Top 10 White Board Friday Posts

by Thom

Here are my top 10 White Board Friday from seomoz by Rand Fishkin

I've been following white board friday on the SEOMOZ SEO blog for the last couple of years. Most of the posts are by Rand Fishkin, the CEO and co-founder of SEOMOZ. Rand provides a great look at SEO and its impacts on your websites results in the search engines.

1. The Over Optimization Penalty by Google

This has been my favorite video to date, as it talks about all the things you shouldn't do to a website or blog.  Rand discusses what is on everyone's mind in April 2012, that Google will soon be or already has started to penalize websites and blogs due to over optimization.  View the 6 changes every SEO should make.

Most people won't be doing these, but if you are, it's worth the 10 minutes.

2. The Marketing Funnel

I am by day a marketing database analyst and really enjoyed this White Board Friday on the online Marketing Funnel.  The premise being, just because you receive sales from a source, don't dismiss that the other sources of the funnel don't contribute to the source receiving the most. 

3. The Marketing Organization

When you are by yourself and create a website, you are everything to your business.  However, as your business begins to grow, so should your Marketing Organization.  This gave me a way to look at the different job responsibilities and roles I might find in a company for when I visit a marketing organization or looking for a new job offer.

4. Advanced Onpage Optimization

In the December 15th, 2011 edition of White Board Friday, Rand talks about five advanced tactics for onpage optimization including semantic connective tissue, block optimization, external linking, visitor sentiment, and content uniqueness.

5. How Big is Your Long Tail?

In How Big is Your Long Tail, Rand talks about choosing keywords and to make sure you are not just looking at the keywords with lots of traffic but looking at Long Tail keyword phrases.

6. SEO Checklist for New Sites

On September 22, 2011, Rand talks about the SEO Checklist for New Sites.  This was a great whiteboard Friday for everyone starting a website.  A great article to think about all the things you need to do to get the website visits.  He talks about Social aspects, including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.  Finally, what are things you should avoid.

7. Link Metrics

For link metrics, I am going to go with a two parter.  Metrics are crucial when determining if your SEO efforts are working.  Part 1 is a very insightful discussion of how link metrics are measured.  Part 2 talks to the effect of inbound links and how to determine if they are adding value to your website.

8. Building an SEO Action Plan

You've built a website, now what?  You need an SEO action plan.  From how often to look at diagnotics, collecting key metrics, looking at key words, and let's not forget about the social factors.

9. The Biggest SEO Mistakes

Learning from other people's mistakes is a great way to learn what not to do.  In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about the mistakes SEOMoz has made.

10. The Yearly Whitebeard Friday

For kicks and giggles, I look forward to Whitebeard Friday every year.  This is where the Friday before Christmas, Rand dresses in a Santa Claus beard to talk to us about SEO. 

Updated: 05/21/2012, Thom
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katiem2 on 05/21/2012

Very good information to help us maintain our good standing and profitable optimization and all staying in the good graces of Google. Thanks

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