Werewolf Craze and Manga Scenarios on Wattpad

by EssentiallyArahs

This is just a really random post on what I find so addicting on Wattpad. Can't believe it took me a year to actually get the push to visit the site, I always forget the name...

So for any otaku or fangirl out there who has really bad luck in getting funds for the good stuff (or really doesn't like waiting for the next installment), you've probably heard of fanfiction.net right? For me, I got hooked on Naruto after seeing the episode where Sakura tries to protect her teammates and suddenly I couldn't get enough. I'm a big sucker for strong heroines (Tamura Pierce books anyone?). Next thing I know I'm stuck on fanfiction.net - and finally got to comment on stuff. Now, it seems that stories weren't being published as fast so I wandered away after a while. Then I found Wattpad...and all the horrors and loves of really good or even really bad writing...

P.S. there are a LOT of werewolf stories...Twilight influences anyone? Some are good, some don't seem to be about werewolves but really are (trust me, got caught in one), and some are ... well the usual. Be warned. The Werewolf Craze!!!


What Got Me Started

Mind you I'm doing a review of my experience, not really on only scenarios...

You know when you're constantly being told to check something out over and over again, and you really are interested (kinda), but you keep forgetting to do it? Then months go by and even years...well that was me. I had my fanfiction fix satisfied and I love reading (just don't have much funds) so I was comfortable. Yeah, should have seen this coming.

In fact, my experience started this morning on a sunny October morning in a nice little kinda-country, but more messy and colorful suburban style housing area up the mountain. A.K.A. sweet little 'ghetto' town Wahiawa (it's really nice up here and green - just the 'city' part isn't top notch. That's Mililani the next town over). And it all started when my Aunty began growling.

She had her laptop out and Lei and Hunter were busy drawing and getting amused by Disney kid shows. "Another werewolf story," she said. Except this one had one of those anime or manga scenarios and she thought of me. She was just mad that this story was such a great one...but it had typos. You can read it, but the annoying little buggers were there. So, us desperate readers continued on anyway and lo and behold, we couldn't stop laughing. In this case having to wear the doctor's clothes because "security is currently searching for a nudist" was worth the patience (lol). The title? I'm in love with my pet. HELP!!!

I'm curious and I'm already hooked, so I figured I'd just read that one. NO. That wouldn't happen. I registered, added several books I haven't even touched yet in my virtual library and in 20 minutes my face was glued like a toddler to sweets and throwing big bottles of juice at your head. And the story I mentioned? Werewolves galore - and let's not forget the humor over whether fairies and unicorns are real...but I won't ruin it for you - just check it out yourself.

And out of all the stories, of all the authors...this one just happened to have written a Hetalia fanfic. Seeing that, well. I'm a new fan.

And that's the beginning. This is my short little post on wattpad and I look forward to what other fantastical stories I might uncover ;) Also, it's been a really long time since I last posted, so this is to get me back in the game. Life is hard, but still good. Let me know what you think! Oh, and it's good to be back on Wizzley :)

And since I'm too lazy to post pictures...

Below are some items from Amazon and ebay (need better pics so from both) about Hetalia, and so on if you don't know. It's a comedy on 'persoanlized' countries meant for the chibi and bishounen fanbase. It's anime cuteness lol. That's it. Ciao!


And let's just Werewolves in there anyway. Craze!!! O.O

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Bewitching the Werewolf

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EssentiallyArahs on 10/18/2012

Np :) Always good to hear of people interested in manga. Yeah, Hetalia is one of those webcomic/manga/anime that fans love or hate due to all the hype about it. I personally like it, srry blabbing. Thanks for reading :)

katiem2 on 10/18/2012

Good to know, my daughter is into manga, now I'm more in the know. Thanks :)K

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