One way to do that was to have fantasy play sessions with toys that were so life-like, it didn't take a lot of imagination.

Sitting by the side of a sandbox in the backyard, my friends and I would get out our tractors, wagons, combines and discs to do some farming before the sun went down. If it was fall and harvest time was just around the corner, so much the better - we knew we had work to do that was important. While Dad and his helpers were out in the real fields, we would be pushing our toys around the sandbox, picking corn soybeans, and maybe a little wheat, loading it onto toy trucks, and taking it down to the granary.

Every town on the railroad tracks had a granary, and that's where the payoff came in - we were helping out our families just by playing, or so we thought. Of course, a year or two of drought or low yields got us to thinking that there might be better ways to make a living. But there was no better way to spend a summer afternoon than with the bright shiny toys of our youth.

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frugalrvers on 08/06/2012

I love the ride on tractors - wish they made them in grown up size (aside from the expensive, authentic farm equipment...a little out of my budget!)

BrendaReeves on 08/06/2012

These are great. I'll have to keep them in mind for my grandsons.

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