Where to Buy Clothes For Teenage Guys

by dustytoes

Finding clothing for teenage boys can be difficult. Here I have linked to stores that may have clothes your teen will wear.

I have three boys of my own and I've always had difficulty finding clothes to order for them online. In general, boys hate to shop, which makes dressing them in something they will wear, difficult at best. And as they get older they get a lot more picky when it comes to how they look.
At the time when their clothing gets more expensive and they become harder to please, it's important to buy from online apparel sites that offer a good selection of what kids are wearing these days and look for a theme that will appeal to your teen.

Teenage Boys Want to Fit in With Their Peers

Buying what they like is important or it will hang in the closet.

video game t-shirtBefore you try to shop for your teenage son, pay close attention to what he wears the most now.  I have found that asking my son what he wants for clothes doesn't work.  Occasionally he will mention something he likes, but for the most part my boys were not that much "into" dressing. 

During the teen years especially, kids want to fit in.  They want to dress in a way that matches what their peers deem as appropriate.  Knowing the school's dress code will help you choose the right clothing that is allowed in school.


Musician t-shirts are widely acceptable choices for teen boys to wear.  Just find out which bands are his favorites and search online.

One of my sons is a drummer.  One of his favorite brands of clothing was founded by his favorite drummer, Travis Barker, originally from the band Blink-182 . 

The clothing line is called "Famous Stars and Straps", or just "Famous".  The shirts and sweatshirts may have a big "F" on them in some form or another, or all-over graphic designs. 

There is no shortage of famous guitar players and drummers tees, and generic musical instruments designs may also work.


Travis Barker Recording Drums for Blink-182

Shirts for Self-Proclaimed Geeks and Nerds

geeks and nerds

This shirt is for science nerds, who think "science helps you prove others are dumb". Made at the store KaptainMyke at Zazzle.

Apparently these days being called a geek or nerd is not a bad thing.  Go figure!  So t-shirts abound that are made just for brainiacs, or at least, people who believe they are.

Humorous Retro Science Geek Design

"Science helps you prove others are dumb."

Boys Will Be Boys

Right around the age of 13 or 14 all my boys had enormous growth spurts.  They seemed to grow a foot during that time when puberty set in.  If your boy or boys are nearing that age, it might be best to hold off on buying too much, as before you know it nothing in the closet will fit.

Although my boys didn't need as much for clothing as my daughter (the shopaholic) did, they were and are harder on what they have.  And they tend to pick out a few choice items of clothing as their favorites to wear repeatedly while the rest hangs in the closet.  (Or lies on the floor.)

The clothing budget can take a big hit when it comes to buying for teenagers and boys are less likely to be careful of their apparel.  They will tend to have holes appear - how did that happen? -or lose things (sweatshirts, sunglasses, hats, etc.) which means you may be buying double when you hadn't planned on it.

Search eBay for deals on teen boys clothing

Custom Wallets

The black, electric guitar wallet for that guy who rocks!

Designer, Personalized Gifts

Use the print-on-demand Zazzle site.

The print-on-demand Zazzle site now offers custom wallets.  I'm having fun making wallets for teenagers and especially teen boys, who are sometimes overlooked in the marketplace.  I have three boys myself, so I have a pretty good idea of what they like and don't like.

Boys like dark colors.   Not all boys play sports.  Every boy has a talent of some kind and usually by high school it begins to show.  My son plays guitar and that inspired me to create this wallet with a black electric guitar.  The initials can be changed to a name, or the text can be removed completely.

Zazzle is a great place to find unique designs that can be customized with names, initials or other text.

Zombie T-Shirts

Find a wide array of funny Zombie shirts at Zazzle.

zombie t-shirt

With the recent popularity of The Walking Dead television show and other Zombie apocalypse movies, it stands to reason that zombie related t-shirts would be popular among teens.

This black Zombie Hunter t-shirt is available at Zazzle and can be found at the apparel store strk3. 

The custom buying options at Zazzle make this design available on 92 styles - including sweatshirts - and this particular shirt has a large color selection as well.

This shirt has a lot for the teenage boy to like.  First, it's black.  That is a favorite color choice no matter what the design.  Skulls are still something found on a lot of clothing, and the text is sure to be a hit.  It says, "If you see me running, try to keep up."

Zombie Hunter Design

"If you see me running, try to keep up."

Try Amazon For Camo Clothes For Guys

These pants have lots of pockets for storing gaming gear.

The Amazon site has a wide selection of camo clothing in all colors.  Playing airsoft or paintball in the winter means he'll need a different look than in summer to blend in with the surroundings.

The Army type fatigues come in dessert colors which are light tan, woodland which is for woodsy game play, and others.  The great thing about this type of pant is all the pockets to be used to store ammo, gloves, or any gear.  If the camo look is not something your teen wants, the same type of pants are available in plain colors too.

Army Style Camo Clothing

Any teen who plays paintball or airsoft games will probably need some fatigues.
Woodland Camo Vintage T-ShirtMens Pants - Vintage Vietnam Era 6Pkt...

Clothing Related to Playing Video Games is Popular

Zazzle.com has lots to choose from and each design can be found on a wide variety of styles.

rage quit t-shirt

Most every teen plays video games of some kind. Zazzle.com has some t-shirts for the gamer such as the "Rage Quit" shirt shown here.  It's perfect for the kid who throws tantrums and screams a lot while playing.

Lots of options are available such as gamer hoodies (which can be converted to t-shirts also), and other shirts with game related text and images.

Remember that customization is king at the Zazzle site and this shirt can be purchased in black.  The text at the top can easily be changed to white lettering using the customize option.  Or choose other apparel with this design.

The Easiest Way to Buy Shoes Online For a Teenager

Once he likes something stick with it and just keep going up in size.

My son wears New Balance sneakers and we always order them from Amazon.  I buy the same basic pair of sneakers over and over and just go up a size each time.  My older son used to wear Vans and my other son liked the comfortable fabric of Converse shoes. 

Amazon has some shoes but sometimes they don't have the sizes needed.  Also shipping can take a while and if your boy is like mine he will be heading out the door as he says, "oh, by the way I have a hole in the bottom of my shoe."  I don't live close to any shoes stores, so buying online is the best option.  Of course visiting a store is probably best to get a good fit.

More Great Places to Shop For Guys

Find some good deals here on jeans, boxers, and other necessary items for guys.

Etnies - Men's shoes
Shoe shop section of Etnies online store.

Clothing with many designer brands for men, women, and kids.

Updated: 12/21/2014, dustytoes
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Good luck shopping for your teen.

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dustytoes on 08/08/2014

Thanks for the feedback cavort, it's very helpful. I believe that teenage boys don't really know what they like or want and the questions you propose would definitely spark some thought. With all the photo shopping sites, like Pinterest, it would not be difficult to find some clothing ideas for a teen to view.
My boys are drummers and guitar players so they prefer band tees, but they still hate to shop or even take the time to pick out some clothes online!

cazort on 08/07/2014

I definitely hated to shop when I was a teen...but then again, I would hate it if my parents bought stuff for me. Maybe it was just something about the general level of angst.

I think, for me, I had a lot of anxiety associated with clothing. On some level I wanted to be "cool" and I wanted people to like me for my clothing, but at the same time, I also hated the culture of "trendy" clothing and I didn't want to buy into it because I was sort of irritated and frustrated with it.

I think that what ended up getting me to enjoy shopping, was when I started paying more attention to what I liked when other people would wear it...and then I started thinking about what sorts of patterns and colors I liked, and also what sort of vibe, look, or feel I wanted to give off or what message I wanted to send to others.

So maybe...I don't know if this will help anyone here, but maybe if you ask your teenage guys some questions like--instead of asking about specific clothing, ask them general questions like--hey, are there any kinds of colors or patterns you particularly like, or dislike wearing? What kind of look do you want to go for...a little more casual, or a little more dressy? Hey...what do you think of such-and-such person's outfit...do you like that? Would you want to dress like that yourself, or do you just like it? It sounds silly but I think at my age I hadn't really deliberately thought about a lot of those questions. I had a lot of people telling me what was and wasn't "cool" or "stylish" as well as what looked "appropriate" or not (including both peers and some of my friends' parents) but I never really stopped to ask those questions. I think it might have helped spark my emotional maturity (and make me a little more comfy buying clothing for myself) if more people had asked me more of these sorts of questions at that age.

dustytoes on 05/25/2014

I find that boys are most difficult to buy for, but sometimes they are easily pleased as well!

Mira on 05/25/2014

:-) This was a really good article, with lots of ideas. It's hard to know sometimes what gifts to get some people.

dustytoes on 05/18/2014

Teens and even adults are into the Zombie craze... good holiday gift idea! Thank you for the pin Mira.

Mira on 05/17/2014

Came back to pin the Zombie Hunter t-shirt under Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas. Not very Christmassy but it's what teens want. I have two teen nephews myself :)

marciag on 09/19/2013

It's the same with teenage girls actually, it's quite tough to buy for them clothes that they will actually like and wear.

ologsinquito on 08/18/2013

You're so right about teen boys. If they don't like it they won't wear it.

Mira on 08/18/2013

:) Useful tips. Now parents have to figure out what games exactly (electronic) are their kids playing :-) I loved the "If you see me running, try to keep up" T-shirt :D

dustytoes on 06/09/2013

Thanks CamoGirl... I will do that!

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