Walmart RV Parking - Free Camping Helps When Cheap RVing

by frugalrvers

Recently we traveled 1,600 miles in our '93 Bounder motorhome. Living on the cheap in our rv, we tried Walmart RV parking for the first time, loving the free rv campground savings!

For us, rv life does not equate to the vision of a parking lot. That said, free Walmart RV parking helps finances tremendously when traveling between destinations....

Walmart rv parking was something we hadn't tried since walking away from it all, right into a travel trailer, back in 2009. We felt the combined length of our pickup truck, and the 30 foot pull camper behind it, would be a parking lot nightmare. But in the summer of 2011, we purchased a 1993 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome and were no longer afraid to give it a try. We knew it would save us a fortune, and that was what we needed to make it on this rving journey.

Our First Time Experiencing RV Parking At Walmart

Overnight Parking At Walmart Was Just What We Needed!

We left the Glacier National Park area of Montana on October 7, 2011 - heading toward Illinois, which was nearly 1,600 miles away. We took our time and had fun, blogging our rv travels along the way. We sought free or cheap camping, to make our trip affordable. We survive on a very limited income and knew the motorhome would be soaking up most of our money in poor gas mileage. On day three of our journey we camped at a Walmart in Minot, ND.

This Walmart Atlas Is Perfect For RVers

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Our Overnight Parking At Walmart Review

We Are So Happy We Sold Our Travel Trailer And Purchased A Motorhome Instead!

We knew we were going to try Walmart RV parking at some point on our frugal rv journey, but we didn't know where or when it would be. Of course, we want to experience true boondocking at some point, but we aren't there yet! Turns out, Minot, North Dakota was the perfect place. Due to the booming of oil workers in the area and the cheap camping opportunities shattered by the 2011 floods, there was no other place to park the motorhome for the night.

We called the Walmart first, in case it was one of the stores that didn't allow overnight parking. Fortunately, we were good to go. Unfortunately, the other Walmarts on our route didn't allow it, so we had to splurge on a few campgrounds. Next time we make a long journey across the country, we're going to have the Walmart Atlas you see on the right, as well as their free download of their stores that don't allow overnight parking, to be completely prepared.

Our Walmart camping review is quite simple - free campgrounds are good when living the cheap rv life. This was our first long journey in our Bounder motorhome, and what a difference compared to pulling the travel trailer we used to own! We just pulled right in, pulled the curtains, and relaxed. In the morning, reverse that order of events. We slept well and were just in shock how much easier rving is in a motorhome.

Would we want to stay in a Walmart for long periods of time? No, though I understand some people do. We use Walmart as a free camping resource, so we can afford to go from point A to point B, without running out of money somewhere in the middle (would that be A and a half?).

Our Motorhome, "Joey," Looking Sharp In The Walmart Parking Lot

Free Campgrounds Equal Freedom!
Walmart In Minot North Dakota
Walmart In Minot North Dakota

Have You Ever Tried Walmart RV Parking?

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frugalrvers on 05/21/2012

That would be scary...We were lucky that our first experience with them was in a nice location, without any trouble. I'm sure it does depend where you are...certainly saves money when traveling from point A to B!

Ragtimelil on 05/21/2012

I just traveled over 2000 miles pulling a 25 ft. camper trailer staying in Walmarts except for one night in a truck stop. THAT was scary. I wasn't able to call ahead, but I always asked permission first. Was never turned away although I know there are some that don't allow overnight parking.

frugalrvers on 10/27/2011

Oh my gosh, Digby...your sense of humor is just like mine! Yes, after grabbing a bag of popcorn and plopping down in the electronics dept to watch some tv, we curled up in bedding until the morning workers arrived...too funny! Actually, the Walmart tells rvers where to park (but often, when you pull up, you can tell because others are already rving there). I don't know how many allow parking but before our next long distance travel, we are going to get that list! It wasn't scary but it was in North Dakota - not sure we would want to do it in a big city. Thanks for the laugh!!

Digby_Adams on 10/27/2011

Do they have a special place in the parking lot for your to park? Were you all by yourselves. Was it scary? Did you get woken up at 5 am by workers arriving? About what percentage of Wal-Marts allow RV parking. I have this image of you sleeping in housewares. Have you ever watched Are You Being Served when they do do such things as that?

Your Wizzles always leave me with so many questions.

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