Winding Alarm Clocks - A Wind Up Clock For Every Style

by frugalrvers

Winding alarm clocks keep on ticking - and a wind up clock is available, even in these modern times! Big Ben, Baby Ben or a Key Wind Travel Alarm will take you back in time....

I have so many wonderful memories of wind up alarm clocks. I was born in 1968 and both sets of grandparents had them. Big Ben or Baby Ben would be right on the nightstand and it was hard to keep my curious young hands off of them.

Folding key wind travel alarm clocks were also a big deal when I would go on vacation with grandma and grandpa. I think it's time to put one at my bedside once again, decades later...

Why I Love The Old Fashioned Wind Up Alarm Clock

What Big Ben Clocks Did For Me

I love Big Ben clocks due to fond memories when I was young. As an adult, they would certainly come in handy because we live in an rv full time.

When I was young, I certainly didn't watch my grandmother wind the Big Ben clock before bed thinking "wow...what a cool looking clock grandma!" Though I was drawn to its heft and loved to wind it, it wasn't like playing with my favorite doll. Truthfully, I don't believe my grandparents ever stated they found the keywind clock in bed with me in the morning, inside of my dollhouse or anything like that.

But what that wind up clock did do for me were a few things that are forever etched in my memory:

  1. It lulled me to sleep with its thick, deep "tick, tick, tick" - the most soothing sound in a quiet room. Sometimes hard to hear over grandpa's snoring (I slept on a cot in their room), but most often loud and clear.
  2. It had zero problems waking me up - sounding something like a fire drill alarm, good 'ole Big or Baby Ben got my little pajama butt right out of bed and into the kitchen to eat grandma's pancakes and sausage.
  3. It made learning time a breeze. Clear numbers, a big hand, a little hand - no problem! Have you asked a teenager today to actually READ a clock that isn't digital? It is a completely frightening and disheartening experience.

Baby And Big Ben Alarm Clock Wind Up From 1964

These Are The Classics And Are Totally Winding Clocks
10605 Authentic 1964 Big Ben Classic
$19.99  $16.49
Westclox BIG BEN 47617 Classic 1949 Big Ben Design (Ivory)
Only $41.25

Do You Have A Wind Up Clock?

Big Ben Alarm Clock Wind Up Styles By Various Brands And Companies

All Are Dedicated Winding Clocks - No Batteries
Westclox Baby Ben Alarm Clock (11611K) (1 Pack)
$35.79  $13.99
NYC Holdings LLC 10504 Big Ben Clock
Only $16.99
Big Ben 2000 Baby Ben Deluxe Clock
Equity by La Crosse 24012 Analog Key-Wound Loud Bell Clock
Equity by La Crosse 12020 Analog Key-Wound Bell Alarm Clock
$20.66  $10.07

Green Living With A Retro Wind Up Alarm Clock

Why Use Windup Alarm Clocks??

Whether you buy a Big Ben, Baby Ben or other brand of wind up clock, you are making a smart decision for many reasons. The "retro look" without the "pain and agony" of days long ago (winding the clock) isn't, in my opinion, the way to go. What I mean is that there are a whole line of Big Ben clocks on the market, that LOOK like the old vintage clocks, but come with batteries! Ugh. Sigh.

No, no, NO! It isn't just about the look - it's about the experience and helping the environment, too! Here are the reasons you should buy an actual winding clock with no batteries:

  • Imagine how many homes are filled with plug in electric clocks or those that are battery operated. Now multiply that electricity or battery usage by every home! Can you imagine? A wind up clock will last forever and requires no electricity and no batteries.
  • Clocks that wind up won't ever let you down when the power goes out! Just remember to wind them at the same time each day.
  • They are extremely portable - take it into the bathroom, pack it in a cords or wires.
  • Safe for homes with children 100%. Unless your toddler throws it at his big brother, these clocks are so safe. No batteries to worry about coming out, no electric cords.

Twin Bell Wind Up Clocks

Advance Twin Bell Key wind Alarm Clock
Only $20.01

This Key-Wind Travel Alarm Clock Looks Just Like The One We Had

Chaney Instruments AcuRite Traveler Folding Alarm Clock

Key Wind Travel Clocks

I Loved This Traveling Folding Alarm Clock

I'll never forget my grandfather's traveling, folding key wind alarm clock. When we would go on trips, it went with us and was promptly placed on the nightstand in the motel. Back in those days, there was no digital, electronic glow from a plug in clock - this little baby was it!

He would pack it in his hard shell bathroom case, unfold it, wind it up and set the alarm. That little clock saw many sites throughout its life. This is truly an awesome travel clock to take with you wherever you go. When not traveling, you can put it in the bathroom or guest room. There is always a need for these clocks.

Choosing The Best Wind Up Alarm Clock

Choosing the best wind up alarm clock comes down to just a few things. To truly experience and appreciate old fashioned wind up clocks, you need one without batteries...and they are hard to find (I listed them here, however!). Even children's clocks that look like winding styles are battery operated. So be careful when selecting. After that, it is only a matter of personal style and taste! Find one that suits your fancy (they are affordable, by the way) and enjoy!

Many people are put off due to having to remember to wind. Don't worry about need only do it once per day. Just like you would set an electric alarm clock next to your bed each evening, simply get in the habit of winding it before bed and pulling out the "alarm set" knob...that's it! You never have to worry about getting up late due to a battery dying or power outage. Let the rich sound of it ticking put you to sleep and its loud alarm get you up when you need to each morning.

How DID previous generations ever know what time it is, having to wind that clock each day...must have been a grueling task! :) If only they would make a wind up Kit Cat Clock...I really want one of those - another blast from the past!

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R Boyd on 06/08/2017

Great article. I love wind ups too. It's difficult though to find good ones now. The reviews of them on Amazon are usually only 3 stars out of 5. Supposedly the ones on Amazon are made in China and not of the high quality of the American made ones of yesteryear. And from what I read, you cannot find American-made wind up clocks anymore.

That said, I do have an inexpensive Marathon wind up I bought on Amazon and it's doing great. It's doing even better than a more expensive wind up European-made Sternreiter i bought, that doesn't keep time as well and requires constant adjusting of the lever in the back of the clock.

Ragtimelil on 07/15/2012

I've been through a couple of wind-ups. I did love them. I'd like to have a teeny wall wind up for the camper.

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