Why Are We Living In An RV, Full Time?

by frugalrvers

In the middle of our lives, financially and mentally unprepared, we walked away from it all and stepped into a 30 foot travel trailer. RVing was key to finding the simple life...

We love full time rving. We don't have a fancy rv, nor do we have much moolah, but we are finding that you become richer than most by escaping the heavy burdens of modern day living. It's a freedom we never knew and one we wouldn't let go of, now that we've experienced it.

Don't get us wrong, living in an rv doesn't keep "life" from happening. You will still experience the ups and downs, happy and sad times that every living being does. But in this freedom, you will find you have more time and energy to think through problems. In addition, the mobility allows you to be wherever you are needed, whenever you are needed. Quite different than the two weeks vacation per year most people are limited to.

With little distraction, less stress and more freedom, no matter what life serves you, you can drive right through it!

Living In A Motorhome Year Round

Cheap RVing...On The Road To Happiness

"How can you live in an rv?" We are used to these words, but it is the facial expressions that bring us the most laughter. You know the look your dog gives you when you give him a two sentence command...and he just tilts his head, in an attempt to say "huh?" Yep...with the exception of an rver we meet, who understands this lifestyle, we are often bombarded with the confused canine look.

 When we became rvers, we knew the scrutiny would come. After all, we had college degrees and decent jobs, a beautiful home, nice vehicles...who could ask for more? But that's just it...we were unhappy because we wanted less. Better jobs or a raise led to better things, a bigger house and more "stuff" to put inside of it. Looking back, it seems we got more things to soothe the boredom of the 9 to 5 world. Though we've never been materialistic per se, we did spend more when we had more. We didn't do much thinking back then...we were just following the herd and waiting for Friday to come...but we were really unhappy sheep. We wanted off of the ferris wheel that just kept going around in circles, but it looked like it just had to hurt, jumping off.

Why We Love Frugal RV Living

Whether Living In Travel Trailer or Motorhome, The Simplicity Cannot Be Beat

RVs, no matter how new, old, big or small, are like little freedom carts on wheels to us. You might find this surprising, but it isn't the RVing we craved and dreamed about - it was breaking free from the daily blah of everyday life that we were certain was killing us, at least in spirit.

If we could have had whatever we wanted, it would have been a small cabin off the grid...and a small camper when we wanted to travel around. But that takes MONEY. We started learning that we lived in the future most days, waiting for the day that we would have the MONEY to simplify our lives. Hmmmm. Money? Simplify? In our experience, those two things are in constant conflict with each other.

Our First Home

We were stuck in the mindset that if we were lucky enough to live to retirement age, we could have the simple life then...as long as there was plenty of money in the bank to PAY for the house, land, taxes, upkeep and all of the other expenses that go along with a home. Sounds great. What is the average lifespan in the US again...eh...this doesn't seem like a large portion of our lives being spent in simplicity....and most likely we'd be too exhausted to enjoy it!

So we thought and thought. We knew, if we sold everything, we could never pay cash for a small cabin or land...it was out of the question. If we took out a loan, we would be back in the daily grind, to PAY for this "peace." Then it dawned on us...an RV! We agreed we would liquidate everything...even books and CDs...and use a portion to pay cash for any RV that had wheels. We would NOT spend it all on a fancier RV, take out debt, etc...we would, for once in our lives, live off of cash in hand and buy only what we could afford.

That is why we love frugal rving and began to blog about it to share the news - it let us have tomorrow, today. We make a small income working online, to pay for the few bills we have (there are man ways to make money on the road), but we don't owe anyone anymore and we feel truly free. There are small expenses, but nothing like the expenses you get flooded with, even when in a tiny apartment. We may not own much, but every single thing we have is truly ours.

Our Current Home

Of course there are some pros and cons to the actual lifestyle of rvers, but changing your life involves compromise - if you wait until everything is perfect and you get everything you want, life might just pass you by. There is no down side that would ever convince us it hasn't all been worth it...and someday, when we have to park the rig for the last time, there will be no regrets.

Happy Trails, Jim and Robin

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Would You Live In An RV Fulltime If You Could?

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Mandy on 11/03/2016

I just bought a 27 ft Fleetwood prowler don't know what year it is but has the kitchen area is the same as urs was can you please email me at mandypaiz@gmail.com and I'll send pictures so you can tell me thanks

Micki on 09/30/2015

I recently bought a 79 Invader for $800 on craigslist. I am suffering through roof leaks and leveling issues. I am loving it. I am permanently set up in my daughters yard but I am having a great time getting rid of stuff! I hope to get to remodeling after and while I effect repairs. Already it is so worth it. I am reading everything I can online. This was a "why not" decision. Looked for about 2 weeks online and bought it. Didn't want to travel and this way close to help take care of grandbabies for now. Later on I'll be close for my daughter to take care of me. I'm only 55 now. No prob road trips with friends, older grands take care of my 4 legged babies. Relief, all the way around!

Sandee and David on 09/05/2015

Absolutely!!!! Our timeline to become ''full timers'' is the spring of 2017! We spend hours researching, gathering and using information we find to prepare for living our dream!

Anita on 03/13/2015

We are currently remodeling our 30' Winnebago. We'll be living in it full time beginning this coming October :) We are of the same mind set. Simplify...simplify. ..simplify and enjoy life....ups and downs in our tiny house on wheels:)

Pam on 11/28/2013

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My husband and I are considering RV living when our youngest graduates high school in 2014. We have a small 5th wheel and are looking to upgrade. I am doing research for our "adventure". I would love to hear any ideas about how you have tackled storage issues, etc.

frugalrvers on 06/19/2013

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lilysnape!

Lilysnape on 06/16/2013

I think it is a fascinating way of life but I don't think I could do it full time with a dog a cat and 2 degus. I am really interested to read about the lifestyle.

CCGAL on 07/28/2012

Hubby and I recently celebrated our second full year of living in our vintage 1987 Argosy by Airstream. It's a frugal lifestyle, but we have more fun and much less stress than we used to, and we are still delighted with this living arrangement. :)

frugalrvers on 05/21/2012

Good for you, Ragtimelil! 2 floor looms...wow! Would love to see pics on how you pull that off :) Thanks for commenting....

Ragtimelil on 05/21/2012

Actually, I do. With 2 dogs and 2 floor looms.

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