Where to Find Free Wedding Websites

by dustytoes

Free wedding websites are offered to couples as an easy, online place to organize and share the planning with family and friends.

It's a very good idea to set up a free wedding website when planning a wedding. A lot of work goes into planning the perfect wedding day. A central place to keep track of it all would be so very helpful.

Sometimes couples will plan for an entire weekend, or week-long event to keep their guests busy. The website is the central location for everyone to access every bit of information the bride and groom care to share.

Couples use the websites as a place for guests to reply to the invitation. Save-the-date cards can direct guests to the site well ahead of the day of the ceremony. Engagement photos are popular these days and pictures from a professional photo shoot can be posted for all to see.

Many top wedding sites offer their own free websites for the bride and groom. I have researched a few for you. So what do they offer, and are they worth having? Are they all the same, or are some better than others? Lets look into it and find out.

How Easy is it To Have Your Own Site?

Choose a theme to match your wedding plans.

choose a theme to create a siteI believe that just about anyone could use one of the free websites I have looked at.   Personally, I have not tried to build a site at any of them.  This page will give you information I have read at each individual site.  

The themes are already created, and there are many to choose from.   Whether your wedding day theme will be "chalkboard vintage", "summer sunflower", or take place at a "tropical beach", I think you will find something that fits your needs.  Each personal site is created step by step by the user, and all it takes is filling in the blanks.  At least that is how it looks.

In many instances the site you build and the theme you choose can be coordinated with stationery to match.  This is probably the intent of the site - to have you end up buying everything to match. 

Most sites make couples register before they can begin to create.  Younger couples will be familiar with the technology it requires, so it won't be a problem.  Older couples may go a more traditional route and not be interested in having a website, but if they do, I think they could handle it.

Couples may need to set it up well in advance, especially when the destination requires a lot of planning.  First, find out how long your personal page will be free.  Wedding Paper Divas advertises free sites for one year.  I'm not sure about the others listed on this page, but the information should be available once you sign up.

#1. The Knot

Online, The Knot is one of the popular sites for engaged couples to explore.  They offer free sites where details and wedding plans can be kept.  Photos can be uploaded to share with friends and family.  A wedding registry can be added, and a section for invitees to RSVP.

Free websites page at The Knot let you browse themes.  They offer a wide variety of options and it won't be difficult to find one that matches your own wedding theme.  Even if you don't know for sure what your colors / theme will be, there are headers which are neutral and simple.  Black and white, natural beige, botanical, country, seashell, bicycle, birds and trees, and many more are shown as options.  

I have not created a site, but they will walk you through the set up and give directions for use.

Have you used The Knot to create a free wedding website?

#2. The Offbeat Bride

The Offbeat Bride site caters to those couples who are not planning a traditional type wedding.  Their pages are offered in association with other wedding sites.  Their free website page states that they provide "non-froofy wed site templates".  They offer a blog portion on the free site where couples can post what they are doing and share everything with anyone who cares to tune in.  

Unlimited photo uploads can be added from all sessions leading up to, and after, the special day.  I cannot see a site without signing up to create one, which I don't need to do, but there are samples to view.  Couples can add as much or little as they'd like when making their site.  At the Offbeat Bride they offer "tech support" also.

Have you used the Offbeat Bride site for your wed site?

Share Info With Relatives Across the Continents


#3. Wedding Paper Divas

For those who want everything to match - stationery and website - you may be interested in the Wedding Paper Divas site.   Their free sites are available for one year.  The site themes match the wedding invitations they sell, which is their way of getting you to coordinate it all.  That is not a "must".  Your theme for the free site doesn't mean you have to spend money at Wedding Paper Divas.  

Like all wedding sites that offer free websites, they are hoping you will spend lots of time viewing their entire site, drawing you in and making their money off the products you will pay money for.

The coordinating items may be just what you've been hoping for.  But there are a lot of places online to find wedding suites, so don't feel obligated.

Have you used Wedding Paper Divas to build a free website?

#4. My Wedding (dot) Com

This free wedding website builder is a conglomeration of many different sites.  At the My Wedding site they offer free set up with personalized designs and many themes to choose from.  They also have themes with matching invitations.  Like the other sites mentioned, each page is built step by step.  Include gift registries and ways for the guests to reply.

This site pulls from others (from some mentioned here) to offer over 600 design options.  This may make the search seem overwhelming to some.  There are ways to narrow the selection.  Search by theme in the drop down menu or use specific keywords to find what you are looking for.  There is also a color finder option.

Share plans and photos with relatives living on a remote island!


Update Family and Friends All Over the World

It's easy to keep in touch online.

Without trying each site's themes, I don't know for sure if all the free sites listed here offer the same options. But, in general, you will be able to do the following once you sign up:

  • Organization
  • Photo sharing
  • Your Love Story
  • Bridal / Wedding Party
  • Location / venue info
  • Guestbook
  • Invitation RSVP
  • Events and times (weekend / destination event)
  • Music - invite suggestions?
  • Accommodations
  • Travel / directions
  • Attire suggestions

Sometimes the website theme will have matching invitations available.

Getting the Word Out

So, you have a nice looking wedding website and you've told close friends and family to check it out.  But what about everyone else?  

Send out save-the-date cards and include your site URL somewhere on the card.  

Using a "save the date" announces the wedding and includes the date and location of the marriage.  It can contain more information such as hotel reservations, travel information and events planned (if the wedding is truly a more-than-one-day event).  Those couples who have a website can omit all that and simply direct recipients to their special online location.

Keep in mind the fact that older guests especially may not be internet savvy.  They may not even own a computer.  Perhaps it's a good idea to furnish them with enclosure cards that will relay important information.

Include the Website URL on a Save the Date card

Save the Date with Website URL
Save the Date with Website URL

Some things to consider before signing up.

If you love to share photos, and plan to have a lot of them to share, make sure your free site will allow unlimited photo uploads.  That way you will have the freedom to share all those engagement photos from the professional shoot.  Take pictures of the venues being considered and ask for opinions.  Share your wedding dress shopping experience with relatives and friends.  

Be sure to read the terms, conditions and requirements for each of the sites you are considering.  Also be sure that all the things they offer are truly free.  Some sites offer a free trial only.  Others will give you a free site, but you will have to pay to have all options available.  The site may be free for a limited time period as well.  As with everything, read the fine print!

Since they are free, you may think that you have nothing to lose, but you will lose a lot of precious time which will be wasted if you don't end up getting what you need.

Build a Site that is Not Wedding Related

Another option would be to build a site that is not wedding related.  Many places offer free sites and blogs.  This option lets you keep and maintain a site where there would be no time limit.  Once the event is over, this information can stay on your site for as long as you keep it going.  It can be archived as you move on to share other information as a family.  That may be a better option for some.

On the downside, you will have to figure out how best to receive replies, share photos, and do all the other wedding planning needed.  I'm not sure how easy that will be.  Actual wedding related sites seem to have all that organized for you.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Free Website Builders for 2015.

Updated: 02/24/2017, dustytoes
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katiem2 on 02/24/2017

Great tips and guide to creating your own wedding website.

Marie on 02/09/2015

This is such a good idea. I wish these had been around when I was planning my wedding. It was very hard work organizing it all contacting people by phone and letters.

dustytoes on 02/08/2015

@ young hopes, I would love to hear from someone who has used a free wedding website and get their opinion.

younghopes on 02/08/2015

This appears to be an interesting idea Pam, the best thing is all your guests can become aware of your wedding schedule at one go without you having to send them personally to each one.

WriterArtist on 02/07/2015

This looks like a good idea - wedding is a big event and lot of planning is required. Using a free wedding website to take care of all the details will be very useful, and the best part is - it is accessible to all.

dustytoes on 02/07/2015

Thanks for the input Digby. Brides have a lot to work with these days.

Digby_Adams on 02/07/2015

I wish I had done this when I got married. I had a small wedding, but my college friends were scattered across the country. It was exhausting keeping just a few people in the loop.

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