Work life balance suffers from lack of time for childcare

by CADoerr

Lack of time for child care due to working hours disrupts family life balance in Austria.

Today’s working world is characterized in many areas by stress often resulting in burn out. One could argue that living beings in general are degraded more and more to nothing but resources and simple figures instead of seeing them as living beings. How workings affects the time for children, is shown here summarized.

Lack of time and stress disrupt family life balance

Altough quality time with theirs families is important to parents as well as their children it is proven that one-third up to half of all the respondents argue that they do not have enough time fort he care of their children and their family. For parents it is also often difficult due to their working commitment to arrange and allocate enough time for the care of their children and family. Nevertheless the time which parents spend with their children has increased in general, at the expense of time in other areas of life such as time spent as a couple or time for their hobbies. However you look at it a day only has so and so many hours and somewhere sacrifices must be made, which may lead to a conflict again and interfere even more with the private life, as there is simply not enough time and a day only has so and so many hours.

Factors influencing the child care time

  • On the one hand Work has a negative effect on the child care time, obviously, but on the other hand the number of employed persons is increasing. The more a person works, the less time he or she hast to spend for his or her children.
  • The single parent status also has a negative effect on the time for children. At least the number of single parents remains more or less the same and it is logic that a single person has less time for his or her child as both parents together.
  • The education level has a positive influence on the child care time, and the number of people with higher education is on the rise. Theory ist hat people with higher education often put more effort into the struggle to find enough time for their children.
  • The number of children itself only has a small influence on the child care time and the number of children within families remains more or less the same.

The trend in the relationship between parents and children goes from quantity to quality. Nowadays more resources are put into every single child than it was common in the past due to behavioural changes in the direction of intensive motherhood and more incorporated fatherhood.

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Interim results of current research concerning working time and child care

  • Child care time is mainly due to the demographic change of the population on the rise. The influencing core factors of child care time  were dependent of female employment and education level.
  • The number of women in part-time employment is increasing and the number of men with pure and only housewives, which means women who are not employed at all, is shrinking.
  • On the opposite side the number of full time working women is decreasing too, which reflects the leading opinion in Austria, that a mother with a child under 3 years should not work full time.
  • The number of higher educational attainments increases, which positively influences the child care time as mentioned above.
  • Working mothers pay for their child care time with deductions in other areas and is supported by the engagement of the fathers.

Child care is still almost an exclusive women’s thing

Looking at the data sober, the antiquated male bread winner model is still dominant in Austria, which says that women should stick to kitchen at home and men bring home the money. Nevertheless the time which fathers spend on childcare is at least marginally increasing whereas the time which women spend on childcare is significantly increasing.

It is a fact that non-employed men spend only as much time with child care as a full working women, which is somehow shocking and leads to the point that emancipation in child care is still a long way down the road to go.

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Updated: 08/24/2013, CADoerr
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CADoerr on 01/08/2013

It is always a mixed bag. Time is the most precious thing ;)

Tolovaj on 01/07/2013

You made some good points and would like to add one more. We live in the age of irresponsibility and egoism. We have knowledge and power only a hundred years ago nobody could possibly dream and yet we are destroying relationships with our friends (I am not talking about FaceBook friends) parents, partners, children... We are also destroying our planet and it seems nobody really cares about that simple and sad facts.

I too often hear something is 'fault of the government'. It is not. It is always our fault. it is always our responsibility. And it is always our decision how we will spend our time. In the end this is all we will ever have - very limited time to spend.

CADoerr on 01/07/2013

I agree but the tendency is that it is getting even worser :(

wrapitup4me on 01/07/2013

This is such an important topic. It is sad to see how families are suffering under the stresses.

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