What To Get Someone Who Has Everything

by frugalrvers

When shopping for the perfect gift, it is hard to know what to get someone who has everything. These unique ideas for gifts will clarify what to get people that have it all...

This article will give you five unique gift ideas so you no longer have to stress buying presents for people who have everything. But first, let's clarify what "everything" truly means.

Sometimes people can't find gifts because of a tight budget - so it seems like they have everything, when they truly don't...we just can't afford to buy them what they don't have (like a laptop) any more than they can buy that laptop for themselves!

Then there are those people that have everything...they really do. Then what do you do?

Finally, there are those who don't need or want much, like an elderly great grandmother, for example.

Well this article will help you, because it has gift ideas that are AFFORDABLE, MEMORABLE and CREATIVE no matter what profile they fit, in my examples above.

Looking For Birthday Or Christmas Gifts For People Who Have Everything?

These Gift Ideas Are Perfect For Any Special Event

As I write this article, this Christmas shopping season is upon us - so it would make sense that many have come across this topic while hopelessly searching for a holiday present for people who seem to have everything.

But these five gift ideas, you will find, are well suited for ANY people that have everything - or want and need little - or what they don't have you can't buy, because you'd break the bank to do so.

Yes...finally some gift shopping ideas that are universal for anyone and everyone. Hope you enjoy these tips. You will find that they don't involve crowded stores (ick), big bucks (yeah!)...basically, stay in your pj's and shop from home!

GIFT IDEA 1 - What To Buy Someone Who Has Everything? YOU, For Free!

Spend Time With Those You Love

One way to please the person who has everything is to give him or her something that only you have – your time. Whether time with a grandparent, sister, coworker or best friend, none of us seem to have quality time with those we love anymore.

There are so many ways to do this, but you could start with something traditional, such as tickets for the 2 of you to an upcoming concert or sports event, an anticipated movie, or a special dining experience. You might suggest sharing a new experience to your giftee and accompany him or her, such as skydiving, scuba-diving, or something less adventurous like a helicopter tour of a scenic spot.

In these modern fast-paced times, the gift of your time in companionship and company might be the best you could give to that special person. Again, just be sure to make the gift a reality with a certificate or a card that lets your giftee know you are serious about giving your time. Wrap it in a box or put it in a card - but whatever you do, don't say you will and then not follow through.

GIFT IDEA #2 - Presents For People Who Have Everything? A CAUSE!

Giving Is A Gift That Stretches Beyond Just The Recipient Of The Present

If you feel that you know your person who has everything well enough, the gift of a starter donation or activity that pertains to a particular cause they support can be a great idea. Whether they want to save the whales, feed the homeless or run for breast cancer awareness, you can either donate in their name or plan a day actively participating in their favorite charity.

As an example, most large city zoos around the country now have programs that let you adopt an animal in return for becoming a member and making a regular contribution. We did this for an immediate family member who loved polar bears and they LOVED it. Some of the adoption programs (of course the adoption is nominal, not real – you don't take the creature home with you) use the funds raised to support the zoo, and some pass the money on to other animal-related charities.

Similar programs are available that support causes like the oceans, the general environment, vegetarianism, and just about any other issue you can imagine. And you don't have to keep on paying after getting it started – let your activist giftee decide whether to keep it up.

This is such a meaningful gift for those who have everything - and means more than any materialistic present from a department store could ever provide.

GIFT IDEA #3 - Gifts For People Who Have Everything Are PERSONALIZED

Yep...it's true - personalized gifts are an excellent way to go for those who have everything. Why? Well...because THEY don't have that awesome picture you took of their dog last summer or THEY don't have your wit or artistic talent when designing his/hers t-shirts, etc...

You see, no matter how much they've got, when you design your own gift from scratch, you are guaranteed the assurance that...THEY DON'T HAVE IT!

Simply go to a create your own site and start getting creative. You can make anything like posters, bumper stickers, melamine plates, dog bowls, aprons, ties, jewelry, shirts, travel mugs, cell phone cases...it is ENDLESS. Yep, even belt buckles, keychains, dry erase boards, playing cards, ornaments...perfect for any budget.

To get creativity flowing, let's pretend someone loves the cooking show "Top Chef." You could create an apron that says "Joe Smith, Top Chef Runner Up" - you get the idea, I'm guessing?

Personalized Gifts Are Perfect For Someone That Has Everything!

Our Cat Models Postage Stamps And A Calendar

VOUCHERS and Coupon Books Make Great Gifts

Knock Knock Vouchers for Friends

GIFT IDEA #4 - What Do You Buy Someone Who Has Everything? Your Service For Free

Do A Chore For Friend Or Family That They Just Don't Have Time For

Depending on how close you are to your giftee – both in terms of proximity and personally – you can give a pledge to provide a personalized service that no one else can do like you.

If you offer to babysit or dog-sit, for example, for a busy couple who can never seem to get away for a weekend, they will be forever grateful. For the older person, you can offer to do a chore that would ordinarily be very difficult for them, such as washing windows, doing touch-up painting, washing a car, or shampooing carpets.

To make the gift extra-special, and to make sure that you follow through on such a magnanimous and demanding gesture, use your computer to make a fancy and official-looking certificate that spells out exactly what you will do as a gift of service.

What Free Service Would You Prefer?

GIFT IDEA # 5 - What To Get Someone Who Has Everything? CUSTOMIZE!

With the rise of the Internet a certain kind of gift has become popular – the custom creation. For the one who has everything, a personalized gift that is the product of a creative talent is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, and can be quite impressive.

You can commission a song to be written, performed and recorded that not only uses your giftee's name but includes personal details that you provide to the service. Another artistic gift would be a hand-painted oil portrait done from a photograph provided to the painter.

Whether the person who has everything enjoys music, art, poetry, or photography, you can easily find someone who will create the perfect personalized gift for you to give, and it will be special and unique.

Final Thoughts On Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

The theme, as you've seen, is that most gifts come from the heart. They promote spending quality time with a person, or making time for the person to have some "me time." These gift ideas also push for personalization and customization - or donating to a cause, which makes many share in the gift.

The truth is, even those who DON'T HAVE EVERYTHING will appreciate a gift from the heart instead of the checkbook. For me, if someone bought me a "thing" I wouldn't likely remember over time. But if they cared about me so much that they offered themselves, or took time to create something I could treasure, I would remember it throughout my lifetime.

Giving from your heart...giving of your time...there is no price tag that you can put on that.

Updated: 05/22/2018, frugalrvers
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What Have You Got People Who Have Everything?

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frugalrvers on 12/11/2012

Thanks for commenting, Roy!

roy connelly on 12/10/2012

I absolutely agree with this! So perfect! Spending time fo people we love is the most precious and priceless one.

sheilamarie on 11/19/2012

I agree that our time is the best gift of all. Thanks for taking the time to write this reminder.

frugalrvers on 11/19/2012

What a wonderful comment, Mira! Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you, too!

Mira on 11/19/2012

What a wonderful article, Robin and Jim! Happy holidays!

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