Why drinking water helps improve your skin and body

by iona

Drinking water is a very important part of our daily lives, we drink it to stay hydrated and also to keep our body functioning.

We are constantly been told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. The theory behind this by the experts is as follows.

- It will keep your body healthy in the long run.

- It helps to keep your kidneys functioning better.

- Over time your skin will become more hydrated and will end up looking better.

All this is thanks to just drinking a few glasses of water.


Just like a ball needs air to be played with our skin also needs water to stay healthy. We need to ensure that we drink plenty of water every day to help keep our skin in good condition.


If we don't drink water our skin will become dehydrated which results in things like bags and  wrinkle. When you do drink enough water the skin will fill out and this will help your skin to look better. 

As we age our skin also starts to dehydrate. Matters aren't made any better either by the fact that our skin also gets thinner. So in fact should we start drinking more water as we age? Well you should aim to drink at least a few glasses to help keep your skin looking good. 


Also when we begin to age two things happen

1)  We perspire less

2) We produce less of a substance called Sebum

This  sebum oil is produced from our sebaceous glands. The benefit of this oil is that it prevents the moisture escaping from your skin by providing a surface which protects the skin.


When you get thirsty this is one of the first signals your body will send out to you telling you it needs water.

If you drink enough water during the day your body will get into the routine of accepting this. So when you suddenly stop your body begins to wonder why. So it will send out a message to your brain telling it that it is thirsty and that you need to drink more water to stop getting dehydrated.

But overtime if you start to ignore this message your body will gradually come to except that this message is been ignored and will no longer cry out as often looking for water. So chances are you are now depriving your body of water it needs. Have you ever got that sensation of a dry throat? This is the last symptom you get due to dehydration.



There is a check you can do to see how much water your body needs to drink a day. What you need to do is divide your weight in kilos by the number eight. Then whatever figure you get round it off.


Say you weight 70 kilos, divide this by 8 and your result is 8.75. So we round this off and we get 9. So if you weighted 70 kilos this figure tells you that you now need to try and drink around 9 glasses of water a day.


For anyone who doesn't drink enough water a day it might be worth looking at your lifestyle to see what you can do to try to improve your intake.

Not only will your body end up thanking you for it but you will also be helping your kidneys to flush out toxins

But due to drinking more water you're helping your facial muscles and the rest of your body from becoming tight due to there not being enough moisture.

You will gain from drinking more water will help the body so everything looks more fuller and more flexible.

Updated: 05/25/2012, iona
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