A Toy Truck And Camper Is A Great RV Gift For Kids

by frugalrvers

Look at these great rv gifs for kids! A toy truck and camper, camper van, motorhome or 5th wheel will provide hours of fun imagination play for children or adult rvers...

If only real motorhomes and rvs cost as much as these toys! (sigh) Anyway...we are all about the rving lifestyle, so teach 'em while they're young with fun toy trucks, pull campers, recreational vehicles, motorhomes and more!

Great RV Toys: Camper Van, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel And More!

Make Believe RVing Toys For Kids or Adults

Hold onto your captain's chairs...these toy campers are adorable and the perfect gift for rv lovers, whether a child or adult will be the recipient of the present. These are so incredibly cute - if only the real thing was this affordable. We are full time rvers and could do a lot with the money we would save!

There is no doubt that kids will love playing with a motorhome or camper - but adults, too? I cannot help but laugh when envisioning an grown up sitting on the floor, wheeling their truck and 5th wheel around and around. As a creative gift idea, if giving this to an rver, what a wonderful centerpiece it would make in a gift basket. They are truly suitable for any age.

A child needn't be part of the rv lifestyle to appreciate and enjoy these toys. I remember the Barbie camper, when I was young. It was every little girl's dream to own one, even though we lived in an urban neighborhood and had never seen one! I believe the magic to these toys is that they appear like a home, but can also be moved around, which makes them double exciting. By the way, I never got the Barbie RV...maybe that's why I bought the real thing when I grew up?

When shopping for an rv toy, there are primarily two types: play sets and action toys. Both types are discussed and available for viewing in this article.

Motorhome PLAY SETS

Like A Dollhouse On Wheels

Think of a play set style of camper toy as a "dollhouse" suitable for boys and girls. They come with fun accessories for the rooms inside of the camper.

Our rv has rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom) just like your average home. A child will have a blast setting up the kitchen or bedroom in the rv, then rolling it about the floor. Often there are figures (mom, dad, pets) that provide the ultimate stimulation for the imagination.

The best quality about these pretend play toys is that they are so compact and portable, unlike a 3 story doll house full of furnishings. They can travel easily wherever the child goes.

Children's ACTION TOY Camper: Trailers, Motorhomes, 5th Wheels And More

Looks Just Like A Real RV

A child's camper toy, that looks just like real rvs, is a lot of fun for the imagination, too. These also make great gifts for rv owners who have the matching recreational vehicle. You can find virtually any style you are looking for, such as Class A, B or C motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheels and more.

Usually an action toy won't come with additional accessories. They are more "hands on" for children and...um...maybe your spouse. They are typically more affordable as well.


RV Action Toys That Look Like The Real Camper

Loads Of Fun For Young And Old
Prime Products 27-0001 Class A Motor Home RV Action Toy

Children can relive their RV adventures with RV Action Toys. Pull back action propels RV without batteries. 12 floor plans are possible with 15 component pieces. Roof and ...

Prime Products 27-0020 Pick-Up and 5th Wheel Toy

RV Toys Pick Up and 5th Wheel Die Cast Toy collectible. Free wheeling die cast metal and plastic replica of 5th wheel and truck. Display box for collectors.

Class C Motorhome RV (Pull-Back Action) (1-pc Random)

Die cast and plastic. Pull back actions moveable parts. Changeable interior design. Includes 1 toy in random style (two not shown but similar).

Prime Products 27-0017 Mini Motor Home and Speed Boat

Prime Mini Motorhome and Boat Toys. This Boat and Motorhome combo is a super-fun addition for your child's car / truck collection! Or, if you're a collector, there's an included...

Prime Products 27-0016 Porsche Cayenne and Travel Trailer Toy

Prime SUV and Travel Trailer Toys... on - the - road replicas! A fun addition to your child's toy car and truck collection! Painted for a life-like look. Perfect as a collectibl...

Prime Products (27-0010) SUV and Trailer Toy

Prime Products Toy SUV and Trailer-Hitch S.U.V. to Trailer and take off. Pull back action propels S.U.V. without batteries. Die cast metal and plastic construction. Not for chil...


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Jimmie on 10/07/2011

I admit they look awfully fun to me. A playset, please!

SPB on 10/06/2011

I think that it would make a cute centerpiece for someone retiring. And yes, I can see my grown up daughter actually playing with one of these. There's still a lot of kid still in her it seems.

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