What Is Life's Purpose?

by Cagsil

Your individual life purpose is to be an aspect of your life which you manage. You establish it and move forward ensuring your actions follow along. It cannot be given or granted.

The biggest question about living in this World is "What Is Your Life's Purpose"? Now, this singular question can be phrased in several different manners-

(a) What Is Your Life's Purpose(as I have already done) or (b) What Is Your Purpose In Life? or

(c) What Is Your Purpose of Life? or (d) What is Your Purpose For Life? or (e) What Is Your Purpose of Living? or (f) Why Do You Live? or (h) What Purpose Does Your Life Serve?

Why Do You Live? What Purpose Does Your Life Serve?

Let's start out with "Why do you live?" and "What purpose does your life serve?" because these two questions put a different context on understanding them. Why do you live? Well, to be honest, you live because you were born. Fairly simple to understand. What purpose does your life serve? Let's notice a particular word- "serve".

The word "serve" puts a different context on your purpose. Thus, it gives it a different meaning. All your actions should serve a purpose, but from time to time, that purpose will change depending on what the action is for or better yet who it's for?


Why Do You Live?

As a citizen- Why do you live? is very important because, it not only determines your path, but also determines what and how your path affects and effects those around you. If you bring a purpose that is selfish in nature, then you will not only damage your own life, but will cause insurmountable damage to those who live in your surroundings. You should have a good character, as an individual, which shows in your actions. Your actions should always have purpose behind them, so people are able to understand the meaning you give your life.

Yes, let me repeat that- the purpose behind your actions tell other people about the meaning you give your life. Your life will not have any sort of real meaning, if you do not give your life purpose. And, remember you must select or choose the purpose.

No one, and I mean no one can grant you a purpose or give you a purpose. If someone tells you that your purpose in life is to serve them or to serve yourself, then they are attempting to manipulate you. And, that my friend is no laughing matter. If they are attempting to manipulate you and you do not see it happening, either because of a lack of knowledge or chosen ignorance, then you are the only one to blame.

Good vs Evil Purposes?

A Purpose can be good or evil. Many people will argue, just for the sake of arguing, that "good" and "evil" are human concepts. However, humanity has made a distinction, based on a philosophy concept known as duality. There are many different types of concepts and not all of them are to be believed and you should be able to rationally determine which are right and wrong.

If you are unable to do so, then there happens to be a likelihood that you will be manipulated without ever knowing the difference. Which means, you will have lived your entire life, under someone else's authority and not your own. That would be a grave mistake, considering the damage caused.

Again, your purpose will serve either good or evil. You must make a choice which you will serve. Should you decide to choose evil, then you will have a very rough life going forward. However, if you select good, then you will be rewarded with a great life going forward.

Yeah, I know, the old adage- "Why are good people made to suffer?" comes to mind. If you haven't heard that adage, then you truly haven't learned about your life. Good people suffer for two specific reasons- (a) they are manipulated more often than not and (b) their own perception of the actions, either their own or other people is damaged/skewed.

Life's purpose

Purpose of Life, Purpose of Living

Your purpose of life or purpose of living shouldn't be about yourself. It should be about something that isn't ego filled, such as the betterment of humanity or people helping people, or protection of the human species. If you create a purpose of living that isn't of those above, then you are creating a self-serving, egotistical purpose of life, which only serves to damage others.

Your individual actions will speak volumes about your own individual character. It will show people how much you understand your life. When your actions speak louder than your voice and the two don't match, then you are showing people that you cannot be respected, trusted or loved.

You will accumulate no friends, you will have disrespect from family and you will walk through your life with a negative view. Not to mention, you will continue to ask yourself, why me? Why is my life so lousy? Why doesn't anything ever go right? And, never find the answers.

Please understand that I've spent much of my early life filled with ego and then came to the self realization that I was damaging the people I had around me and those who I interacted with. Thus, I was ruining my life.

Once I came to that self realization it was a lesson in humility and a very hurtful one at that. However, I have learned to overcome and understand what is necessary to prevent it from happening again. It takes true awareness and recognizing that life isn't solely about self. Setting your own purpose as I've outlined here will help you, so you can overcome the same hurdle I did.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/20/2016, Cagsil
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Cagsil on 01/23/2017

Thank you Katie. Much appreciated. Always a pleasure to see you on my pages. Yes, it's vital aspects of our own lives that we must work on daily. Many people rather not and most of the time it is because they don't realize they're to improve upon themselves. In most cases, it's a real shame.

katiem2 on 01/23/2017

Such and vital aspect to ponder, I feel when I am true to myself, listen to doubt which I feel to be a helpful friend, I stay on the path that is right for me therefore bettering all society. I also agree complacency is an issue, we need to be pro-active in our own lives and work with our natural talents and work to improve upon the areas we lack. It is a responsibility. Again, great piece, love your work.

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