How to use the Scheme module on Wizzley pages

by tealmermaid

A quick and easy guide to using Wizzley's "scheme" function to beautify your pages.

What is the "scheme" function? The "scheme" function is an underused part of Wizzley in my opini\ion. You do not strictly have to use it to create a page here at Wizzley as it is simply an extra add-on feature which makes your pages more eye-catching and attractive to your visitors. Since it exists however, why not take a bit of time to put it to good use?

Let's change the scheme on your page!

Select the Scheme option

Start off the process by selecting the "scheme" tab on the right sidebar. This will activate the "scheme" function by moving that tab to the front of that panel.

Select the "Scheme" tab
Select the "Scheme" tab

Select a colour from the options

Once you have clicked over to activate "scheme", you can begin to change the scheme by choosing a colour for the background. You have your choice of sixteen colours available:

  • white
  • light grey
  • dark grey
  • black
  • maroon
  • red
  • olive green
  • chartreuse
  • light yellow
  • marigold
  • orange
  • pink
  • purple
  • navy blue
  • medium blue
  • light blue

Pick something that matches the theme of the page you are creating. A nature page might be best in green, while a purple page with a spring would look nice.

Select a colour
Select a colour
Colour options
Colour options

Choose an overlay from the options

After selecting a suitable colour for your page, choose an overlay design from one of the sixteen choices provided. These options include:

  • flowers
  • hearts
  • stars
  • diagonal checkerboard
  • polka dots
  • small diagonal stripes
  • transparent swirls
  • swirls
  • wide stripes
  • squares
  • graph paper grid
  • narrow stripes
  • large diagonal stripes
  • no overlay at all!

Again, select an option that matches the theme of the page you are creating.

Select an overlay
Select an overlay
Overlay options
Overlay options

Tip: An overlay will generally look better

against a coloured background rather than a

plain white or light grey one.

Choose a font style from the options

The final step in creating a new scheme is to select a font family from the ten choices provided. This font family is used in the "title" area of the text modules. None of these choices are particularly ornate fonts -- which is perhaps a good thing for those of us who are trying to read your page. Your options include:

  • San Serif
  • Amaranth
  • Droid Sans
  • Lato
  • Lobster
  • Philosopher
  • Rokkitt
  • Tienne
  • Ubuntu
  • Yanone Kaffesatz
Select a font family
Select a font family
Font family options
Font family options

Note: Unlike each of the standard modules used when creating a

page, there is no option to save the "scheme" module changes.

It will auto-save as you go along making changes.

Feel free to play with the options until you find a combination you like for your page.

Do you typically change the scheme when you are creating a new Wizzley page?

Updated: 02/16/2017, tealmermaid
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