What is Artfire

by bizilady

Crafters and artists can sell their wares and get needed exposure to their shop

Where do artists and craftsmen sell their products?

Humans have the desire to make items with their hands and crafting is one of the largest past times I know  I was a crafty person at an early age, when painting and drawing became an obsession. drawing on walls and inside books was getting me into trouble so my parents soon gave me paper and crayons.I still love to draw and paint and never tired of them.

Many people love to create art and make crafts and would be lost if they couldn't. Humans need to create something. Even those incarcerated have the need to to create.  Tattooed body art, drawings, making birdhouses and miniature pieces are very popular hobbies for them.

I have reviewed a site titled Artfire in this article with some pertinent information.

Artfire is an alternative to Etsy

A place to sell crafts


Artfire certainly is a weird name but it does a great service for artists and crafts people.

There are many sites now catering to those of us that must create and sell to make some extra income. Many have made their living on Artfire.


I started out on Etsy like so many others, and did make an occasionally sale but felt lost in the crowd. I do not want this to be an anti-Etsy article, but Artfire is simply an alternative and may work out better for some crafts.

I actually signed up with Artfire a few years ago but there were so many glitches, that I became frustrated and canceled. Later I spoke to others on the site and they convinced me to try again. They appeared to work out the glitches and clumsy listing steps.


The forum called “chatterbox” is a seller and buyer chat forum discussing many subjects of interest to both. After trying so many places I now check out the forums first as a barometer. I wanted to get my feet wet, so signed up for one site as a free basic member first.  I thought they really gave a lot for a free account. A seller was able to pick a template and a small banner with 50 listings  allowed under the plan. The only difference in looks at that time was the ads on the basic sellers site; it is a little distracting.


The process went smoothly I have to say and all for free. What a deal. I was also allowed to post in the forums. Very soon, about one week, I received a notice in my email that I had made a sale!  That was fast! There isn't a charge for the seller at the sale end as well.

Artfire preview

Artfire Preview
Artfire Preview

Pro vs buyer account

A flat monthly fee for sellers

The seller is responsible for handling the transaction and collecting the money. There isn’t any over site from the company, so I started to feel like as if I was a respected seller again.

I made more sales but felt that I would make a better looking web page without the ads and more perks so I upgraded to the Pro account.

Currently a Pro account is $11.95 a Basic buyer is free. The basic seller account is not offered anymore.

It seems to me that handmade soaps, babies clothing, pet products and vintage are the most popular and successful items to sell now.

Here is a link to the FAQ http://www.artfire.com/sell-crafts

**See my newest update on the bottom.




Carpenter Planing Wood
Ad AllPosters

What is Artfire

Success tips for selling on Artfire

persistence and hard work

To be successful, I think participating in the forums is essential. Making meaningful comments, adding your opinions and providing your Collection are proven techniques to gain attention. Posting on your own blog as well as on Artfire brings traffic but in the end you are responsible for your success.

Facebook and Twitter have become staples in the business world so I also post new crafts on them. There is a kiosk for Artfire that one can use on Facebook to show your shops items. Pinging your newest posts is also a successful and easy way to get noticed as well as many other techniques such as posting to Youtube, Stumblelupon, Digg, Shedtoldme, writing articles on Squidoo, Associated Content, Wixxley, Hubpages and so on.

Final Thoughts on Why You may Want to Sell On Artfire

a flat fee each month


Artfire has more options and is easy to create a unique looking shop. The members have not regulated on the forums and are also permitted to list other selling sites, in their shops or in the forums. Also the Basic account does not pay a fee to list or sell You can try a basic shop to see if it fits your needs . The Pro is currently charged a monthly fee of $11.95 without a listing fee or selling fee. It has many features and unlimited listings so choose wisely. You may decide to downgrade anytime to a buyer account without penalty.

The member is responsible for what they sell and how they collect their money. Now the options are Google checkout, Paypal, Amazon payments, personal checks,or Propay are offered to buyers as ways to pay.


Artfire may not have the numbers that Etsy has. There are new regulations coming in January 2012 so check back.. The flat fee is good news for large shops. There is no guarantee here or any other shops that you'll make money. You must decide if each venue is appropriate for your goods.

Some crafts fair better than others

a special niche may be successful



Success is determined by a number of factors. We all wish to have financial success and some settle for professional recognition by our colleagues and buyers. Writing well though out descriptions and categorizing your products will certainly aid in your success. Many feel sales and coupons is the best way to go.


The types of items offered on Artfire vary.

The categories are:

  • handmade

  • design

  • media

  • vintage

  • fine art


There are also a list on the front page of search parameters such as shops having:

  • sales
  • collections
  • free shipping
  • buy one, get on 
  • coupons
  • free gift custom requests



I have decided recently to close a photography shop on Artfire because I felt it just wasn't the appropriate vehicle for that line. Even though I had received many accolades from sellers and non sellers, the sales just didn't materialize.


Anyone can have some personal and financial success selling your art and crafts online if someone wants them, they are priced right and you give service to your customers. Not every month will be financially rewarding; there are definite selling times of the year, as well as brick and mortar stores.

Artfire New Sellers Account changes

An update -Pro accounts increase after August 15,2011

Since I wrote about Artfire and the two seller account types- free basic and paid Pro accounts- the owners of the popular selling site have recently announced some chages. After August 15, 2011, the free basic accounts will cease; and become a buyer account or the seller may convert to a seller account for $11.95. If they switch before that date, the rate will be a $9.95 lifetime fee.

Thats a shame that the free basic account is disappearing but the owners decided that people had to become serious sellers and that many basic account owners were not tending to their shops or abandoning them altogether.

I don't know what effect if any this will have on sellers staying or moving on to the next free listing selling site. Stay tuned.

Updated: 02/03/2012, bizilady
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bizilady on 09/06/2011

@Wordcustard: Artfire has been around about three years and is a good change from Etsy. Many former Estyians(sp?) are coming over.
It also depends on what your craft is, so read the forums.

WordCustard on 09/05/2011

Interesting to learn about Artfire. I was considering joining Etsy. This may be a better alternative.

bizilady on 07/14/2011

Jewelsofawe: you can sell your artwork there using a free account to test it out.

Jewelsofawe on 07/14/2011

I had not heard of artfire. I don't sell crafts so I have never pursued places for them.

bizilady on 07/07/2011

thanks for reading and commenting.Artfire is easy and free to try out.

bizilady on 07/05/2011

hi Pukeko;
Artiire is a good alternative to Etsy.
i like it and maybe you will too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

RhondaAlbom on 07/05/2011

I've never heard of Artfire before. Thanks for the introduction.

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