Truly Wonderful American Robin Bird Gifts

by Marie

Beautiful themed gifts for fans of the stunning flame red orange breasted American Robin. This striking bird is a delight to look at and enjoy inside a home with pretty keepsakes.

Anyone who truly adores birds should be thrilled to receive a beautiful keepsake gift based on their favorite feathered friend who is the American Robin. This is one of the very first to start up singing in the early morning and the one who is most likely to wake you up too.

This wonderful animal is a happy ground feeder and you can really enjoy watching as it hops merrily across the grass while cocking its head over to one side so it can listen out for the movement of any potential food such as worms and grubs under the earth.

The American Robin is a stunning bird with it's almost black head, dark gray wing plumage, deep flame orange breast and yellow beak. It is thought that it was named by early settlers in America after the European Robin which also has a similar color chest area although that is where the similarity ends because actually it is a member of the Thrush family and much more like the European blackbird.   

Birds of a feather flock together, so the saying goes. Well they certainly do in this beautiful oval stained glass style suncatcher. The backyard birds are all feasting on some seed while they are framed in the design with branch and leaf detail. You can see the Robin on the left with his black head and bright yellow beak. 

Art glass decorations for the home make really bright and colorful gifts which are ideal for showing off that magnificent plumage around the chest area on this chirpy bird. It is rare to find many pieces where this species gets a design on their own - normally they are used alongside other frequently seen feathered companions. I managed to find one pretty suncatcher which features a male and female pair who are almost identical in real life except for the fact that the female features paler feathers especially down the back and tail area.

Sing to the Lord a new song. I love the short scripture quote sentiment on this glass cross tealight holder that features a number of different birds as well as the Robin which is well known for singing early in the morning. Enjoy the Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Northern Cardinal among the feathered friends on this piece.

Look too for an Amia suncatcher, which can be enjoyed hanging inside any window of the home, features a pair of Robin birds with the male and the female included in the design. The birds are placed with a nest among the trees and this is a nice scene of the hopeful new life yet to come.

Watch out for the robins on your lawn where you're likely to catch them, particularly in the morning, hopping around with their head cocked on one side listening for grubs and worms to pull up from the earth.

Any fan of this bird is sure to appreciate a wonderful keepsake figurine or collectible item that they can enjoy looking at every day. In winter time these birds tend to spend more time in woodland areas feasting on berries instead of their usual diet of worms so it is nice to have a special ornament to enjoy when the real birds are not coming to visit back yards and parkland so much.

This is a realistic looking porcelain figurine based on a pair which are perched on a pretty, flower adorned branch. It is provided with a wooden base which you can choose to use or not depending on the preference.

Jigsaw Puzzles Make Great Cold Weather Gifts

Another wonderful way for a fan of this bird to enjoy a thoughtful gift is with a jigsaw puzzle. These puzzles are ideal to work on during colder and wetter months where many people prefer to stay indoors. A puzzle is nice to sit and complete and designs like this can always be mounted and framed once finished to enjoy forever.

This is a pretty Fall season design with several popular species of American birds (Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Chickadee, Goldfinch, Nuthatch and Downy Woodpecker among others) and the Robin who is featured prominently at the bottom middle.

Also look for Robin's Retreat. I love the pretty birdhouse which is surrounded by a plethora of birds, flowers and butterflies. I should imagine what a delight it would be to sit and complete a design like this.

Intricate Teapot Design With the Beak as a Spout

Cosmos Gifts Robin with Flowers Ceramic Teapot, 4-3/4-Inch
Only $23.88

My Mom collects teapots and so I loved this one as soon as I saw it. This small, ceramic teapot is based on a beautiful floral and intricate branch design with the Robin perched at the front of the pot. The beak of the bird is actually the spout which makes the design even more delightful. A stunning piece to have on display and it makes for a wonderful gift.

A tree ornament makes a wonderful gift for the festive Holiday season and is a keepsake that can be treasured and enjoyed every year. I'm a big fan of my Christmas ornaments. This comes with a gorgeous photo of a robin already. If you hit the customize button on the product page then you could add on some text such as the year or a name and you can also change the photo if you have a personal one of this bird that you really want to use.

Wonderful Forever Keepsake

English settlers coming to America missed their friendly little Robin Redbreast so much. When they saw this bird with its similar orange/red chest feathers, they called it a Robin too. Apart from this chest coloring, the American Robin is really not like the English Robin at all - it's actually much more similar to the English Blackbird! I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun finding the perfect item that can be enjoyed.

Custom Name Gift Mug

American Robin beautiful bird themed gifts
American Robin beautiful bird themed gifts
Image is in the Public Domain from Pixabay and has been altered by the author
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Marie on 11/06/2014

Robin Drive, that's not a name you could forget, how lovely. I'm quite a bird fan as I enjoy watching them on the feeders in the yard so I always enjoy receiving lovely items based on them. Thank you for stopping by.

MBC on 11/06/2014

I do love the robin, and I grew up on Robin Drive. Bird gifts will be much appreciated this holiday.

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