How to make a Wizzography

by tealmermaid

Follow these easy steps to create a personal Wizzography which neatly showcases either all your pages, or pages focusing on a theme.

What is a Wizzography? A Wizzography is a curated compilation page on the Wizzley site which displays a list of one's other pages. It can include all the pages you have made, or it can be restricted to one particular topic or niche. It is entirely your choice as to which of your pages you would like to list on your Wizzography.

Wizzographies don't normally get a lot of traffic, but they make it easy to see what you have. They also make it easy to give the link to others or display in a forum sig instead of linking a lot of separate pages.

Let's make a Wizzography!

Start a new page

When you start a new page, you can choose to name it something exciting like "My Name's Wizzography". Select a short custom URL slug instead of the automatic URL for the page. Fill in the Page Summary and Intro with information about the Wizzography's contents, then choose an appropriate category for your page. Be sure to click "Save" when you are done with everything.

Start your page.
Start your page.

Add an "Article List" module

Once you have your intro modules done as usual and whatever other goodies such as polls and images that you like to add, you will need to start listing your pages. For my Wizzography I used the "Article List" module to group related pages together.

Go over to the "Add modules" area at the upper right of the editor. Add 1 Article List module. When you open the module, just set the title and subtitle as usual, and put some text in the description area if you wish.

Article list
Article list

Then put the urls of the pages you wish to add into the "Enter URL" part, one at a time. Every pages in the "Article list" module will be shown in the area at the bottom. Again, click on "save" when you are done. If you want to remove a page, just click the "X" to remove it.

Article list
Article list

How the "Article list" module displays

Book pages

lots of book pages
Think outside the box when giving a gift to a bibliophile. Do they truly need another book for their collection?
Think outside the box when giving a gift to an aspiring writer. Do they truly need yet another notebook?
Tips and ideas to promote literacy by celebrating Book Lovers Day.
Everyone has an overdue library book at some point. When it happens to you, what happens next?

Tip: Keep your Wizzography organized. If you have more than

one topic on the Wizzography, use a separate "Articles list"

module for each topic that you are including. It will be more

organized and easier for visitors to read.

Are you planning to make a Wizzography?

Updated: 02/16/2017, tealmermaid
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