Fun And Unusual Wrapping Paper

by frugalrvers

Using gift wrap found in stores can be dull, to say the least. Be unconventional and make a statement by wrapping gifts in unusual wrapping paper next time!

Presentation is everything - and this fun and unusual gift wrap is just what you need when presenting the perfect gift to family or friends. When you get a gift, if it is wrapped in boring and dull paper, leftover from an obvious gift from the past (like an adult getting Elmo wrapping paper), doesn't that ruin the excitement?

Cool gift wrap to the rescue! In fact, if your present is a disappointment, the recipient probably won't even notice. Why? Because he or she will still be mesmerized by the unique wrapping paper that looks like bacon strips, or the python skin wrap, or the moustaches, or the...........

Bacon Wrapping Paper - This Gift Wrap Isn't Suitable For All Appetites!

Guess bacon gift wrap is the perfect place to put in this disclaimer...ummm...not all wrapping paper is suitable for all types of gifts. Take, for example, your grandparents 50th wedding anniversary...would you use bacon wrap for their present? Well, perhaps they are hip, but most people would say "hold the bacon."

Mustache Wrapping Paper - Great Gift Wrap For Him

Now I don't mean to imply there aren't women out there who wouldn't appreciate mustache wrapping paper - I am a female - but I don't think it is much of a stretch to assume mustache gift wrap, most often, would be used for a male gift recipient. As I think more about it, it could be REALLY offensive to some women! Disclaimer, disclaimer!

Do You Put Thought And Effort Into Gift Wrapping, To Make It Unique?

Peacock Wrapping Paper - Gift Wrap Too Pretty To Tear

This peacock gift wrap is so beautiful, it is perfect to torment those who absolutely hate to "ruin" wrapping paper, carefully picking away at the scotch tape so as to leave it intact. However, it is also difficult to think about creasing and cutting when you wrap the present, so the joke could be on those giving the gifts!

When Buying Gift Wrap, Do You Go For Objects Or Patterns?

World Map Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap

World map gift wrap is very beautiful and sophisticated - and there are many varieties of antique map gift wrap to choose from. But I can never resist a good joke...and for those gift recipients who are always getting lost or HATE to ask for directions (you know these types, right?), I would think wrapping a gift in an actual city map of their location would be hilarious!

Other Fun And Unique Wrapping Paper

When looking for cool gift wrap, finding wrapping paper that matches the interests or personalities of the gift recipients is one way to go. Even the most quiet and reserved people are made up of unique traits, hobbies and experiences.

Sometimes you just need to browse around until you arrive at the "a-ha!" moment. If the person is truly a challenge when looking for the perfect wrap, then match it to the present itself! If you're getting them cow place mats (I won't ask what they could ever have done to you to deserve that as a gift), then get some cow wrapping paper. But don't get too carried away, or it could backfire! Example...impatient adolescent has been begging for you to get her an awesome, hot pink zebra striped guitar strap for an upcoming birthday. Wrapping it in guitar wrapping paper or, even worse, hot pink zebra stripe wrapping paper states "you and dad caved."

Back to the bacon gift wrap, I do not recommend wrapping real bacon in bacon gift to not give bacon as a gift anyway and the wrapped gift would have to go in the fridge. ;)

Sometimes Gift Wrap Is A Little Too Specific...Border Collies In Landrover Wrapping Paper?

Really? Honestly? What The Heck?
Border Collies & Land Rover Gift Wrapping Paper

Are You A Gift Bag Person?

Final Tips On Choosing Unique, Cool Wrapping Paper When You Gift Wrap

Of course, there are scores of unique wrapping papers available out there...I am certain you will find the perfect one for the family member or friend you are giving the gift to.

That said, do keep in mind that it is best to get the gift you know how much gift wrap you will need...

Heck, if you are struggling to find the right present, you can buy them scores of funny wrapping paper! Now there is an idea...

Hmmm...what gift wrap would you choose to wrap gift wrap in? Boggles the mind.........

Updated: 05/22/2018, frugalrvers
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frugalrvers on 12/04/2012

Thanks, Mira!

Mira on 12/04/2012

Great idea to do an article on this. :) Really enjoyed it :))

frugalrvers on 08/06/2012

Too funny...The closer I look, I see that the Border Collies are driving an ATV, then there are empty landrovers, too. Maybe this is really "deep" wrapping paper with hidden meanings?

Ragtimelil on 08/06/2012

LOVE the Border collies in a land rover! That's my style!

frugalrvers on 08/06/2012

Thanks Brenda! Glad you liked it...not up for bacon wrap? :)

BrendaReeves on 08/06/2012

I really like the peacock paper. Thanks for the article.

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