Two-Stick Ceramic Butter Dish

by dustytoes

Finding a quality butter dish with lid, which will hold two sticks of butter, has not been easy. I'm sharing the results of my product search here.

I have wanted a two-stick butter dish with a lid for a long time. The one I currently use is a very old tupperware container. It works well, but is not all that great looking. I also like the idea of a heavier, ceramic dish.

The ideal place to store butter, is out on the counter at room temperature. No one likes to try and use butter when it's as hard as a rock. Unless the temperature inside is very hot, butter does keep this way.

I've tried a number of ways to store my butter on the counter, but most products I find don't hold enough butter. We go through a stick quit fast, and therefore I want a large butter dish that will hold two sticks, or one large block, of butter.

Good, Quality, Ceramic Butter Dishes Found at Amazon

These three companies stand out for me and offer the large, 2-stick size butter dish.

I've seen some very lovely covered butter dishes, but many don't hold the two sticks of butter that I require.  The less time I spend refilling the butter dish, the better!

At the present time I have not decided which of these products to buy.  They are all very nice, high quality items, with lots of room for my butter.

I've purchased Polish Pottery before and have a round and rectangular baking dish made by this company.  The designs are stunning, with florals mixed among dark blue colors for patterns that will look wonderful on the countertop.

Emile Henry pottery has been around for a long time.  I once owned a butter "pot" made by this company, and I used it for years.  The butter pot is an upside-down butter holder which sits inside the bottom part of the container where cold water is added to keep butter cool.  The pot was a bit messy and difficult to use, and I eventually decided I did not like keeping my butter that way.

Kahler is a Danish company promoting Scandinavian artists.  The large, wide-striped butter dish I have listed is quite unique from all the others I found, with it's oak wood lid.

About the Polish Pottery Covered Butter Dish

Buy it, or go to the product page, by clicking the link in the module below where you will see all the design options.

Polish Pottery creates amazing, intricate designs which makes this butter dish an appealing choice for me.

If the dish will be left out on the counter, as mine will, why not have something beautiful to look at each day?

According to the description for this type of butter dish it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It works on the countertop or in the fridge (also freezer if you so choose).

The design is created by using a stamp method combined with brush painting. An underglaze method is used in creating the product which prevents damage.

And this one gives dimensions, which make the dish plenty big for storing two sticks of butter.

Butter Dish Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.7 x 3.5 inches ; 1.8 pounds

Polish Pottery Hand-Painted Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid

Polish pottery has intricate painted designs and this dish has a variety of design choices.
BCV Classic Boleslawiec, Polish Pottery Hand Painted Stoneware, Cer...

Counter or Fridge?

Where do you keep your butter?

Please Makers, Give the Size!

All this searching to figure out how much butter a dish holds is ridiculous!

The most annoying thing about buying a butter dish for me was the fact that the makers did not specify exactly how large the dish was.  I had to search and read comments or ask the question myself to discover if 2 sticks would fit.  

When I found the dimensions, I'd grab the tape measure and the sticks of butter to decide.  but remember that the dimensions don't mean the inside space.

Finding a one-stick butter holder is easy, it's the larger size that is elusive.  Some products actually said to "cut the butter" to make it fit.  NO!  I want to plop 2 sticks of butter into my dish and be done with it!

I realize that people buy and store butter in different ways.  Some buy blocks and others buy sticks.  But a simple "holds only 1 stick" or "will hold 2 sticks" would be very helpful!

Because of this I chose butter dishes to show on this page that clearly specified "will fit 2 sticks".  (Only Emile Henry does not specify, but they have excellent photos of the dish.)

About the Danish Kahler Brand Striped Butter Dish

This large butter dish with the oak wood lid is the most expensive one listed on this page.  It also requires more care than the others.  

And I thank them for saying right up front that it Fits one 250g block of European butter or 2 sticks of US butter.

It must be hand washed, and the untreated wood cover should be treated with olive oil regularly to prevent drying and cracking of the wood.

It is not dishwasher safe.

This design is part of the Kahler Omaggio tableware and decor series.  Read more on the product page.


European Size, Modern Wide Stripes is a Scandinavian Design

This butter dish has a contemporary look and is made by Danish designers. The oak wood lid is a unique design addition.
Kahler Omaggio European-Sized Butter Dish - Handmade Faience Cerami...

About Emile Henry Products

This is a rather expensive butter dish, but you get high quality. You know, "the last butter dish you will ever need!"

The Emile Henry brand is made in France and is an old company which began in 1850.

They use a high firing technique to create a durable, long lasting product that won't scratch and will not craze (those tiny crack lines some glazed products get).

Use the butter dish in the refrigerator if you want, and it is dishwasher safe.  The bottom of the dish has ridges which are supposed to keep the butter from sliding.

They also offer a 10-Year warranty against manufacturing defects when the product is used in a normal household environment.

The colors are bright, and this item comes in five colors:  Red, black, white, dark blue or brown, with more colors offered on the Emile Henry site.

Emile Henry Butter Dish Has 5 Color Options on Amazon

Amazon buyers have answered and this dish does hold 2 sticks of butter. The dimensions are: 3.5 x 7.7 x 5.7 in
Emile Henry Made In France Burgundy Butter Dish

If you are still looking....

If these butter dishes are not for you, get out the tape measure and keep searching.  Dimensions are often given and I've found myself measuring my butter to figure out if it will fit.

If you have the perfect 2-stick butter dish I'd love to hear about it in the comments, as I am still trying to decide what to buy.

Updated: 06/03/2017, dustytoes
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dustytoes on 08/29/2017

I used to do that too until I bought a round covered dish from a New England craftsman... but round is not good, as 2 sticks won't fit perfectly.

kimbesa on 08/29/2017

We just put our double stick of KerryGold on a small plate. Not very elegant. The Polish pottery is wonderful, so perhaps there's one in my future!

dustytoes on 06/03/2017

Thanks for that input blackspanielgallery. A handle is good to have, as long as it doesn't get broken off! That tends to happen sometimes.

blackspanielgallery on 06/03/2017

The Polished Pottery Butter Dish has an advantage over the other two, a handle. This reduced the danger of accidentally dropping it. rabbins an object with straight
ht sides after handling a cold beverage glass could cause slipping, so the one with the handle would be a fine choice, if it blends with the decor of the dining room.
A well focused article.

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