Who is this charming Kait?

by KaitlynDeMetro

My profile says it all; I'm a reader, a writer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a Christian. Well that doesn't really say it all does it? Here's a Wizzography of little ole me.

Being that this is my 10th wizzle, I decided to go with the theme of 10; 10 facts here, 10 facts there, my 10 wizzles so far, my 10 favorite things, everything 10. Maybe after this article, you just might learn a little more about this quirky wizzler across the screen. Before I get to all the tens, I suppose I'll start from the beginning...

The First Time I was an "Author"

In 6th grade we were given a writing assignment: write a paper on ways to spend money. This confused me. I always considered this to be a learning disability for me; my ability to see things too obscurely. What do you mean "ways to spend money?" Ways an adult can spend money? Ways a teenager can spend money? Ways a kid can spend money? There were just too many paths to choose from so I chose them all. I made a paragraph out of each of these and because of it, I and one other student were invited to a formal lunch-in at a fancy hotel with a bunch of intellectuals who talked about things way above a 6th graders understanding. Despite being totally out of my element, the fact that I had essentially won something because of my writing should have been like a revelation of what I should do with my life. I also wrote poems online all the time. I got papers in the mail saying they'd be published in a book of poems, for a small fee of course, but I was proud. However, I still just didn't have enough faith in myself to pursue writing.

Writing is the only thing I realistically see myself doing now. I'm too much of a daydreamer for anything else- always have been. When I was little I wanted to be a big superstar and I sang in school talent shows and in front of friends and family until my shyness slowly took over and I found that the spot light just wasn't for me. No, I'm happy to be the one to write beautiful things, not perform them. I graduated college in May and 2 years ago I was taking one of my beloved theater classes in which I was chosen by my group to modernize a scene from Shakespeare's "Macbeth". It was the first time I wrote a "play" in college and I loved it but I was terrified: I was mortified by the thought that my class would read my version of Macbeth and hate it. Much to my surprise, they enjoyed it and when we acted out the scene for the rest of our class, we were the best of the 3 groups performing. It was the first time I actually thought that I could be a writer and people might actually enjoy my words.

I always wrote when I was little. I always had a diary. I remember my first one was a Britney Spears diary when I was 8 years old- which I filled with songs because I was determined to be the next Britney. Next was a Judy Moody mood journal. After that I had a string of diaries over the years, I guess they were technically journals but I just like the word "diary" better. I wrote sporadically for years. It took me 3 years to fill 1 small diary by the time I was 15-17. What sped up my diary writing was when my parents divorced when I was 17. I was overcome with emotions and I wrote daily for at-least a year. I filled up a thick diary in 6 months, sometimes writing 12 pages a night. Artistically, this diary was my favorite. Its called "Soul and Tears" by artist Laurel Burch. It sticks out to me more than any other diary I've written in, not only because of the esthetics, but because of the heavy emotions put into it because of everything I was going through at the time.

I spent four years of community college working on a 2 year degree, after being home schooled for the last 3 years of high school because I couldn't handle the anxiety. I always said I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I was just taking classes for the fun of it and while that was partially true, I always had writing in the back of my mind. I tell myself that one day I'll write a book...and another and another and I'll an established author. I badly want to do that but I not only fall victim to writers block, I'm also afraid to take the step of putting pen to paper and ending up with utter trash. I suppose that's something every writer as to deal with. For some reason I'm terrified of those closest to me hating my work than anyone else. Even now, I've mentioned Wizzley a little to my family but I decided not to really talk about it until I'm "sucessful" on Wizzley.


Anywho...enough of this humdrum. Lets move on to the fun stuff!

10 of my Favorite Things

In No Paticular order
  1. God. God is just my favorite of favorites. I try to live through his love and his grace. No matter what I'm going through I stop and feel at peace with him.
  2. Ice cream is my favorite food- it's my weakness. I'm also lactose intolerant so ice cream is quite literally my weakness. It's my kryptonite but I just love it anyway in all it's smooth, cold, creamy, deliciousness.
  3. Titanic is my favorite movie. Don't judge me. This movie was so grand and visually stunning and such a beautiful love story. I was 6 years old when I saw this movie in theaters 3, yes 3, times. To me, it was the best fairy tale since Beauty and the Beast and wasn't animated! That was huge!  To this nostalgic fairy tale junkie, Titanic stays my favorite movie of all time along with the sensational Celine Dion music that makes up for half of its glory.
  4. Pink is my favorite color...along with red...and blue. I don't know, I'm too indecisive.
  5. My favorite TV show is a 4 tie between The Vampire Diaires, The Originals, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy. An honorable mention goes out to Bates Motel.
  6. My favorite singer/band..that's very tough to choose. Based on most listened to on my iPod I'd say its Meg Myers or Lana Del Rey. Based on most number of songs from one singer/band then it would be Evanescence or Kelly Clarkson. I've got quite an array of musical taste.
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas, with Halloween being a close second. BTW, keep a look out for my Halloween make-up tutorials.
  8. My favorite college class hands down was Theatre Make Up. I was already into costume make up before but the class taught me so much more and we got to do all kinds of things. I'm in the process of moving but once I'm all settled in, I'll put up some new pages of Halloween Make Up tutorials so there's something to look forward to!
  9. Dinosaurs are my favorite animal. Do they count as animals? Thank you Jurassic Park. Rawr. Psst. What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up? A tri-tri-triceratops. (hahahah)
  10. So if Dinosaurs don't count as animals I'd have to say my favorite animal is...my cat Klaus.











bonus fact- I named my cat after my favorite vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus from The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:


10 Random Facts

  1. I think the best thing I ever did was shave my head for cancer. It really wasn't a big deal but something about shedding your skin, so to speak, and the whole reason why I did it just made me grow as a person and made my self esteem go through the roof. It was one of the best days ever.
  2. I'm a painter...sort of. I don't know if you can call yourself a painter if you've never made money off of your paintings but I do paint.
  3. I'm Italian, and proud, no thanks to the Jersey Shore. They tainted our rep but we'll rise above so no worries.
  4. I love my family more than ANYTHING in the world. If anything happened to them I think the heartache would literally kill me.
  5. I'm a legal assistant, which sounds a lot fancier than it is. It's really just a lot of transferring paperwork into a computer and answering phones.
  6. I have a Megalodon fossilized tooth, which I bought on Amazon and yes it's real. It's pretty amazing. I'm obsessed with pre-historic type stuff. I geek out over anything dino related!
  7. Ironically, I had a huge childhood fear of sharks that followed me into early adulthood. My sister would yell "shark!" in the bathtub and I would go into hysterics. It wasn't pretty.
  8. I sang in the school talent show 2 years in a row thank you very much. First was 5th grade. I sang "Case of the Ex" by Mia. In 6th grade I sang "Everytime" by the ever classy Britney Spears.
  9. I don't know that I have a favorite book because my tastes change so much as I get older but my favorite author is Louis Duncan because my teenage years were tough and I would read her books to distract myself so in a sense, I'm grateful to her.
  10. I'm 22, which I hope explains and excuses why I'm not as knowledgeable and as cultured as everyone else here on Wizzley.  It also means this is the one year I get to enjoy the Taylor Swift song, "22."

When I found Wizzley I was like OMIGURD I'M HOME

Wizzley was amazing to come across. I actually found it on Pinterest. It has everything I want to read about- anything from food to history to holiday decorations. It's like Pinterest extended. I love writing on here and I love to research about what I'm going to write about next. My biggest obstacle is feeling intimated...that and the fact that I've made no money but that's to be expected when I've only been Wizzleying for a month. What attracted me to Wizzley was simply the fact that I do want to be a writer but where do I start? I can't just write a book- that's too big. I need to build up to that. I need to start small, see how people respond to my writing and if I can make any type of income and then gradually set the bar higher. To my fellow Wizzleyers and those before me, you've set the standards very high for this place I and applaud your work. I hope to be an inspiration to future Wizzers and by this time next month, I'd love to have another 10 articles. (Seeing as I'm moving at the end of the month and having sporadic bursts of packing and cleaning and packing and trashing, I don't think it's possible but hey, I can dream.)

My Wizzles So Far!

FINALLY a card/party game destined for greatness; it's dirty, it's wildly inappropriate, it's hysterically funny. "Cards Against Humanity" is the greatest party game for adults.
Athens, Ohio is home to Ohio University. Legend has it, it's also home to hundreds of restless spirits.
In such an advanced country and self proclaimed "land of the free," it's hard to believe that Rape Culture would still exist.
A month ago I shaved my head to support cancer patients and raise money for Relay for Life. I donated my hair to Locks of Love and it felt amazing to give!
An Introvert's Guide to Coping in an Extrovert's World (yes, it is possible!)
Sarah Porter's debut novel "Lost Voices" paints a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of lost innocence. Refreshingly original and relatable, "Lost Voices" is a story to be heard.
What is Lactose Intolerance? Is it a food allergy or digestive disorder? Why is there pain and other nasty symptoms? Most importantly, can it be cured?
A beach themed home offers a perfect sanctuary of relaxation and ease; a hidden paradise created in your personal space where the tranquil spirit of the ocean harbors.
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iggy on 04/16/2015

Very interesting, hope I can follow in your successful footsteps. I have much experience through living a hard and satisfying life. Much respect for shaving your head for cancer, lost a father to it and my mother is battling it now. So far she is winning, thank you....

katiem2 on 01/31/2015

Great to meet you Kaitlyn you have a beautiful face that glows, your joyful smile could no doubt lift the spirits of anyone lucky enough to run across you. Cool bit about the most stellar moment shaving your head, blessings and healing powers be with you always +++

KaitlynDeMetro on 12/01/2014

I totally agree Lybrah. Everyone else who watches prefers Elijah and I'm like no, Klaus or nothing lol.

Guest on 11/29/2014

I love The Originals! Joseph Morgan is a very talented actor and is extremely handsome.

KaitlynDeMetro on 09/15/2014

Thank you, that is very sweet! I shall continue to do both.

RuthCox on 09/15/2014

Keep on dreaming and writing, the combination seems to suit you well.

pateluday on 08/17/2014

Great Wizzography this has been a learning experience. I will write mine soon.

sandyspider on 08/14/2014

Nice to learn about you and your love of writing.

Telesto on 08/14/2014

Lovely article.

dustytoes on 08/09/2014

You've already written some great pages here Kait, and I look forward to seeing more of your writing. Thanks for giving us a closer view of you!

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