What Is The Power of Money?

by Cagsil

Learn: True Power of Money is about greed, control, love, power, respect and understanding money. Truth reveals that money is just a tool and 99% don't know it.

This is an opportunity to dispel a misconception with regards to the "unrealistic" power of money. To some, money is the root of all evil and at this present point in time, recent actions could prove them correct. However, that by itself deals with people on the basis, that greed is their motivation and not something else. It is the average person, who has to try and deal with the dilemma of figuring out who is honest and who is not.

On any given day, you could be lucky if you could find two people to agree on, almost anything. Again, the average person is broke or barely getting by. I am not insinuating that you are in any particular hardship or failing to provide, but with today's statistics - you are not likely to be doing too well.


Understanding Money.....? It's Just a Tool!

Since you are reading and the fact that my writing is only available online, speaks volumes. It means that you can afford to be online, unlike many millions who are not online. The statistics I reference are about the "World's" community of global wealth. Yes, believe it or not, it might be a handful, but consider this - Population Worldwide is 7.3 Billion and 10% control at least 90% of the total of all wealth.

How insane is that? Talk about holding people back and keeping the wealth themselves. These same people, influence laws and religions, and have egos which makes them think they are superior to others. This is their flaw, but doesn't prevent them from reaping the benefits of those who do not know any better. The top 10% of the population, provides every necessary product or good and/or service available, in some form or another. Somehow, someway, they are connected, earning.

The myth or misconception about the power of money is all about understanding that money is simply a tool for people to use. It should not be seen as the end all, be all of life - never at no time. If seen as that, it could trigger people to do things that they would not normally do. In some cases, people end up living a life of crime, because they do not know any other way and they know a job isn't going to get it done. That is the reality they live in, because of their view.

Power of Money?

There are some people who believe money cannot buy everything. The one thing they compare it to is love, which is a human emotion.

Their argument immediately fails upon closer inspection. In present day society and throughout every other person on the planet, money is a requirement for life, respectful life. A life that has some assortment of dignity.

Some would say that is an illusion of those who chase money. Unfortunately, yet again, I must say that is a misconception and morally wrong for those people to utter those words. Why? Simply because they themselves do not know the power of money, in and of, itself.

Some say that money leads to power, and power corrupts absolutely. Thus, absolute power is absolutely corrupt. This could be a case of a lack of knowledge, but I would rather not go there. It opens more of a can of worms, which does not need to be addressed right now.

The power of money is one of the causes for happiness, respect, dignity, esteem, confidence and eventually love. The simple fact that there are too many people who refuse to respect the power of money, is why many are so screwed up now

Example: Power of Money

A prime example of what I am talking about is the people who claim that money thrown at the Oil Spill, for which, recently occurred and it will not do anything.

I watched as people complained about the Wildlife, and the destructive force of what the Oil is going to do to the coastal community, and it's businesses that rely on fishing the waters.

This singular complaint has two parts (a)wildlife and (b) businesses. Let's address "wildlife" - the Earth automatically replenishes all different forms of life, from birds to fishes, to cats and dogs. There are simply some "wildlife" or life-forms on Earth that really have little impact on our life, for which, the Earth replenishes itself anyways.

Is it alright what happened? No, absolutely not. Especially, when it probably could have been avoided to begin. But, that does not mean that money cannot fix the problem.

The problem people really have is that the money that is thrown at the problem is not going to do any good, it is just a BIG Conglomerate doing nothing or avoiding responsibility. It is fine and not really an argument with that, but the fact is that the money that is thrown at the problem, most likely is just going to shuffled around on the books and made to appear, as if something was actually accomplished to repair or fix the problem, while not fixing the underlining cause. That would be irresponsibility of the big conglomerate.

The truth of the matter is that much of the money awarded, will only go those who would are willing to play ball as the government and Big Conglomerate want things done. There will not be an independent source, free of corruption influences, which handles the problem.

Dispel Misconceptions of Money!

The school of thought is that the actions of business(big) and government, will do nothing. The Big company received a slap on the hand and told not to do it again. Who is fooling who here? Are they seriously trying to sell that to the people of the world? Who is actually overseeing the clean up operations and are "they" unbiased?

In America, it has already been proven and anyone can do the research, that the non-profit and other charitable organizations, are really not out to help the citizens they claim to help. Want proof? Easy- in America there are 40 million homeless and ONLY 700,000 beds nationwide. If the non-profit and charitable organizations were actually doing their job, as well, as the regulators of the Federal Government, then we would see more help for those who need it.

On top of that, presently there has been an up-tick in crime, due to the fact, that some homeless people are now committing crimes, so they can go to prison. Beware- Prisons in America are already overcrowded, proof is in California, where 30,000 inmates were released, due to overcrowding.

Lack of Respect of Money Is A Problem

The underlying problem is a lack of knowledge and respect of money. It does not come down to greed.

The fact that we all choose how we live our life and those who want money, and go after it, does not prove greed. It actually proves that they know something you do not.

There happens to be other aspects, many people refuse to accept. Humanity is not civilized enough to live without money. Therefore, at this time in our development stage, we continue to dress money up and think things that some could only imagine or not.

Any money thrown at any problem can fix the problem, so long as it is properly used for what it is suppose to be used for in the first place. As I stated above, the non-profit and/or charitable organization in America, IF they did follow the rules/regulations/guidelines, as they are suppose to, then much of the many problem would not exist or heavily lessened compared to what they are currently.

Again, when you research them, you will find that very few operate within the guidelines that they are suppose to follow. Just one survey done, is responsible for showing how the top 200 non-profit and/or charitable organizations are screwing the public/citizenry, because they are nowhere near their regulatory guideline. (example- Make a Wish Foundation was the highest rated company on a 2000 survey at 1% versus the required 5% minimum.)

So, I guess I can end with some simple words- Money is the solution for any problem, including love, but it is the people who must learn how to understand the power of money and that the importance of respecting it also.

Last note, if you say that money cannot buy love? Then you would be looking at it from a skewed perspective. I only say that, because there isn't any person on the planet who would take in a homeless person because they fell in love with them. They would be lucky if they ever met the person in first place.

Money is a requirement for all things we know. You and every other person needs to understand it, live by it and even breathe it. You will not get love, because you have money, but you will receive love, because you are earning a living that is respectable, which gives other people the idea you are in control of your life and do not need to depend on them.

Thank you for your time.

Updated: 12/12/2016, Cagsil
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Cagsil on 12/16/2016

I'll agree. Money should be good money, not the junk we currently have which is called currency backed by nothing. In America, it goes against the prime principal of economics. Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

Enzo Sardellaro on 12/16/2016

Yes, yes, money is money. But it SHOULD BE "good money."

Cagsil on 12/14/2016

You shouldn't need to take away the corrupting power of money. You need more people to understand it's just a tool and teach them to maintain their character. Character above power, makes the world a better place. Thank you for reading.

EarthVote on 12/14/2016

Here's a plan to take away the corrupting power of money: Earthvote.org/common-planet.html

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