Two Column Tutorial

by Hans

How to align modules

The arrow icons of the modules ...

Arrow icons
Arrow icons

... show their possible actions

  1. Floating possibility
  2. Half-size / Full-size
  3. Move up
  4. Move down

The aligning icon

Click the aligning icon to change the "floating" of a module. You will see a nice demonstration in this video by Simon :-)

Aligning Example

Floating tutorial
Floating tutorial

In the image above you can see that module 1, 2 and 4 are left aligned, while module 3 is right aligned.

If a module is left aligned, the "blocking bar" (shown as red line) blocks all modules on the left. In the example above module 2 is blocking module 3 and module 4.

Also the ordering of modules is important: Because module 3 was created before module 4, module 3 can align to the right! That means, clicking the aligning icon of module 4 has no effect!

Module 1

I am the first module and I float left!

Module 2

I am the second module! I float left, too! 

Because I float left,I block other modules to move up!!!

Module 3

I am the third module and CAN float right!!!

Module 4

I am the last module and float left!

Clicking the aligning icon

If you click the aligning icon of module 2, module 3 and 4 can move up. Because modules move up as high as they can, the aligning state of module 4 has no effect.

Module 1

I am the first module and I float left!

Module 2

I am the second module!

Now I float right, and

module 3 and 4 move up!

Module 3

I am the third module and have to move up!!!

Module 4

I am the last module and float left!

Summarizing the rules

  1. Modules move up as high as the can
  2. If a modules floats left, it is positioned to the left. The "blocking bar" points to the left while the icon arrow points to the right. This indicates the floating right possibility.
  3. If a modules floats right, it is positioned to the right. The "blocking bar" points to the right, while the icon arrow points to the left to indicate the floating left possibility.
  4. So the arrow icons always show the action, which is possible.
  5. The modules have an odering: The module, which was first created, is no 1, the second no 2 and so on.
  6. The module, that was first created, can determine the aligning!
  7. Use the seperator module to make spaces between the modules.

Ok, that's all. The best way is to make a few modules and test around! Have fun now!

Updated: 08/20/2014, Hans
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Hans on 08/20/2014

You can wrap around amazon "ads" because this is one of our modules :) The Google Ads at the top and at the end of the article can not be wrapped as you can see in the edit mode.

TheWritingCowboy on 08/19/2014

Then why do I see wrap arounds in other articles?

Hans on 08/19/2014

You can't wrap around ads. They are fixed points in the article ;-)

TheWritingCowboy on 08/18/2014

I hate to spoil the party, but I've tried everything that Hans is saying, but nothing makes text wrap around ads; nor can I get ads to place within the article at various points - only at the top or the bottom of the page.
There's got to be an easier way to do this. What am I missing?

Hans on 03/26/2012


Meagan on 03/25/2012

Thank you! This has had me baffled! The video was especially helpful.

Hans on 03/23/2012

Hi Jerrico, cool, that I could help you :)

Jerrico_Usher on 03/22/2012

Your the man Hans! This was the secret decoder ring I needed!

katiem2 on 01/29/2012

WOW I looked for the vote button and had to do a bit of searching... lol next I hope you add a tutorial as to how you created that cool voting section. :)

katiem2 on 01/29/2012

Very good, well explained and the visual aids help bring it all to that Ah HA moment. Thanks for helping the Wizzes walk toward quality.

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