Why you NEED to play "Cards Against Humanity"

by KaitlynDeMetro

FINALLY a card/party game destined for greatness; it's dirty, it's wildly inappropriate, it's hysterically funny. "Cards Against Humanity" is the greatest party game for adults.

A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to "Cards Against Humanity," and it instantly became my new favorite game. It's tagline? "A party game for horrible people," and lets face it- we're all horrible people for laughing at things we know should not be funny (but they are!)
It's super easy to play and will make you laugh hysterically- sore cheeks and stomach ache laughter. True "ROFL" moments. Throw in a few mixed drinks and its the greatest stress reliever you could ask for!


How to Play

It's just like "Apples to Apples," but for real people.

The game comes with a stack of black cards and a larger stack of white cards. Each player is to have 10 white cards in their hands at all times. The objective is to get 10 black cards; the first person to do so wins the game. Lets get started!:

  • The game starts off by each player having 10 white cards. Then there's a stack of black cards- typically asking a question or a fill-in-the-blank, etc.
  • The wonderfully dirty game instructs the last person who pooped (yes, pooped) to go first. This person selects 1 black card and reads it out loud to the group.
  • Each person submits a white card which they think fits best to the black cards question.
  • The person who selected the black card chooses the white card he/she feels is the funniest and reads out loud.
  • The owner of the winning white card gets to keep the black card for the rest of the game.
  • After the first black card is read and a white card winner is selected, the person to the left (or right if you prefer) will select the next black card and so on. Simple enough, right?


  • The person drawing a black card mustn't know who the white cards he has to choose from belong to. This way no one can say "Hey Jack, pick my card," nor create animosity/cheating.
  • If you select a card and you don't know what it means, you may put it back and select another but first you must read it out loud so your fellow players can mock you for your stupidity (this is the game talking, not me)
  • The game says to play with at least 4 players and up to 20, but I have played with as little as 3. I'm sure you could even play with 2 if you got creative with the rules.

To quote a few Amazon reviews

9,785 Five Star Ratings

9,785 Five Star Ratings: I'd say this is Amazon's most sold item for a reason! One customer even said they were sending it back because it was "too racy."

Here are just a few comments from "Cards Against Humanity" players:

  1. "Can't-breath-tears-streaming-down-your-face-high-shock-value-game."
    "Love this game. Seriously. Love it. I played the original with some friends and family and was in TEARS half the time because the combinations were just so hilarious/politically incorrect/awful. Many people were rolling and/or crying with every single round."
  2. "best thing to do when chilling with friends"
    "This is the best thing you and your friends can do if you guys are chilling...and If you and your friends are having drinks...next level fun times right there."
  3. "This game is outstanding!!"
    We have so much fun with our friends play this game. You will have hours of fun. We love it!!
  4. "box of entertainment"
    "Love it. Awesome, fun game. Will be buying expansion packs soon! I love that you can play with so many people (at least four and up to twenty!)"
  5. "I have played with over a hundred people, everyone has enjoyed it"
    "This is not just an apples to apples deck filled with anne frank cards. The basic structure of the game is the same as Apples to Apples, but there's so much more to it. I've played wiith a bunch of distinct groups of people... a lot of whom start the game by ranting their hatred for apples to apples. But once we start everyone wants to play until they run out of cards. This includes the game I played with my family and my 80 year old grandmother (although explaining some of the cards to her was definitely awkward).
    There's a real art in how the question and answer cards fit together. It honestly feels like you're all sitting around telling jokes. At a certain point the game comes alive and as you play various rounds the humor of the group you're in seeps into the game. It feels creative. So yes the mechanic is basically ripped from apples, but they've taken it and truly made something new out of it. You and your friends will love this game."


Cards Against Humanity Samples

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KaitlynDeMetro on 07/08/2014

At first I couldn't imagine playing this with my parents but its too funny not to. Watching their expressions is priceless.

JoHarrington on 07/08/2014

I love Cards Against Humanity. I'm usually playing with Ember... I can't imagine her playing this with her parents...

KaitlynDeMetro on 07/08/2014

I recently had my mother play, which was very entertaining. She's very reserved but she had some of the dirtiest cards and she won several rounds.

Ember on 07/08/2014

This game is fun to make your parents play... :D

This is a favorite of mine.

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