What Makes Some People Arrogant - The Ego

by katiem2

Do you wonder what's wrong with the annoying self absorbed people touting their abilities and accomplishments? Are these people really better than you? No they are not in fact...

Have you dealt with and considered what the in your face beast ego is? Do you wonder what’s wrong with the annoying self absorbed people touting their abilities and accomplishments? Are these people really better than you? Why is it some people feel such an intense need for attention, to be heard or worse yet admired by those around them? Why is it these types feel so superior or worthy of your adoration they come to expect it? Is the false adoration others show them real or an attempt to quiet the arrogant person they other wise want to shut up and go away? Your ego has a huge impact on your life, do you know to what degree? Follow along as we explore what it is, how it controls your life, holds you back and keeps you from your true potential.

What is Ego?

First let us understand Ego, Ego is defined in Webster's as - The self especially as contrasted with another self or the world.

It's you comparing the person you naturally are given your life’s experiences, education and social skills to the image society envisions as successful.  Many people become addicted to being better than the norm.  Few people have yet to learn or even consider the true meaning of ego and the benefit of this knowledge. Just as you've made many attempts to better yourself it will not occur until you know and understand the truth about ego, that which is you according to your thoughts!  

Until you embrace this reality you may continue on the path of self humiliation as you repeatedly attempt to tout your value over those around you.  True greatness is humility, the ability to quite your mouth and do merely for the purpose of being a positive contribution to society no accolades required.   Can you honestly say you function as such?  Maybe you reject this idea as your ego is all consuming and driving you by other means.

Thinking Arrogant Thoughts

Arrogant thoughts can be all consuming and counter productive.

The ego is an accumulation of thoughts stored away in your brain conditioning you to respond to any given stimuli or event in day to day life. In addition, the affects of these thoughts are what you believe yourself to be and more to the point, be capable of achieving. You then compare yourself, or the speculated idea of self, to others in the world.

You unjustly judge yourself on a harsh and regular basis in the end coming to a false conclusion. This is a misguided journey, a lie that has been handed to you by anything other than your true self.  Your true self is your guide to true potential, happiness and peace.  Ignoring the inner voice of your true self leads to self sabotage. 

The Self Destructive Ego

Destruction of the Self Inflated Ego

One should be aware of ego to gain insights as to its destructive power and the vast possibilities of life without it.

Ego will always be there and yet you can learn to exist and evolve without the controlling impact of ego crashing down on your life. The key to living a life free from the quilt of your actions or comments is peace.

Peace is achieved upon awareness of ego and the separate true power within. The true reality of life is not ego therefore not your conditioned thought. The truth is a built in instinct without the struggle of reason, an acceptance of honest self, not the manufactured self you put forward to gain power, acceptance and envy. 

Your true self does not meet the requirements of society or a delusional exaggeration of the expectations brought on you by society. Finding ones self void of ego works best when one operates in peace, without the influence of worldly or self absorb arrogant thought.

The Power to Shut Your Mouth

Do You Ever Make a Total Fool of Yourself?
Peace is the guide to what life has in store for us, using peace as a guide to the right path is simple once you understand peace and understand the value it holds in your life.

How to Deal with Difficult People

Peaceful Self Verses Arrogant Self

Stop Being an Jerk

There is none among us who don't truly long for the calm of peace.  The need is a basic desire deep inside, it is our driving force. Peace heals the nervous tension of having made an ass of oneself.

What Makes Ego Dominate our Thoughts and Actions?

  • Just as we long for peace, there is something within us that craves conflict.
  • Conflict driving us to be loud and in the face of others is the ego.
  • The ego operates through the mind.
  • The mind always wants to be right.

This brings those annoying people we deal with into a clear light, reveals their weakness. They allow their minds to constantly scream out for attention and acceptance. They are commanded by conceit and thirst for the adoration of others, only to gain it falsely.  They do not believe their real self, the person they truly are is good enough and so they become prostitutes, being what others want them to be or so they think. 

The mind rationalizes that in order for it to be right it must prove others wrong. This creates conflict, thus war with peace. In the end many allow ego to create a tug of war in their lives.  These people ultimately miss out on their true, modest and peaceful potential however great it may be.

As it's been said when you argue with a fool, two fools argue. It is to this reason we, whom are not arrogant, may choose not tAs it's been said when you argue with a fool, two fools participate with arrogant people; we can ignore the noise they create.

Everyone wonders at one time or another why am I here, what's my purpose. Get clear insights as to what your purpose is and how to nurture it.

Choosing Peace – Ignoring Arrogance

How to Pick Self Acceptance

Peace understands we are right in our own individuality. Peace knows there is room for everyone to flourish and thrive.

Most people are completely chained to the voice in their head, the incessant flow of involuntary and compulsive thoughts and emotions.

We could go as far as to say, possessed by the mind with all its ranting and raving claiming to be something it is not.

Letting Go of EGO

Unaware of this, you identify as being the thinker and yet you are not the thinker yet a being whose mind is capable of thought.  We are all beings capable of being controlled by our collection of thoughts accumulated over time. You see yourself as your thoughts, when in reality you are not. Believing yourself to be summed up by your thoughts is the ego.  Any time we allow the thoughts and pressures of society to determine who we are we become consumed by ego, the thoughts create arrogance. 

Follow along as we share strategies to avoid attacks. This guide will give you the edge and the street smarts needed to avoid danger and trouble.

How to Find Your True Self

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

All the thoughts in your head are accumulative, vastly misconceived ideas programmed by the world around you. 

Everyday of life your brain readily stores information.  Not all thoughts are bad or misdirected and yet it is those which propel the ego to the forefront of our personalities, if we allow.  Our thoughts outline how we think we should speak, look, feel, act, eat, dress, learn, grow, achieve and on and on the thinking goes. 

We draw on this stored data daily when circumstances generate decision making. Just because the information is securely stored and easily retrieved does not make the information good or the best option for the given situation.  It is merely historical data which most often does not apply to the current time.

They are just thoughts, others thoughts and ideas presented to you and while these thoughts made a big impact on you chances are many are ingrained due to trauma or bad things that happened to you. 

It’s been said we are creatures of habit, this is because we allow stored thoughts to determine the outcome of each day!

What we do and how we behave is often a knee jerk reaction. The brain does not discriminate determining which thoughts should be kept or thrown out. Thoughts persist and remain. Often we find ourselves feeling thoughts we'd rather not and even worse, controlled by them. These thoughts lead us down a path of regret.

Identifying these negative thoughts are vital in conditioning ourselves to acknowledge that while these thoughts will present again, we must remind ourselves this is not a response we want to duplicate. 

Find out if you have the right to file a class action law suit. Read how here!

How to Take Your True Life and Real Purpose Back

So how do we harness the direction in which we wish to go? We must identify with the reality of the better option.

We are not dependent on our thoughts, nor do we need them to enjoy life to the fullest.  Thoughts are like ingredients in a pantry, we need not toss every ingredient into each task. Imagine the mess in doing so. As we become aware of all the vast ingredients or thoughts we can note the necessity for any given thought at any given time.  We can reject thoughts!

The better option is our true self, our spirit yearning from within oppressed by the thoughts which have beaten down the reality of our real potential. We're not just the mass of thoughts shoved into our brains by anyone we've ever come in contact with. Imagine that for a moment. Really, stop and feel what that means. Be still, quiet and feel how all you've read so far reasons with you, the true self within you.

The mind is powerful and yet there is something even more powerful. All that’s needed to tap into this power is the awareness of the ego and its presence in your life.  The one thing needed to free yourself and others from the grips of ego is being aware of it, understanding it for what it really is, thought. The ego and awareness are incompatible. Just like a car cannot move both in forward and reverse at the same time, your life cannot be controlled both by the ego and true awareness.

Identify both, pick one and reject the other!

Awareness of Ego

Awareness is your true self. It is the key to creativity, love and true purpose.

Awareness is the powerful energizing force dwelling within you similar to that which orbits the planets. It is powerful. As you grow more aware, your life will change each day heading in new and amazing direction.

Thoughts that once controlled your life will soon fall away without your dwelling upon them as you now realize awareness has given you a new path.  

Enjoy you new life!

Updated: 10/22/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 06/07/2012

Pinkchic18, You are spot on with some very good indicators a person is arrogant suffering from a bit of an ego problem. Thanks for commenting.

Pinkchic18 on 06/07/2012

Very interesting post here! I think we categorize someone as arrogant by the way they act. If they are coming off with their nose high, or their body language saying that they don't have time for you. A lot of times it is in the words too, when people talk about themselves and don't engage anyone else. Or if they brag about themselves all the time and don't care about others.

katiem2 on 04/17/2012

Jerrico, Great look forward to it.

Jerrico_Usher on 04/16/2012

I'll make it my next wizzle after building 5 videos for SA... by the way I'm also going to build a video tutorial for how to use wizzley, tips tricks all that jazz, I've discovered some cool tricks in formatting :)

katiem2 on 04/16/2012

Jerrico, Its amazing what becomes of an old piece of work after time has passed and you revisit it. I look forward to reading it once you get the ego article reborn. So few people consider the damage ego does. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jerrico_Usher on 04/15/2012

Great article Katie, Love the pictures- you picked the two epidemy's of arrogance haha...

It's one thing to be self assured, quite another to bully others out of some sense of entitlement (I've known plenty of these types, a few girlfriends taught me the value of humility through the school of hard knocks, and although their ego was bigger than the earth itself- their actions provided little to nothing beneath these exteriors lol!

I took a look at my ego article written 3 years ago- it needs some focus, but I'm thinking of working on it next, that one is going to take some time to dust off... it was written based on this woman I knew online who had a horrible boss, and my mother was also going through office bully-ism...

I wrote it to explain that things are rarely as they appear on the surface- the ego often makes people stupid- in fact I believe it's the control over the ego- as much as your emotions, that gives you enlightenment and peace of mind...

I notice when I become stressed my ego becomes ridiculous... insert last weeks rant to HP! Nuff said.

Look forward to reading more of your brilliant work.

katiem2 on 03/15/2012

okeabi, Very good observation, while many are ego driven that does not mean they are necessarily narcissist and yet can be. The lack of empathy for others is key to determining this factor. Thanks for commenting.

katiem2 on 03/13/2012

Natasha, Thank You, I so appreciate you support :)

Natasha on 03/13/2012

Very informative article and nicely laid out too. Will be tweeting and sharing it with my facebook friends.

katiem2 on 03/13/2012

Brenda, You are so right, research indicates these types are insecure and typically unhappy. Thanks for adding, great contribution.

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