Why People Do Not Like Me and How to Become Popular

by katiem2

The feeling of being disliked or unpopular is a painful experience keeping many from a happy successful life. If you think, “Nobody likes me” there is a way to know.

Many people do not experience the level of success they once believed they would. The overwhelming belief in a flawed personality holds them back. If you feel you are not likable or popular personality traits resulting in such a response can be detected. Once you learn the truth, which maybe your own worse fears, you can correct the problem. Regardless if you are found to be an unpleasant person others avoid or find it is merely your thinking, there is a solution.

Why I Cannot Make Friends

I Suspect Others Dislike Me

A person others gravitate toward are almost always those who lean toward the positive aspects of life. 

If you are not comfortable in your own skin others sense this typically avoiding this red flag and therefore you.   

The majority of people do not like a person with baggage.  Strong and confident people are the top choice for friends, co-workers, partners and lovers. 

Those who come across as nervous, loud or overly confident are labeled as someone with too much baggage. troubles or flaws. 

Life is challenging enough, easy going, fun loving people make an effort to avoid others with unlikable personalities in an attempt to avoid trouble. 


Do Others Dislike You?

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This poll demonstrates the percentage of people who believe they are not liked.

Why Do I Repel People

How to have a pleasing personality.

A pleasing personality is what determines whether people are attracted to you or avoid you like the plague.

  • Personality is the tool by which we display ourselves to the world around.  
  • Personal character and beliefs are observed and evaluated by others.
  • Anyone can be obnoxious from time to time and yet this is something to eliminate in order to have a pleasing personality.
  • A pleasing personality is the key to success and with a bit of fine tuning anyone can develop and enjoy success in all areas of life.
  • First and foremost it must be understood that anyone behaving in anger, arrogance, enforcing control or is in general negative is not tricking anyone into thinking anything but the truth, people see through you.
  • Bad behavior can occur rarely when tragedy strikes or one is experiencing the worst day of their life, other than that it is way out of line.  
  • People who routinely have a bad attitude, complain about others and circumstances, are mean, selfish, moody and controlling are fairly labeled bad.
  • There is no excuse for bad behavior and if a person acts in any of the above manners frequently it is unacceptable.
  • People acting out in negative ways should have a serious reality check and work to correct issues affecting their personality and relationships. 


Personality Help

How to be a Better Person

The greatest of success is experienced by people with a pleasing and positive personality. These successful personality types surround themselves with other winning and pleasing people extending their reach of success accentuating an ongoing positive flow.

Successful people develop strong soft skills and diverse interpersonal skills. Changing yourself alters your personality making others attracted to the new better you.


How People React to You

It doesn't take long for others to spot whether you’re positive or negative simply by observing your actions.

The old line, "actions speak louder than words" is a powerful truth we should keep in mind on a daily basis as your actions don't go unnoticed.

Take note of the habitual ways you respond to others or situations. This is when you show your true colors. While you might not notice others do.  Although your intentions may be to speak positive and intellectual words, you give your earnest feelings away by the tone of your voice, your body language and the look on your face. Many arrogant and obnoxious people think they hide it, they do not. Develop these positive traits to insure a pleasing and winning personality. 

How People Treat You

The majority of people react to others in a fair and honest manner.

The way you treat others is the behavior others observe when accessing your character. The courtesy and consideration you show toward others speaks volume of your true self. Regardless of what you think you may be exposing you're revealing the real you. Learn to appreciate everyone you come in contact with or at the least don't be judgmental or demanding of their position in society. It's vital to relax and realize you cannot change the world or the people in it. The best path to a pleasing and successful personality is to learn tolerance. 

Understanding Other People

The ability to maintain flexibility and understanding are skills you want to perfect.

If you're flexible you display a calm and cool habit of adjusting yourself to any situation without becoming irritable or angry. Flexibility of your mental attitude allows you to adjust to others and maintain a level of calm others find comforting and impressive. You can't control the actions of others yet you can control your reaction to events, changes or challenges. It's not what happens to you that matters, it's how you react to it that counts! All successful people adjust to their surroundings remaining calm and objective giving ample time for careful thought often opting to say nothing.

How to Have a Successful Personality

Successful personality types have the ability to control their emotions or enthusiasm.

Remaining quiet and keeping your thoughts and emotions to yourself is vital to success. Don’t speak unless you're certain what you're about to say will benefit you and others.

Sincerity of purpose is probably the most vital of traits. People who deceive others are easy to spot. Insincerity carries its own warning sign others notice. Truly sincere people are peaceful, great listeners and don’t force thoughts or opinions on others.

Common Habits of a Bad Personality

The list of 12 common personality flaws and habits people have causing others to dislike them.

Avoid The 12 Common Habits of a Bad Personality 

1) Interrupting someone or taking over conversations.

2) Sarcasm, it is never funny or an attribute it's just flat out annoying and abrasive.

3) Vanity, the best way to impress others is to be impressed with them, listen and hear them.

4) Indifference while listening when others are speaking, good listening skills a must.

5) Fake flattery, giving compliments that are fake and unnecessary, this is see through.

6) Finding fault with the world and people at large with a consistent daily grumbling.

7) Openly challenging others to prove you're right or maybe that they're just wrong.

8) Volunteering free advice to others, if not asked directly, it’s not wanted.

9) Talking about your problems, health issues or personal concerns when not asked.

10) Having a air of superiority through words or a display of intelligence.

11) Envy or criticisms of successful people.

12) Laziness, bad dress, hygiene and posture.

A Personality Make Over

Use this list to give yourself a personality make over, it is the most successful people who quietly do this on an ongoing basis.

Okay then, now you have a list, get to work.

If you do any of the above 12 mentioned things just stop it. Systematically condition yourself  eliminating the obnoxious behaviors, get real and be a more personable and polite individual.

You are so going to enjoy the benefits.


  • The reason most of us do any of these things to begin with is to prove ourselves and succeed.
  • Trying to hard never works, it always makes you out to be ridiculously obnoxious.
  • Use what you've learned today and work smarter on your pleasing personality!

I like you better already!

Updated: 03/10/2016, katiem2
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Why People Don't Like Me Chat

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katiem2 on 01/02/2013

Pam, Thanks for the positive feedback.

Pam on 12/22/2012

Very interesting, your insights are powerful and had me shaking up and down repeating yes in my head. Great thought provoking reading it makes me want to expand on my own personality and responses to others from day to day.

katiem2 on 11/15/2012

Brenda, lol this is true and sometimes or a lot, people don't like you if you're too nice! :)

BrendaReeves on 11/15/2012

Great article. I get accused of being nice all the time. I tell my best friend that I'm coming back as a bitch. The bitches get everything. lol

katiem2 on 10/10/2012

Mike, Glad you found this interesting.

teddletonmr on 10/10/2012

Good stuff many would do well to consider.

katiem2 on 09/27/2012

Thanks Sheilmarie, I've long been a student of psychology. I studied pre-med in college and later changed my major after the loss of a dear dear friend. I did continue to study psychology, almost became a psychologist but later found it a bit to depressing for me. I still enjoy dabbling in such debates and discussions. Thanks for contributing. :)

sheilamarie on 09/26/2012

It's often good to bite your tongue when you're tempted to criticize. I like your list.

katiem2 on 09/26/2012

Well you must be a bit hard on yourself, I'm serious, can't think of one time and that's my final word on your being a whiner. :)

Ragtimelil on 09/26/2012

Ha Ha very funny.

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