Women RVing Alone - Solo RV Life As A Female

by frugalrvers

When people think of women rvers, the stereotype might be a woman sitting in the passenger seat. But there's a world of women rving alone, and I celebrate their strength and wisdom

There are women rvers, like me...but don't confuse this with rv women traveling alone! There are amazing solo women rving, in addition to female friends or couples. What they have in common is this: there are no men inside the recreational vehicle.

This shouldn't be a surprise...women have struggled and come a long way to show they are just as capable as their male counterparts in the military, driving semis, as police officers and much more. But aside from the training and skill it takes to drive the rig, hook it up and navigate it safely, there is so much more to rving and the lifestyle.

I am in awe of these rving women...and here's why.......

All RVing Women Are Not Alike

I am an rving woman who travels with her husband, but not all rv women are alike. Now I'm not trying to state the obvious - don't think you believe lady rvers come from a little town called "Stepford" or anything like that. Yes, we come in various shapes and sizes, have different personalities, interests, etc. But there is a population of females traveling the country in recreational vehicles ALONE, and they have my 100% respect and admiration.

These women rving alone let nothing stop them from enjoying the rewards and freedom of this lifestyle...

Single Women RVers Are Incredibly Skilled Drivers

There are two types of people in this world...those who can drive and maneuver a big rv well, be it a truck with travel trailer or large motorhome, and those who can't. Ok, maybe people are a bit more complex than that, but I'm telling you...it takes a lot of skill.

Solo women rvers don't even have the luxury of a partner on board, who can jump out and help navigate some tight situations you can find yourself in when at gas stations, rv parks or parking lots.

If you've never driven down the highway in an rv, even as a passenger, you don't realize just how big these rvs can be, width and length. When pulling a camper, you have to be talented at backing up to get hitched up (and have the ability to unhook it all once parking, which isn't easy). You can't sweat it when tons of motorhome are flying down a steep mountain grade or the wind is whipping the travel trailer to and fro across the state of North Dakota. Navigating a gas station, having to put it in reverse...all of these things (and many more) happen at any time.

Women rving alone are excellent drivers, without a doubt.

RV Women Traveling Alone Don't Travel With A Pink Toolbox

When my husband and I started rving, we knew nothing about rvs - honestly, zippo. We learned by doing, through trial and error, then error, then...well, you get the picture. Still today we encounter unexpected quirks, need to grab the tools - many times we have to call our traveling rv repairman, because we are stumped (or panicked, depending on severity of the problem).The point is that there are TWO of us and it can be really hard.

RV women traveling alone are mechanically inclined, not afraid of the unexpected happening (which happens a lot in the rv), know the ins and outs of voltage, watts, propane, rv black and gray water systems, water heaters, furnaces, inverters and converters and much, much more.

I am in awe just picturing the task of stabilizing the rv solo! Wheel chocks, rv jacks, levels...with the both of us we circled the rv enough times to dig a trench around it. Then you check the level, rinse and repeat.

You ladies are my idols....

RVing Women Forum, Blogs And More

There are resources out there like an rving women forum, blogs and other great "gathering places" for solo female rvers. When I first began searching, I noticed that there are forums for women rvers but they aren't about solo females. Of course, any helpful rv forums are useful to any gender of rver...but it is helpful to have sites that are dedicated to the art and skill of being non-male and living life on the open road.

Here are a few sites worth checking out!

Malia's Miles She has links to many other sites, so check it out!

Women RV Run entirely by women rvers, for women rvers

Trailer Park Nirvana

The Good Luck Duck  We got to know these two ladies through our blog, they are great!

Open Roads Singles Forum  For men or women, but you must be single

These are just a few of the sites out there. Some of the big rv sites with forums have segments or threads devoted to singles, too. If you know of others you like, please add it to comments at the end!

Solo Women RV Gifts

Treat yourself or other single women rvers to a fun rv gift celebrating their lifestyle and independence on the open road! T-shirts, bumper stickers, tote bags, travel mugs and more can be found at our RV Gifts store that hosts these slogans on many items. The products you see in this article are our celebrating rving women - just some examples.

Other Thoughts About RVing Women Who Do It Alone

Some concerns that come up (not necessarily from the female rver, but from the public) are concerns such as "aren't you afraid?" and "aren't you lonely?"

It is important to keep in mind that this lifestyle is a choice for many women who are traveling alone. The questions above shouldn't be about gender - there are single men and women rving all over the country. Anyone traveling alone should take extra precautions (mace, dog companion, etc), whether in an rv or not. It would be tragic to think of missed opportunities such as these based on fear of being a woman.

As for loneliness, rvers can choose how much socialization and companionship they want to have. RV parks are anything but lonely - those who want to go boondocking off the beaten path crave the peace and quiet.

I love rving with my husband and don't want to visualize a day when we aren't doing it together. But I would definitely become a solo rv woman, if I were alone. I am not the most mechanically inclined, however, and lack the skills to feel good about traveling the country in a big motorhome...so I feel certain I would just get a small truck camper to put on top of a pickup and that would be enough for me.

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Women RVing Alone Comments

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CruiseReady on 08/01/2015

Wow. Those female solo RVers are really brave! (As are you and your hubby, btw) My hat is off tot hem!

frugalrvers on 10/23/2013

You are welcome...and thanks for commenting! Best of luck to you (your blog looks beautiful, by the way!).......

Bonny on 10/20/2013

I am just starting this journey and have started a blog of my thoughts as I make preparations to cut the chord. Thanks for the inspiration!

frugalrvers on 07/16/2013

Malia, you are so welcome!! Thanks for sharing the women only link, too! I'm going to put it in the main article, in case some don't read comments. Thanks for sharing this article on your site, too! Happy and safe travels, Malia!

Malia on 07/16/2013

Hey, thanks for including my website in this article! I noticed you mentioned not finding many forums just for women RVers, so thought I'd turn you on to this one because it is strictly posted to by women: WomenRV - http://www.womenrv.com/. I've found some good inspiration there, too! I also included a link to your article on my Solo Women Rvers page you linked to. Thanks again!

frugalrvers on 07/05/2013

Thanks for commenting, WriterArtist!

What I like about it is having my home with me wherever I go...and being free to go somewhere else with little preparation. But solo women rvers are so brave to me...I truly admire their spirit and courage!

Thanks again for your comments......

WriterArtist on 07/05/2013

I have to admit that those who take RV style of living are brave whether they are single woman or couples. Traveling constantly can be fun and I envy your life-style. In my country this concept is quite new, people who live in homes have concrete roof over their heads.

frugalrvers on 03/31/2013

Thank you, whitemoss! Appreciate your comment!

whitemoss on 03/29/2013

I admire all of you with the roving life.

frugalrvers on 02/06/2013

Thanks Katie!
I think you are right...living arrangements are shifting. A lot of "youngsters" are also witnessing their parents struggling and are uttering thoughts like "not gonna happen to ME" - so future generations are certainly going to do things differently as well.

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