by nightowl

Wizzley opens up another revenue stream for authors by entering partnership with VigLink.

After months of investigation, deliberation and negotiation, the Wizzley team is thrilled to present our newest source of revenue for authors: A partnership with VigLink.

Read on to find out what exactly VigLink is, what it does and doesn't do, and how you can benefit from this new partnership.

This article hopes to anticipate and answer all your questions, but I welcome your additional queries and comments if anything remains unclear after reading this page.

Become an Affiliate of Every Big Name in E-Commerce - Instantly!

VigLink offers us the incredible opportunity to instantaneously benefit from an affiliate relationship with tens of thousands of merchant partners, without actually having to apply to a single one of them. It would be next to impossible to sign up individually with some of the biggest names in ecommerce, without passing a rigorous application process. Here is just a tiny glimpse of the affiliate programs at your disposal:

Top VigLink Affiliate Programs
Top VigLink Affiliate Programs

What is VigLink and What Can it Do?

VigLink.comThe general concept of VigLink may already be familiar to some of you. VigLink takes outgoing links and checks them against their database of covered merchants.

If said links point to merchants with an affiliate program, VigLink will automatically affiliate that link. Based on our Wizzley impression share model, the appropriate VigLink user ID will be inserted on the fly without any further action on our part.

For this service, VigLink takes a cut of any resulting affiliate commissions, usually 25% of the revenue. However, we have negotiated special rate of 20% exclusively for Wizzley authors. This means, you will receive 80% of any commissions generated by you.

Main Benefits of VigLink

  • Anyone, anywhere with a PayPal account can benefit from thousands of affiliate programs. 
  • No need to apply, and be approved, for specific merchants or networks. 
  • Save time by linking directly to the product page of your choice. No need to log into your affiliate program and build affiliate links manually.
  • You don't have to share commissions if you do build your own links. Existing affiliate links will not be touched.
  • VigLink will pay you monthly, low minimum earnings required.
  • Stats Junkies Rejoice! VigLink gives you tons of stats to play with.

How to Participate in the Wizzley - VigLink Partnership

Hint: It's super easy - really

To use VigLink on your Wizzley pages, you must sign up through the direct link within your Settings page. Even if you already have an individual account with VigLink - existing accounts do not work on Wizzley! But don't worry, signing up through Wizzley is as easy as entering your email address and selecting a password. That's it. No application process, no approval necessary. Being an esteemed  member of our community is credential enough to be eligible to participate.

Once you registered your account with VigLink be sure to enter the same email address into the field we provide within your Wizzley account settings and you're all set.

How to Build a (Vig)Link

The no-sweat revenue opportunity

Building monetized links to any covered merchant couldn't be easier. Just copy the URL of the page you wish to link to, and VigLink will do the rest.

Let's do an example together

Let's say we're writing about Apple TV and want to link to a great product on We just need to create a simple text link to the product page in question, e.g this one:

I arrived at this link by doing a product search on Walmart's website, going to the product page of the product I want to feature, and then copying the link that appears in the address bar.

So we go about writing our article, choose the word we want to hyperlink, hit the "chain" icon in the editor and insert our link. That's it. If the merchant is covered (when in doubt use the Merchant Explorer) then VigLink will intercept that link and turn it into a valid referral link. If the visit results in a commission, the appropriate VigLink account (yours or ours) will be credited.

Another creative example for the use of viglinks would be alerting your reader to the different merchants that carry the particular item you are reviewing. Instead of just pushing one merchant, you could say:

This item is also currently on sale at Walmart, Target and

As with all outgoing links, moderation is the key. This scenario would work best when your page is about reviewing one particular product. We certainly don't recommend that you abuse this feature to cast a drag net of commercial links all over your article.

VigLink on Wizzley FAQ

You do have questions, don't you?

We tried to anticipate most of the questions you might have. Check out our answers below and feel free to post anything else in the comments

  • Will VigLink change my own affiliate links?
    VigLink will not touch your existing affiliate links. So if you have an affiliate relationship with a merchant and built your own links, then they will remain yours and yours alone. The only exceptions will be links pointing to or eBay, which will be re-affiliated by VigLink.  
  • What about the other Wizzley product modules?
    Zazzle and Allposters links placed through the use of our modules will not be re-affiliated by VigLink either. If you have entered your partner ID for these programs in your account settings we will continue to use them as before. 
  • Can we use text links to Amazon, Zazzle and eBay now?
    Yes! You can use text links to any site or product page, even to country-specific flavors of Amazon and eBay, like or! All those links will be affiliated through VigLink, even if you insert your own affiliate code, unless you chose to opt out of VigLink altogether. Other affiliate links (like CJ or Share A Sale) will NOT be re-affiliated.

  • How much do I have to share with VigLink?
    If any commissions are generated through a "viglink", they will take 20% and give you the remaining 80%. If you have your own affiliate relationship with a specific vendor and created your own affiliate links then you will not have to share that revenue with VigLinkand get to keep 100%. 
  • How much will I have to share with Wizzley?
    The impression sharing model with Wizzley remains unchanged, which means that you receive 50 - 60% of the impressions. You don't need to share with Wizzley any revenue generated during your impressions. 

  • How will I get paid for my VigLink revenue?
    VigLink disburses payments through PayPal, 60 days after the month in which they originated. This is the customary holding period to allow for merchant charge-backs. There is a very low monthly minimum payment threshold, so you should receive a payout on most months during which you generated revenue. 
  • How do I know whether a specific merchant is covered by VigLink? Is there a list somewhere?
    Recently, VigLink introduced their Merchant Explorer Tool which lists 30,000+ merchants covered, along with some program specifics like commission rates. You can search for specific merchants or browse the list by category. Merchants labeled as "Insiders" may actually offer higher commissions through VigLink than you would be able to get on your own!
  • If the description for a merchant doesn't include commission rates, these merchants may require explicit approval. These are typically merchants that apply certain conditions on affiliates. If you want to promote such a restricted merchant, please submit a support request to VigLink and just ask.
  • VigLink is so cool! Can I use it on my own sites as well?
    The account you set up through Wizzley cannot be used for other sites, unfortunately. But you are always welcome to apply for an independent VigLink account for use outside of Wizzley.
  • I already have my own VigLink account. Can I use it here on Wizzley?
    Nope, sorry, that wouldn't work. However, it's very quick and easy to register your Wizzley sub-account through the direct link in your settings page.
  • Can I opt out of VigLink? 
    Certainly. Just don't register an account and don't enter anything into the VigLink field in your settings.
  • I have more specific questions about VigLink. Where can I get help?
    VigLink has an extensive knowledge base and forum where you will also be able to submit a support request if you still can't find a satisfactory answer. 

Although this information was true at the time of writing please understand that VigLink is a third party and may change terms of their program at any time without further notice. You are always encouraged to exert your due diligence when linking to merchants under the VigLink program. 

Amazon Links, Which Is Better: VigLink or My Own Affiliate Links?

UPDATE! Please read!

Amazon AssociatesIn a recent move, Amazon seems to have limited its cooperation with link tagging services such as VigLink.

Until further notice, we can only recommend to use VigLink for Amazon links if you are not able to acquire an Amazon Associates account on your own.

In addition, you may have to email VigLink support and request inclusion of this merchant. If you have any doubts or concerns, please submit a support ticket to VigLink's helpful and friendly customer service.

That being said, if you want to use VigLink instead of your own Amazon Associate links just leave the corresponding field for your Amazon ID blank on your settings page. 

The Last Word

Please give us and VigLink the benefit of the doubt if anything doesn't seem work as intended, and let us know if you experience any difficulties.

We hope the Wizzley community will embrace this new relationship with VigLink and get as excited as the rest of the team. Yes, we do have to part with a share of our earnings for the service they provide, but we'd rather focus on all the additional opportunities to earn. 

Updated: 03/22/2018, nightowl
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/30/2017

nightowl, You say under Main Benefits of VigLink that "VigLink will pay you monthly, no minimum required" but under VigLink on Wizzley FAQ that "VigLink disburses payments through PayPal, 60 days after the month in which they originated. This is the customary holding period to allow for merchant charge-backs. There is a very low monthly minimum payment threshold, so you should receive a payout on most months during which you generated revenue."

blackspanielgallery on 11/08/2015

I am new to Viglink. I have been using the Ebay module as soon as I got it. As for other merchants, I have not gotten too far. There are a few I use, but not many.

Maritravel on 12/27/2014

Confused isn't the word! I clicked Register on the VL link in Settings and was told I was already registered. Just to be sure, I changed my Password. Reading your instructions I thought there would be another link? Have I got that wrong. It sounded so easy when I read your piece but now I'm not so sure.

JoHarrington on 11/21/2014

Do you know if Wizzley authors are automatically able to monetize via the 'insider' merchants? Or do we have to apply for them separately?

ologsinquito on 11/20/2014

Thanks so much. I've been noticing more of those green circles lately. :)

nightowl on 11/19/2014

Yes, that should work. Always keep an eye on you dashboard at VL. Links to Zazzle should have a little green circle if you're monetizing them through VL.

ologsinquito on 11/19/2014

I'd rather affiliate all Zazzle sales through Viglink. If I simply remove my Zazzle affiliate number, and just have my Viglink ID in the settings, will that work? Thanks.

WriterArtist on 10/26/2014

After one completes the registration with Viglink, how do you configure the eBay module in Wizzley?

RuthCox on 08/31/2014

Thanks for clarifying any questions I had about VigLink for Wizzley. I will be registering today so I can give it a go!

CeresSchwarz on 09/18/2013

Thanks for this useful and helpful information on VigLink for Wizzley. I'm pretty new to Wizzley and am only just now looking into VigLink, which sounds very interesting.

So, just to clarify, if I have a VigLink account on Wizzley, it will change the affiliate links on the Amazon modules that I used in my articles to that of VigLink regardless of whether you have placed an Amazon ID in your Wizzley account settings page or not?

Also, I read on the VigLink site that it can put links on keywords and products you mention in an article even if you don't have a link to it. Is this also the case here on Wizzley?

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