Valentine's Day Stickers

by sheilamarie

Valentine's Day stickers are a great way to spread the love to your friends and family. Classroom teachers and parents, too, will find many uses for these Valentine stickers.

Here are some Valentine's Day stickers that would be great for families, classrooms, or other gatherings of people who like a little innocent Valentine's Day fun.

You can use these Valentine's Day stickers in any number of ways. I've included some suggestions below, but feel free to let your imagination run wild for new ways to use Valentine's Day stickers.

Blast from the Past Valentine's Day Sticker

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I was a child, we spent a lot of time writing down silly messages such as the ones on these Valentine's Day stickers -- putting them on each other's book covers, writing them in chalk on the sidewalk, sneaking them onto the chalkboard at school. For some reason my friends and I thought these messages were absolutely hilarious. We laughed every time we saw them.

I made these stickers at Zazzle to share some of this hilarity for the upcoming generations. No, I don't roll around on the floor laughing at them any more, but I still think they're sort of cute. They express sentiments about others without being overly sentimental or mushy, even while saying some pretty mushy things. 

You really are a cutie, you know. And I do go for you. Well, that might be pushing it. I don't really know you after all.

Teachers may find it useful to have a collection of stickers such as these to celebrate Valentine's Day with their classes. Children who are not yet readers may get a kick out of naming the letters and numbers and, presto! a message! Older children may find it fun to think of some new messages they can make on their own using the names of letters and numbers to communicate something to the rest of the class. It's sort of like creating a rebus.

This could be a party game for a Valentine's Day party, too. Even a birthday party or a friend get together could include a game such as this. The stickers are just a way to get you started.

Heart of My Heart Valentine's Day Sticker

Sing to Your Sweetie

Heart of My Heart

A Message for a Sweetheart

"Heart of My Heart, You Are My Melody," as you have probably guessed is a take off on the old time song "Heart of my heart/ I love that melody, love that melody." It is associated in my mind with a little soft shoe or maybe some barbershop quartet harmonizing together on some stairs somewhere, wearing handlebar mustachios and striped shirts.

But the idea of someone you love being your melody is one that I like a lot better than the silliness of the image I just described above. When we really love someone, they put joy and a little music into our hearts. I'm thinking of a sweetheart, but the love we can feel for a child can be a similar thing in that our love for them can make us sing and maybe act a little goofy at times, letting our feelings show without any self-consciousness. I like the idea of a person becoming a melody for somebody else. There's a freedom and liveliness in that kind of love.

 If you are a music teacher, you probably can imagine some other times when a sticker such as this "You are my melody" would come in handy. An award for the hard work of a student, perhaps? 

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Digby_Adams on 12/29/2011

I love the tangled hearts pig stickers. These bring back so many fun memories!

Marie on 12/23/2011

I like the 'U R A Q T' never seen that before, cute!

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