What R The 7 Deadly Sins?

by frugalrvers

Does the Seven Deadly Sins list from medieval times fit in our world today? We think the 7 Sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony are absolutely present today.

No, we weren't trying to be cute with our title "what r the 7 deadly sins" - well, maybe a little. No matter if you are religious or not, this antiquated list can be seen in modern times (hence, the hip lingo in the title) and does a pretty good job of summing up some of the major social problems plaguing our world today.

Take a look at some of our modern takes on each deadly sin and share with us some experiences and examples of your own!

The Seven Deadly Sins List In Modern Society

Something Old, Something New In The 7 Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins list is a legacy from medieval times, originating in Greek philosophy and later adopted and adapted by the Catholic church. Humans have been intrigued by the concept, and even artists such as Hieronymus Bosch have captured the essence.

While you won't find the 7 sins in the Bible listed as we have come to know and love them, the holy book was certainly one source for the idea. Also known as capital sins, they are the source and origin of all other, less serious sins. Name a vice and/or a sin and chances are it is related to one of the seven big ones.

There is something rather musty, decrepit and depressing about these sins - they still have that old-fashioned, outdated air about them. We can easily picture the somber nuns, monks and priests preaching to the unwashed multitudes about the disastrous results of these venalities.

But while the woodcuts and antique book versions may be outmoded, the seven deadlies are alive and well in today's world. In fact, they never went away, they only became transformed and sometimes unrecognizable in these modern times.

We’re going to unveil some modern examples in this article and welcome you to do the same!

Wikipedia Seven Deadly Sins History

Learn some more background on the 7 Deadly Sins HERE

Deadly Sin #1 - WRATH

First stop on today's list of the 7 Deadly Sins is WRATH. The most visible modern arena for the capital sin of wrath or anger is on today's highways, roads, expressways and freeways - the infamous syndrome of road rage.

Most of us have had some sort of run-in with a person deep in the grips of this truly deadly sin. It's deadly and dangerous to the sinner and to everyone around him or her, for obvious reasons.

It seems that the pressures and tensions of modern life can be released out on the roads where nobody knows who you are - just another victim lost to the sin of wrath.

Let us also not forget the wrath and anger we see daily on the news, with victims of homicide, domestic violence, child abuse and much more. Wrath seems to be all around us, wherever we look.

Deadly Sin #2 - GREED

The second on the list of Seven Deadly Sins is GREED. This is an easy deadly sin to see in its modern clothes - it's probably wearing a 3-piece suit. Wall street investors, bankers, and corporate fat cats are the absolute embodiment of the deadly sin of greed. Lives are affected by greed and the results of giving in to the sin. Livelihoods are lost, life savings go out the window, pensions slip down the drain, and all because of people who want more than they need - the greedy. In fact, most households are filled with much more than anyone truly needs...

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Deadly Sin #3 - SLOTH

Third on the Seven Deadly Sins list is SLOTH. Laziness has certainly lost its place on anyone's list of sins, deadly or not. And rightfully so - the idea that there is something wrong with doing nothing is probably a bit Puritanical - after all, didn't Jesus say basically not to worry, to be happy?

But there is a role and a place in the modern world where being lazy is a great sin - as the parent in the average ordinary home. Parenting has become a matter of regulating which distractions the child can be busied with, and how much the parent can get away with not doing.

Simple laziness as a parent is leading to many huge problems in our world - failing schools, rising crime, lack of knowledge and decreased importance of learning. And as the slothful are parented by the slothful and become lazy parents themselves, the solution is nowhere in sight.

It is also rare to witness anyone going "above and beyond" for others anymore - more likely you will encounter those who squeak by doing the bare minimum, even if it negatively impacts others.

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Deadly Sin #4 - PRIDE

At 4th place in the Seven Deadly Sins is PRIDE. When the medieval priests warned against pride, they were talking about a human foible in which a person would be proud of a personal quality or characteristic. These days, pride pretty much means pride of ownership - a big part of keeping up with the Joneses, as it is known. People who have enough money to buy things are proud of owning the things they buy - and feel superior to the neighbor who isn't keeping up. We love our possessions, and are especially proud of our cars, houses, boats, motorcycles, jewelery, TVs, swimming pools, and so on. Pride leads to all sorts of other sins and vices, so it is really a capital sin.

Marrying one for wealth or status, so you can surround yourself with "things" is, sadly, not uncommon - and healthy love begins to disappear...

Are The Seven Deadly Sins SPONGEBOB Characters?

Some Say Spongebob Characters Symbolize The 7 Deadly Sins

Deadly Sin #5 - LUST

Fifth of the 7 Deadly Sins list is LUST. Way back in the old days, just being naturally and normally interested in the opposite sex was a big sin. If those monks, nuns, and priests from the middle ages could only see what we have now.

Adult content on the Internet is an unbelievably huge business, raking in billions of dollars a year. There are now support groups for such addicts, books about how to quit the habit, and therapists trained in treating the addiction. Lust is actually becoming a syndrome needing intervention, which would probably make those old geezers laugh.

In addition, promiscuity in the very young, divorces from adultery and a rising increase in STDs might be telling us that lust is running out of control.

Deadly Sin #6 - ENVY

Next in line of the 7 Deadly Sins is ENVY. This is a hard sin to get a good grasp of, because we often confuse it with jealousy. To start with, jealousy involves 3 people, and has to do generally with love and affection - the fear of losing it to a rival.

Envy, which only takes two people to make it work, is defined as resenting  another person for possessing something that you don't have but you really want, and wishing that the person you envy didn't have it.

Let's take the example of Bob the neighbor's 55 inch plasma high-definition TV - I really resent the fact that he owns one of those monsters, and I don't. Not only that, I wouldn't mind at all if a solar flare reached into his house and rendered his TV unusable. Envy is wanting to keep up with the Joneses, and wanting to take them down a notch or two at the same time - a very modern emotion.

Deadly Sin #7 - GLUTTONY

Finally, the 7th of the Seven Deadly Sins is GLUTTONY. Strictly speaking, gluttony is the need to keep eating and drinking after you have met your need for food and drink. At this point, it's the pleasure of consuming that is important, not the nutrition. There's also an element of taking this love of edibles to extremes that we judge to be gluttonous behavior. No need to look far for the modern version here - the rise of the all you can eat buffet restaurant is proof enough that gluttony is alive and doing fine. But we can extend the idea to the whole culture of consumerism, which makes me want much more than I need, and gives me pleasure in the pursuit. Shopping can be as gluttonous as eating, and usually is in today's world.

Seven Deadly Sins History Channel

Seven Deadly Sins (History Channel)

Seven Deadly Sins Board Game

7 Deadly Sins Board Game

Were The Gilligan's Island Characters The 7 Deadly Sins?

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Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Costumes

Here's an idea for Halloween or your next costume party - you and 6 other friends go as the Seven Deadly Sins.

There are varying approaches to doing a costume for each of these sins. You can do them in a traditional way, or be creative and think outside the box. For example, greed is easy - there are Gordon Gekko (the guy from the Wall Street movies) masks, and 3 piece suits are easy to come by in thrift stores. An all green costume can stand for envy - you can be green with it, if you get the idea.Wrath (anger) could be represented by a costume of an angry god or super-hero, or a road rage victim. Even an oversized t-shirt with the word emblazoned on the front could work for the trickier ones. Gluttony could be as simple as fast food containers, snacks and candy wrappers adhered to a tshirt. And lust...well, you can figure that one out for yourself!

If you use your imagination you can come up with something related to all of the deadly sins., and the whole posse will be a pretty impressive sight. This would be an excellent idea for costume competitions, too.

One final word, if you are a loner this Halloween, put a bit of all 7 deadly sins on one outfit! Wear a tie on a green suit, carry a fast food bag, etc....now THAT would be a costume!

Final Thoughts On The Seven Sins

So if you think that sin is an old-fashioned concept that has lost its place in these modern times, think again. Humans don't really change at all, it seems - only on the outside, where the externals come and go. The seven deadly sins seem to have some deep connection with human nature, and so they will probably always be with us in some form or another.

It is funny, but our cheap rv lifestyle may have been a way for us to escape these modern day "sins" that we find to be a real buzzkill in society. We are by no means perfect human beings, but we have a deep distaste for what we see when we step outside of the motorhome door. And we aren't alone - many rvers are boondocking and disconnecting as much as possible. We haven't had the privilege to get to that level yet...but we are certain that, one day, we will....

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frugalrvers on 06/17/2012

Would love to meet your sister!

I think that is the key to true happiness - having only what you need.

We were talking with a friend yesterday who is still in the daily grind (she hates her job, feels trapped, can never get out of it) and she couldn't understand why her young, verbally abusive boss is so mean given he has a mansion, boat, fancy cars, etc...and all we could point out is the old saying "money doesn't buy happiness." Doing what you love and only with what you need makes you feel so free in many ways.

Thanks again for posting!

redelf on 06/16/2012

Excellent and well-thought out! One of my sisters lived aboard a 47 foot motor/sailor (motorized sail boat) for a few years, and always maintained it was a great education about what you truly NEED to live comfortably.

frugalrvers on 06/15/2012

Gluttony is not just about eating - that's why it's a cardinal sin. Moderation in all things is a universal dictum in most religions and spiritual practices, and gluttony is the opposite, whether it's food, clothes, houses or other possessions.
Thanks for the comments,

Ragtimelil on 06/14/2012

Very interesting and thoughtful. I've never thought about it in that connection before.

frugalrvers on 06/14/2012

Thank you for posting!

At first glance, it certainly does seem like "what is this doing here?" But my interpretation is that, due to our over-indulgence, other people suffer. Think of the wasted food that is tossed in garbage cans from restaurants every evening...or how we fill our gigantic shopping carts at Costco and some of it goes bad (but we need BIG, BIG, BIG containers of food, right?)...or the items we throw away in our fridge that we bought on a whim...or the dinner rolls put on the table that no one ever finishes, only to be tossed away - If everyone ate only what they needed, there would be enough food for everyone around the globe. So where gluttony/food is concerned, I interpret it to mean we are wasteful because we over-consume - and it negatively impacts the lives of others.

I agree that gluttony has a domino effect on our lives, too - it does impact health, we don't feel good physically or mentally, and that carries over to our loved ones. Great point!

lostcyclingdude on 06/13/2012

I was surprised to see the 7th sin. Sure, gluttony isn't good, but we don't see it being as big a problem as, say, hate.

However, there are a lot of us that hurt other by not taking care of ourselves. We get depressed, we over-eat, and we don't have the energy to support our family or play with our kids.

Perhaps it is just as bad a thing as some of the others.

frugalrvers on 06/12/2012

An ancient esoteric practice says that what most disturbs us in someone else, what really rubs us the wrong way, is our own chief feature, the defining facet of an acquired personality. We have to see it in ourselves to begin to change. Thanks for your comment!

sheilamarie on 06/05/2012

I agree with you that humanity really hasn't changed much over the centuries. What we sometimes are tempted to do is to see those sins in others and not to recognize where they poke up their little heads in our own hearts.

frugalrvers on 06/04/2012

Thanks for commenting Katiem2 and Ohcaroline! Love what you both have to say and looking forward to others jumping in...

ohcaroline on 06/04/2012

It doesn't matter what era you are talking about...human nature has it's character grounded in worldly emotions and actions. It would be a nicer world it it just wasn't true.

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