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by AJ

If you are looking for Wheat Free Recipes then this page will give you links to some great free recipes, wheat free recipe books and wheat free foods.

I started making a collection of wheat free recipes when a homeopathic Doctor suggested I give up eating wheat. I was bloated and getting very tired all the time and could not work out what was wrong.

The thought of giving up wheat can be pretty overwhelming but with a bit of thought and planning it can become as natural as breathing. And it is not until we try ot give up eating wheat that we discover how much wheat is unnecesarily added to processed foods.

Why be on a Wheat Free Diet?

Note: Wheat Free does not necessarily mean Gluten Free

A few years ago, on the advice of a Homeopathic Doctor I started to reduce the amount of wheat I eat. I was suffering from bloating, water retention and tiredness. I was also finding it hard to lose weight. I was not excessively heavy, but I just wanted to lose a few pounds.

My Doctor suggested I may be developing an intolerance to wheat.

We did not evolve to eat wheat and because Western Diets are so full of it these days, we are consuming far more wheat than is necessary. Eating any particular food too often can overwhelm our digestive systems. When this happens, the food is not digested properly, which leads to digestive problems, like bloating, gas and water retention. This in turn  makes us appear more overweight than we actually are.

If we can determine exactly to which foods we are intolerant and cut them out of our diet, then the symptoms caused by the intolerance should disappear.

For some Wheat Free is a necessary health choice

and not just to lose weight

Approximately 1% of the Western Population have an intolerance to Gluten and it is believed that 10% have an intolerance to wheat.

However, for some, cutting out wheat and gluten from their diet is an important health choice because they suffer from Celiac (spelt Coeliac in the UK) Disease. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease, where the gluten contained in wheat, barley and rye triggers an immune reaction, where the gluten will damage the lining of the small intestine and possibly other parts of the body.

Do you realise how much wheat you consume?

It can be hard to determine

It was not until I started to cut wheat out of my diet, that I began to realise how much wheat I was actually consuming. Like many busy Mums, I would have a sandwhich for lunch because it is so fast and easy to prepare. And for breakfast I was always partial to a slice of toast. Crusty bread and cheese was another favorite fast meal and as a family we all enjoy pasta.

Bread and pasts are obvious sources of wheat. But those who consume a high level of processed and pre-prepared foods probably consume wheat without realising it, as wheat is frequently added as a thickening agent.

The thought of cutting wheat out of my diet was pretty daunting. I knew it would mean a complete overhaul of my eating habits.

Wheat Free Recipes

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Wheat Free Diet

How I changed my eating habits


Breakfast would often be Muesli and or toast. Sometimes it would be Weetabix. All big "no nos" on a Wheat Free Diet.

So the first change I made was to switch to breakfast cereals with corn as the base, such as Cornflakes.

Porridge is also a great breakfast meal because oats are a carbohydrate that is released slowly into the blood stream, making it less likely you will get severe hunger pangs mid-morning. You can add flavor with honey or fruit.

At first I thought lunch would be a problem. We eat our main meal at dinner time in the evenings, so I do not cook at lunchtime. This is why I got into the habit of having sandwiches.

I switched to jacket potatoes, which are so versatile and there's a variety of fillings you can add that are wheat free. Subsequently I discovered rice cakes and hummous.

As my family enjoys pasta, this was the hardest for me. I found wheat free pasta tasteless and so these days I make suaces that can be eaten on their own, perhaps with salad. So the family has the past and I do without. Or sometimes I will subsitute rice.

I have found that wheat free dieting is rather like cooking for a vegetarian. It is easier to do meals that can be adapted rather than make a completely different meal for the "abstainer".

For example, my family loves a pasta dish made with Chicken and Mascapone and Tomato sauce. I add mushrooms to make the sauce more substantial and the family has pasta but I have salad.

We all love gravy with a traditional roast dinner, but I make the gravy with wheat free flour.

Wheat Free Foods and Substitutes

There's a good range available

There's a good range of wheat free foods and substitutes for wheat increasingly available online and in High Street shops. Personally, until recently, I have not found any nice wheat free bread. However, to my delight one of our local Baker's now stocks lovely, crusty wheat free bread and it is also available at our local Market.

You can also easily get wheat free and gluten free flour, that you can use in any recipe that needs flour. Just be aware that wheat free flour often needs more liquid so you may have to make adjustments if using yor own recipes.

Wheat Free Flour

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Search for Wheat Free Recipes and Foods in the UK

Wheat Free Recipe Books at Amazon.co.uk

My Favorite Wheat Free Recipes

Meals I cook regularly at home
This recipe for Mushroom Sauce is fast and so easy to make. It can be used on a variety of fish and meat dishes and even makes a great vegetarian pasta dish.
Are you looking for an easy chicken leftover recipe? Leftover chicken is just so versatile and here's two very different left over chicken recipes!
Are you looking for a recipe for Spanish Omelette? Then this simple Spanish Omelette Recipe will do the trick! AND it is also wheat free - great for anyone on a wheatfree diet.
This is one of my favorite roasted chicken recipes: Spanish Chicken. The meat is just so moist and tender, it literally falls off the bone when you carve it.
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Lauren Kelly on 05/03/2013

Thank you for sharing my cookbook, The Everything Wheat-Free Diet Cookbook!

Pinkchic18 on 04/18/2012

Thanks for the tips here! I had no idea there was such a thing as gluten free flour.

Guest on 11/06/2011

Great topic, AJ!
My daughter has celiac disease, diagnosed 15 years ago. However, when I switched from modern physicians to a holistic doctor, looking for ailment cures vs suppressing symptoms, we discovered I am intolerant to wheat, gluten and eggs. As soon as I stopped ingesting them, my body healed and could absorb nutrition again. Thyroid problems - gone. Weakened immune system - gone. Changed my life. My husband eats wheat/gluten free because, as you say, we believe we weren't meant to ingest it and feel much healthier without it.

AJ on 11/01/2011

Paul, I was looking at your Squidoo Lens about the non-food goods that contain Gluten and it is really scary. It seems that Gluten pervades far too much of Society!

tssfacts - yes, you make a valid point. In some cases it is the processing that does the harm. I tend to find that I can get away with fresh baked bread sometimes, but "long-life bread" is a big no-no for me.

pkmcr on 11/01/2011

Really excellent introduction to the topic. I have to avoid both Wheat and Gluten aliong with various other things! Many people don't realise that the bloating, aches and other things they suffer from are caused by the amount fo wheat they consume. For those who have to avoid Gluten as well you would not believe the range of things it appears in!

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