Wizzleyans on Zazzle: Nature Photographs, Part 1

by Mira

This article is about writers on Wizzley (Wizzleyans) who have set up online stores on Zazzle, an online custom gifts retailer, to sell their nature photos on various products.

After reading on Wizzley many articles about Zazzle, I decided to do an extensive search on Wizzley and then a series of pages on Zazzle products by Wizzleyans.

But what is Zazzle, some of you may wonder. Zazzle is a large print-on-demand online retailer where you can create and buy custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts (mugs, T-shirts, mousepads, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases, keychains, postcards, stamps, and so on -- hundreds of custom-made products).

I hope this article will inspire you to browse gifts showcasing nature photographs on Zazzle as well as other design statements available on Zazzle on more than 350 quality products.

If you're a Wizzley writer reading this, please let me know your handle on Zazzle so I know about you and can find your store there, and include some of your products in the next installments. This first installment is dedicated to nature in photography -- natural environments, which includes landscape photography, plant and tree photography, pets, animals at the zoo, birds, and so on. I decided to include only photography on this page because I have to select a category under Arts on Wizzley, and I can select both Photography and Graphic Design, for instance.

Note that I'm publishing this article on September 23, 2012, and it reflects the art I could find on Zazzle on this day and the Wizzley articles which came up in a search for Zazzle (articles in which various Wizzley fellows have promoted their art and other people's). If you haven't written about your Zazzle art yet, I hope this article of mine encourages you to do so. I haven't written a whole page about mine, but that's because I just got started with Zazzle and don't have much to talk about. But I will write an article as soon as I post more travel photography, so I can talk about various places.

Please Note

I chose to display two items for store which have a large number of products, and only one product for very small stores, with under 100 products. I did that because I had to write 100 words for every image displayed, and there was only so much I could say about a store with 70-80 items, sometimes even less than that, and with images repeated on various products. I have nothing against such stores, in fact my new Zazzle store fits that latter description at this moment, but they just didn't inspire me to write enough words -- and after some 9 hours of work on this article, I wanted to be able to finish and publish it.

I am trying not to leave anybody out, so keep in mind this is just the first part of Zazzle products with nature photography, based on the first 9 pages of results for Zazzle in a Wizzley search.

My series of Zazzle pages might take a while. I intend to complete the pages on photography in the next two weeks. Then I will move on to illustrations and then funny text messages. If, however, one of you wants to pick up this idea and do illustrations and funny text messages, feel free, I don't have anything against it. Just leave me photography, please, since I started it and would like to complete it myself.

As a word of warning, this kind of page takes forever (as I said, it has taken me more than 9 hours this Saturday, and I coveted that sunshine outside, I have to tell you; P.S. I then had to tweak it for another few more hours). . . but I hope it does us all some good: Wizzley owners who support this nice site, Wizzley people with Zazzle stores, and myself as well. I also hope it will encourage other people on Wizzley to start a Zazzle store, since I find that anybody can find something to post on Zazzle, even if they think they're not artistically inclined. I'm sure all of you could come up with a funny message or a few nice photographs, at the very least -- even though you'd be surprised to see how hard it is sometimes to find a good photograph (an image you think others will like enough to buy a product that showcases it) in your digital stacks when you look for one. Even so, give it a go, just to see how the site works. In time you'll make or find better photographs. Remember there's also Pixabay. Apparently you can use their images in your work when you design for Zazzle. If you don't believe me, see Dustytoes' article below, and her designs.

Then there are, of course, some very accomplished artists who promote their work on Zazzle. Enjoy their work but don't be daunted: find something you're passionate about and go for it the best you can. Wizzley authors on Zazzle say it pays off after a while, so why not give it a try? It better to spread you efforts in a few directions as you look to make money online, and interlink your output so that you make the most of all those efforts.

So What is Zazzle and How Can I Make Money with It?

If you don't know much about Zazzle at this point, well, it's a store offering print-on-demand gifts. Anyone can sign up with Zazzle and customize products for free. You can put your designs on hundreds of products, ranging from mousepads to mugs, T-shirts, and tote bags of various kinds / designs, to postcards, note cards, greeting cards, posters, iPhone cases, iPad cases, and customized wedding stationery, with all the items it entails. Zazzle boasts that it has 25 million customers per month looking for custom-made products and buying them from the various designers' print-on-demand stores showcasing unique, customized gifts.

You as the owner of a Zazzle store receive a percent of the final price (from 10% to 99% -- it's up to you; the price of the product will go up accordingly). You can also make money by referring other people to customized products designers sell on Zazzle.

A Few Articles on Zazzle from Wizzley Members

How to Open a Zazzle Store, from WebWriter

Also see the articles below for more advice on Zazzle from Wizzleyans whose stores and products I'm showcasing below, to inspire you to get started on creating customized products with your photography, designs, and text!

Photography on Zazzle, from mbgphoto

How to Make Money on Zazzle, from lou16

Macro Photography, from WhiteOak50

Original Art Mugs from Ragtimelil's Zazzle Store, from Ragtimelil

How to Build Zazzle Niche Stores to Make More Money, from Pukeko

Belted Galloway Cows and Beltie Gifts on Zazzle, from skeffling

Selling Your Art and Photography through Zazzle, from bizilady

Running a Zazzle Business: What Works for Me, from Dustytoes

Vintage Photography as Wall Art, from humagaia

Images from Nepal, from Ramkitten

Print on Demand Gifts, from onepagearticles

Animal Mugs, from sheilamarie

Make a Custom Zazzle Quick Create Template, from Sheri_Oz

Read on about some of the photographs these artists (and a few other Wizzley members who haven't written dedicated articles on their Zazzle experience or art) have used in their stores.

mbgphoto: I Will Lift Mine Eyes . . .

mbgphoto (mbgphoto on Zazzle as well) designed a postcard which caught my attention right away. I have to admit I didn't know this quote from the Bible, "I will lift my eyes unto the hills," which I see is rendered in the New International Version as "I lift up my eyes to the mountains" -- not as beautiful! So thank you for sharing a religious inspirational card with a really nice quote from the Song of Ascents (Psalm 121) alongside a photo of a vast landscape bathed in atmospheric light.

mbgphoto's store is titled Beauty in Nature, and she does have some beautiful nature shots: sunsets and sunrises, flowers, a nice zebra, several nice butterflies, and birds.

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

Ad Zazzle

Burgundy Lily

iPhone 4/4S covers
Ad Zazzle

mbgphoto: butterflyblitz and lighthouseenthusiast as well

Mary Beth Granger, aka mbgphoto, volunteers at The Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri, where she photographs tropical butterflies. Besides her mbgphoto store, she has opened on Zazzle a store called butterflyblitz, which showcases only photos of tropical specimens from the afore-mentioned Butterfly House -- or photos of butterflies, in any event. She has placed her photographs on note cards, postcards, greeting cards, posters, canvas bags, a necklace, a calendar, and other personalized items.

mbgphoto is also lighthousenethusiast on Zazzle. Her store has a nice collection of lighthouses of various architectural designs. It includes Big Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan; Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; the lighthouse in Grafton, Illinois; the lighthouse on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina; the Piney Point and Drum Point lighthouses in Maryland; the Port Washington lighthouse in Wisconsin, the Tybee Lighthouse off the coast of Savannah, Georgia; and many more. All these lighthouse images come on various custom-made gifts: postcards, greeting cards, calendars, iPad covers, posters, fridge magnets, stamps, T-shirts, and other customized products.

Butterfly Photographs

2012 Calendar
Ad Zazzle

Nova Scotia Lighthouse

Fridge Magnet
Ad Zazzle

lou16: Roses and Waterfalls

If you like roses then you may like this stylish photo from lou16 (lou165 on Zazzle). Roses being what they are, full of color and fragrance, I never gave much thought to a rose in black and white, and yet now I find it to be quite charming. I don't know about your place of the world, but here in Romania rings with roses and rose necklaces have been fashionable these past few years. For a year now (at least) I've been seeing necklaces with feathers. I imagine this rose necklace used in such a way, with some feathers attached to it. If you don't know what I mean, see results for feather necklaces in Google Images.

This necklace comes in a round shape as well, but I couldn't link to that version of this product.

I also like her postcard of a small waterfall surrounded by large ferns, her cute koala in the fork of a tree, the red-breasted robin below, among others. She also has some nice offbeat images: a cowhide, a black crow, a guitar which looks really good on an iPhone cover, and more. Hard to choose!


Ad Zazzle

B/W Rose

Ad Zazzle

WhiteOak50: 365 Flowers Challenge and More

WhiteOak50 (WhiteOaksPhotos on Zazzle) entered a 365 Flowers challenge, and judgin from the output on her Zazzle store completed much of it, if not all of it. I see she has 429 products, many of which are flowers. Her photography is really nice, and you'll see some flowers that are not very common.

WhiteOak50 uses her flower photographs in wedding invitations she designs. Here's an article she wrote about it and about wedding stationery at Zazzle.

She also has some other great nature photography: the gray wolf I'm showing below (which several people who bought it wrote about on this product's page), a chipping sparrow in a tree, a nice orange butterfly, and more, but you'll have to look hard for them, since she now has a lot of flowers.

If you're looking for flower images, don't miss her site!

Gladiola Bud

Ad Zazzle

Gray Wolf

Ad Zazzle

Ragtimelil: Adopt a Dog

Ragtimelil (Ragtimelil as well on Zazzle) designed a few products to encourage people to adopt dogs in October. She put the message on bumper stickers, T-shirts, postcards, and buttons. If you want shelter dogs to find a home, advertise the message with these Zazzle products, or with bits of writing, as Ragtimelil does on this Wizzley article about her Adopt a Dog products. They involve photography as well as other media in various styles, so you have room for choice. I'm showing below her photo for an Adopt a Dog stamp, which is a great product to advertise this message.

Among her other animal and bird photography, she has the white heron I'm showing below, a baby cockatoo, a photo of buttonbush flowers, and more.

Adopt a Dog

Ad Zazzle

White Heron

Ad Zazzle

Pukeko: Beautiful New Zealand Imagery

Pukeko (Albomfamily on Zazzle) has some nice shots on Zazzle for the nature lover. The one with the rainforest below comes with the text "Save the Rainforest" -- you can use it to raise awareness for the environment. She also has some pretty funny messages on Zazzle, some of which I will showcase in a section dedicated to Funny Messages from Wizzleyans.

Among her photographs, besides the two I'm showing below, there are a few others I'd like to mention. Three of my favorites are Tropical Paradise Found picture and Stunning New Zealand Waterfall (and it is really beautiful). There are also some funny ones which I'll let you discover.

Rain Forest

Ad Zazzle

Giraffe Family

Ad Zazzle

skeffling: Belted Galloway Cows and More

Now, I don't know if skleffling is prophoto on Zazzle. She wrote an article on Belted Galloway cattle and posted a few Zazzle images. Then people started commenting on that and from those comments I inferred the images were hers. She'll have to let me know if she isn't prophoto. Until then, here's an image of Belted Galloway cattle (more on that in her article) and one of the many amazing images prophoto has on Zazzle.

prophoto is way up there in a different league. As of the time of my writing this, he/she has 561 images on Zazzle, and most of them are spectacular. Among the nature shots, there's the impressive zebra head I'm showing below, a leopard asleep on a branch, and iridescent blue butterfly, and the list goes on.

Zebra Head

Ad Zazzle

Misty Scene

Ad Zazzle

bizilady: Photography and Graphics in Many Styles

Apparently you can also design stamps on Zazzle. bizilady (BiziladyDesigns on Zazzle) has a few of those. I particularly liked this one with a morning glory and a red star. I also found her "Coming and Going" (or "Old Ways") print, with two Amish buggies, had something going for it, making you think that there are ways to keep old ways going, if you really want to. I didn't think much before including it here, on this page about nature shots: the Amish spell close to nature to me.

There's a funny bucket of lemons on her store, titled When Life Throws You Lemons.

Morning Glory

Ad Zazzle

Coming and Going

Ad Zazzle

Dustytoes: Some Great Shells Images and More

Stamp designs are most of the time really nice designs. I've collected stamps as a teenager and now I get a brochure from the U.S. postal store. Well, I have to say Dustytoes' shell stamp is up there with the stamp designs I like best. She is pamdicar on Zazzle.

Dustytoes encourages you to use free Pixabay pictures for your art on Zazzle. She does -- here's an article she wrote about it, complete with images of some of her designs.

Besides the two images I'm showing below, I'd like to mention her blueberry magnet, which works really well (the blueberries come off the magnet -- they seem three-dimensional), a black and white shells postcard, a postcard with Florida shells (some of them are yellow, and other have spots of blue -- never seen such shells before), a really nice New England Winter photo, and the list can go on.

Oh, and if you like seashells, don't miss her article on Wizzley about collecting shells and types of shells. She talks about cowry (or cowrie) shells, lightning whelk shells, cockle shells, coquina shells, the chamber nautilus, starfish (sea stars), sanddollars, conch shells, and more, accompanying her text with nice photos. She also comments on how these shells are formed and other aspects, such as countershading in marine and ocean life. She also links to her blog, where there's more talk of seashells.

On her pamdicar Zazzle store, Dustytoes also has some landscape photography with the message "We Have Moved," which should come in handy for a lot of people who want to announce their move in style :-). There's something for everyone: a front door, a field with a fence, a gazebo by a lake, an image with a tree and green and yellow foliage, and others. As of today, she has 1,601 products on her pamdicar store, and there are always nice surprises as you move from one page to another. She has, for instance, a really cute Pumpkin Faces stamp. But I'll let you go to her store and find that image, and others, there.


Ad Zazzle

Blue Hydrangea

Ad Zazzle

AndyPo: Wildlife and More

If you like wildlife, then check out AndyPo's store on Zazzle (he is AndyPo there as well). He's traveled all over the world, so you'll find other images in his store as well: The Great Wall of China, Bryce Canyon, the Sphinx in Egypt, and more. He only has 55 products, however. I wish he'd post more. The one that intrigued me most was one of Komodo dragons -- they look out of this world! See them on his store. I'm posting here his Cheetahs in Namibia photo because there's more wildlife energy in it.

Cheetahs in Namibia

Ad Zazzle

Susan52: Cute Puppy Images and More

Susan52 is susan52z on Zazzle. She has some cute puppy images, with a yellow lab retriever, a boxer puppy, a wolfdog, some cat images, a nice fireworks stamp, some food images, and more. Besides the yellow lab retriever with the "Missing You" image, shown below, my other favorite image in her store is a fireworks photo. I'm not posting it here (see it in her store) because this page is about nature photography. But those cat eyes are something, too.

Cat Eyes

Ad Zazzle

Yellow Lab Retriever

Ad Zazzle

Dustytoes: Hydrangeas and Weddings

Dustytoes is also BlueHyd on Zazzle, and she has a number of wedding-related stationery products on that store, all involving hydrangeas. lakeerieartists writes about Dustytoes' niche hydrangea products in this Wizzley article.

As of today, BlueHyd has 1,652 products. If you like hydrangeas and are planning your marriage, then this is the place to go. You'll find bridal shower invitations, dinner invitations, invitation reply cards, wedding program covers, bridal party buttons, address labels, RSVP postage stamps, various stickers announcing the wedding (you can customize the names and date), thank-you stickers, and more -- basically every item you need for a perfectly-planned wedding.

Vintage Lavender Hydrangea

Table Number Card
Ad Zazzle

Pastel Flowers

Thank You Note Card
Ad Zazzle

Poddys: Florida Keys Paradise

Poddys (poddys on Zazzle) has two nice images of the Florida Keys on his Zazzle store (76 products as of today), a funny RSS feed tie, and a few more nature shots. One of them involves a coconut on the beach, which must have struck his fancy for some reason :-). He also included it on an apron with an image of the sand and water on the beach and this solitary coconut. There's also a button with this coconut and the message "Wish You Were Here." What can I say? You may like it. It's growing on me too, as an offbeat image to suggest a sunny beach lined by palm trees.

Sunset in Paradise

Ad Zazzle

missheather: Bulldog with Glasses and More

Okay, so the bulldog picture involves a bit of graphic design, but we'll let that pass. I'm not sure whether missheather, who writes about English bulldogs on Wizzley here, is AllyJCat on Zazzle, but since she posted only this image of a bulldog on her page, I figured she was, since there are other images of bulldogs on Zazzle she could have used but didn't.

AllyJCat has 12,810 products on Zazzle as of today. There are a lot of wedding invitations involving images of people and text. You can personalize them by changing both.

If you like cats, there's a nice vintage-style photo of a tabby cat for you, a thank-you card with the head of a blue-eyed kitty, otherwise styled in black and white, a blue cat eyes postcard, and orange cat with green eyes postcard, a black cat hjappy birthday card, some postcards with horses, a nice hydrangea stamp, a peacock feather business card for make-up artists (a nice choice), and more photographs on nature themes. There are also many other products, photographs or illustrations, such as a Merry Christmas stamp involving, again, a photograph of a couple (and raising the same confusing question I addressed above), various designs of cupcakes, paw prints stationery and more.

Black and White Monarch Butterfly

Ad Zazzle

Bulldog with Glasses

Ad Zazzle

humagaia: Black and White Photography

humagaia is the proud new owner of a Zazzle store (he's BandWPerception), where he showcases his black and white photography. He has a few nature shots and many other nice shots involving architecture and urban scenes. Among his nature photographs, I also especially like his Horses and Carriages print.

Among his other photographs, there's a nicely-framed Big Ben shot, a nice Young Love in the 1960s, a beautiful Reflecting on Christmas Past, a funny Relaxing at the Seaside poster, and a pretty good photo with a child feeding sparrows. Well, it's not exactly nature, but since there are sparrows in it, I'll show it on this page after all.

Go to his store to discover more!

I'm Next

Ad Zazzle


Ad Zazzle

AJ: Nature-Inspired Photography and Designs

AJ is AJandfamily on Zazzle. Her store is small (69 products) but she does have a few nice items. Check it out! I particularly like her white tiger head, which I'll post on a page dedicated to illustrations other than photography. She also has some beautiful snowflake designs, and a photo of colorful fall leaves.

Meerkats on the Lookout

Coffee Mug
Ad Zazzle

Ramkitten: In Nepal for Three Months in 2010

Ramkitten (Ramkitten on Zazzle as well) spent three months in Nepal and came back with some nice pictures. There's a monkey, some water buffalo (there's a stamp I really like with a water bufallo head), people working in the rice fields, a woman selling beads, and more. He also has some images from the US (such as the duck below from Colorado River) and other places.

He wrote an article on Wizzley about his Nepal experience, sharing some background info on his Nepal images. He went there to do some research for a book and ended up learning a few things about photography as well, taken as he was with people watching and different natural environments.

Duck on Colorado River

Ad Zazzle

onepagearticles: Demons and Some Winter

onepagearticles (waynetully on Zazzle) has all kinds of drawings of demons there. He also has a few nature images, mainly of winter, which he presents in one of his Wizzley articles.

Winter Tree

Canvas Print
Ad Zazzle

Tree Roots

Ad Zazzle

sheilamarie: Inspirational Posters

sheilamare (NatureofPrayer on Zazzle) has some really beautiful nature photographs on Zazzle, accompanied by words from Scripture. She has a nice card with a glacier photo and the words of Psalm 83 (84). The other image, with the mountain road, which I'm showing here, is of a poster that comes as you see it here, just with the photo. She only has a few products in her store, but they're wonderful. She draws attention in her page on Wizzley about these posters that you can actually customize Zazzle products that include text, by changing the words if you want.

Along the Mountain Road

Ad Zazzle

sheilamarie: More Nature Shots, Including Some Great Animal Photos

sheilamarie let me know that she is also sheilamarie78 and AaronsAnimals on Zazzle. I took at look at these stores and several images in particular caught my attention.

Her sheilamarie78 store has a really nice Rushing Waters card, a photo of Grapes in the sun, a Monica Meadows landscape with snow-capped mountains and a lake under blue skies with puffy clouds, and some really nice St. Patrick's items with a single clover and various messages.

Her AaronsAnimals store has pictures of giraffes, penguins, a zebra, swans, and more, including a funny pic that I'll let you discover on your own.


Ad Zazzle

Zebra Pattern

Ad Zazzle

Sheri_Oz: Great Photos from Norway

Sheri_Oz’s Zazzle store is magnificentphotos. My favorite photo images are the ones from Norway, where the light is crisp and the colors vibrant. There’s a mousepad with slender houses and reflections in the water, one with a cottage by a fjord, also reflecting in the water, titled Serenity, a plate with the photo of a picturesque village, a truly beautiful Green Reflections poster (shown below), with verdant hills and tall red houses by a fjord, and more. Then there’s the image of nine sheep in a line, grazing, with either one of the messages “Be the shepherd and not the sheep,” “Trust the shepherd,” or “I’m a little shepherd.” This image appears on various products: iPad case, sticker, ornament, mug, dog T-shirt, cards, and so on.

There is also a wedding bouquet on various items, from T-shirts and postcards to stamps, sometimes accompanied by a nice message on what love is (friendship, commitment, passion).

Sheri_Oz’s store also has religious imagery and several graphic designs, some of them Valentine Day-themed, such as the Valentine Forever Proposal T-shirts and the Valentine Forever Acceptance T-shirts.

Quiet Moments

Ad Zazzle

Green Reflections

Ad Zazzle

sandyspider: Vintage-Looking Illustrations Inspired by Children's Books and Flower Photos

sandyspider's store on Zazzle, Sandyspider, has many great Easter-themed and Thanksgiving-themed vintage-looking illustrations, as well as other designs, vintage, cartoony or modern, to be enjoyed at Easter and Christmas times. There are also designs for St. Patrick's day and other occasions. Sandyspider illustrates like the best vintage illustrators out there. I love her work. And she's really good at cartoons too! Make sure you visit sandyspider's store, which as of November 17, 2012 has 2,269 products.

I'm showing here some of her flower photography. I love the columbine purple and white flower, which is the Colorado state flower, by the way. The repetitive design growing out of a single photo of a columbine flowers is a great idea, and it looks wonderful on the sleeve of a MacBook Pro. I also like her St. Patrick's Day clovers of luck heart stickers, which will come in handy next St. Patrick's day.

Columbine Purple and White Flowers

MacBook Pro Sleeve

Clovers of Luck for St. Patrick's Day


JoHarrington: Nature Photographs from England and Wales

JoHarrington is BeautifulBritain on Zazzle. She has some splendid landscapes in her store, like this image of the River Dee in Llangollen, Denbighshire, East Wales, at dusk. I'm showing the coffee mug, but she has 37 products with this image: cards, stickers and bumperstickers, postcards, greeting cards, Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and other smartphone cases, decals for laptops, Kindle Fire, and Nook ebook readers, keychains, mousepads, and so on. Same for her other photography.

I also like her photo of the Wightwick Manor in Wolverhampton, especially since I now know that it was decorated with wallpaper and tiles by William Morris of the English Arts and Crafts movement, and with oil paintings and personal effects of members and associates (such as Edward Burne-Jones) of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. If you want to read more about Wightwick Manor, here's Tour a Victorian Home at Wightwick Manor by Jo, and if you want to read more about the Pre-Raphelites, here's an article on that, by BrendaReeves.

Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton


River Dee at Llangollen, Wales

Coffee Mug

BarbRad: Flowers, California Coastline and Missions, and More

BarbRad has 2 stores on Zazzle. One of them is barbsbooks, "Barb's California Card and Gift Gallery." It contains 626 products at this time (December 16, 2012). You'll find flower cards that you can personalize, inspirational cards with photos of cloudy skies, photos of the Californian coastline, photos of old Christian missions in California, photos of trees silhouetted against pink skies or in daylight, seagulls, alpacas in Templeton, mallard ducks, even a praying mantis. I'm showing here a throw pillow with colorful fall leaves and berries, and a seagull mug. Visit Barb's barbsbooks Zazzle store for more.

Her store makes use of the hundreds of products available on Zazzle. You'll find iPad Mini cases, caseable iPad folios, fun clocks and a clock template you can customize, necklaces, calendars (with skies and trees, with photos of the California coastline, etc.), MacBook Air sleeves (with beach scenes, Santa Barbara Mission, a nice one with the common periwinkle, etc.), playing cards (with Morro Bay smokestacks and boats, etc.), Mini Folios (with Ventura Mission garden and fountain, etc.), cloth napkins, throw pillows, water bottles, keychains, and other lesser-used products on Zazzle, as well as common products such as mugs, shirts and postcards.

For Lovers of the Sea and Seagulls

Coffee Mug

Autumn Leaves and Berries

Throw Pillow

BarbRad: California Wine Country

BarbRad is also cawinecountry on Zazzle, with 143 products at the time of my writing this (Dec. 16, 2012). She has photos of vineyards and grapes in this store, as expected. I'm showing a stamp with grapes on the vine, and a case for the iPad Mini showing a photo from Templeton. For more photos of Templeton and other vineyards in the California Wine Country, see her store. She has an ornament with the Veris Tasting Room in Templeton, a MacBook sleeve with the patio of the Croad Tasting Room in Paso Robles, a greeting card with Doce Robles during harvest season, and more.


Grapes on the Vine


Grapes in Templeton, California

iPad Mini Case

More Nature Photography from Wizzleyans to Come

I have only scoured the first 9 pages of Wizzley search results for the word Zazzle. I will take a look at the remaining pages in the days to come. Hope I won't miss anyone. If you do have nature photographs but haven't advertised them on a Wizzley page, I have no way of knowing about you, so drop me a line.


Updated: 03/02/2014, Mira
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Mira on 12/19/2014

Thank you for visiting, Sandy!

sandyspider on 12/18/2014

Some beautiful photography on Zazzle products. Thanks for including one of mine.

Mira on 03/01/2014

Yeah, well, I killed those designs on Zazzle because they didn't really work. I think I'll ask a friend to draw me a beanstalk instead, and include those words in the design, too.
Regarding those nine hours . . . I got used to it after a while ;-)

DerdriuMarriner on 03/01/2014

Mira, Nine hours + couple of hours for tweaking = fascinating!
Your slogan -- "green is the way to grow" -- is charming and inspiring. A magical beanstalk on your balcony is like having your own fairy tale come true, but hopefully without losing it to a meddlesome ogre.

Mira on 12/16/2012

Hi Barb, thank you for letting me know about your stores. Great you discovered some new Zazzle stores on this page. There are some great graphic design and illustration stores (not as many though) as well, but I left that for Part 2 of this series.

BarbRad on 12/14/2012

I'm just catching up with Wizzley after being away. Thsi article attracted my attention because I have two Zazzle stores and my special interests are nature and vineyard photography. I'm alway looking for great stores with lots of products I can promote, so, of course, I'm already following a lot of the people highlighted here. Thank you for introducing me to some others I had not yet met. I'm off to see their stores.

Mira on 11/17/2012

It's perfect! One of my favorite photographs ever because it has an amazing atmosphere about it. I kept looking on Zazzle to find the poster, but couldn't find it!!

JoHarrington on 11/17/2012

Awww! Thank you very much for adding Beautiful Britain. I remember trying to get that Llangollen picture. It was sunset (then beyond), but I'm a camera noob and didn't know how to get night-time shots. I took about 200 before I got one which wasn't blurred or too dark!

Mira on 11/17/2012

Hi Sandy, what great designs you have there! A plate with the pilgrim boy praying on a pumpkin is already in one of my other articles :-). I will add two of your photos here as well. Thank you for letting me know!

sandyspider on 11/16/2012

This is really sweet that you are promoting all these Zazzle artist. My main one on Zazzle is Sandyspider. But if you check my profile you will see that I have eight shops.

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