X-Men: Greatest Villains Part 3

by GregFahlgren

Episode 3 in my ongoing series talking the X-Men's greatest adversaries.

Welcome back True Believers! Today is my 3rd installment of my ongoing series of the X-Men’s greatest villains!

In our last two episodes I got to showcase some of the lower tier villains the X-Men have encountered, and had a lot of fun doing so. Now however, we are going to be getting a little more serious as we get some baddies that have really put a hurting to the mutant heroes over the years. This next set of adversaries have caused untold grief to the world, and though the X-Men have always managed to stop them, the destruction they’ve caused cannot be forgotten. A lot of these also have a real personal connection to the X-Men, which only enhancing their status as some of the best (or in some cases worst) villains the Strangest Heroes of All have ever faced.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

Shadow King

Shadow King

Darkness Personified

A creation of X-Men all-star creative duo Chris Claremont and John Byrne, the Shadow King was introduced as Amahl Farouk in Uncanny X-Men 117. A unique adversary, Shadow King was largely depicted as a telepathic mutant villain, one that has caused no small amount of trouble of the X-Men.

Before we get to Farouk’s first appearance and storyline, I should note that Shadow King has an interesting place in X-Men history, encountering Xavier before the latter had first opened his school. Posing as Farouk in Egypt, Shadow King became a major crime lord, eventually encountering Charles Xavier after one of his street urchins (a young Ororo Munroe) tried to pick Xavier’s pocket. This lead to a confrontation, Xavier and Farouk did battle mentally, Xavier winning out in the end on the Astral Plane. This was Xavier’s first encounter with (what he thought at the time) was an evil mutant, and would lead to him forming the X-Men.

Jumping forward, Shadow King’s first storyline was with the New Mutants, taking control of Karma after she had apparently been killed. Using her powers and form, he rebuilt his criminal empire, and eventually leading to several intense confrontations with the New Mutants. During one such battle, Magik realizes that Shadow King has possessed Karma and frees her friend, who then seemingly destroyed Shadow King on the Astral Plane.

Years later, Shadow King would return during the Muir Island Saga story line, taking over Legion, Professor X’s son, and one of the single most powerful mutants in the world. Slowly, he began taking over the X-Men’s allies as well, and started a pitched war with the X-Men and their allies. After a few intense encounters, the X-Men tracked Shadow King’s actions to Muir Island and began a massive war to free their colleagues and end the threat of the Shadow King. During the course of the battle, Shadow King used Legion’s powers to destroy the surface of the Island in an effort to destroy his enemies but Jean Grey somehow managed to protect them. Jean and Xavier enter the Astral Plane soon thereafter, and defeat the Shadow King, banishing him to the Astral Plane.

After Professor Xavier lost his powers following the Onslaught story arc, Shadow King was able to return to the mortal plane, taking over Storm’s tribe in Africa and using them as bait. Storm and Pyslocke arrive to help, but they are overtaken by Shadow King, and slowly manipulated into unleashed a devastating calamity on the Psionic Plane, nearly destroying it and sending shockwaves throughout the world. Psylocke manages to slowly fight back, and in the final battle, Psylocke uses all her psionic energy to trap him on the Psionic Plane forever at the cost of never being able to use her powers again. He would stay there for a long while, almost escaping when the X-Men needed Psylocke to save Wolverine from Apocalypse, but Betsy was able to halt his escape before he could get out.

After M-Day, Shadow King would escape his prison, and immediately seek vengeance on the X-Men, especially Storm. To that end, he attacked Wakanda, the home of Storm’s husband the Black Panther. He also struck at the X-Men’s home in California, trying to force Storm in choosing between her friends and her love. Instead, she went after the Shadow King himself, and after a series of battles, he was consumed by the Panther God Bast, whom Storm had allowed into her mind as a trap. Bast devoured Shadow King, and for a long while, he disappeared completely, the X-Men finally thinking they had destroyed him for good.

Shadow King had survived however, and would go on to become a major foe for X-Force, joining the Brotherhood of Mutants. Seeking vengeance on Psylocke, he tried to kill her but failed, Psylocke trapping his nexus in Omega Man’s body, finally destroying him for good.

Shadow King is a villain unlike any other the X-Men have faced. He is more than just a psychic, he is a living embodiment of the darkness of humanity. Again and again, he has spread that darkness across the world to make others suffer, and no matter how hard the X-Men have tried, they have never driven him out completely, just like the darkness in humanity can never be wiped out completely. That is what makes him so special, and why his has maintained his place as one of the X-Men’s deadliest and most hated foes. Will he return? Without a doubt he will, but when and where will always remain a mystery, just like the darkness in humanity, not knowing why and how he will surge forth again to reek suffering on the world.


Lady Deathstrike

Honour and Hatred

Though she is more of an adversary for veteran X-Man and Canada’s greatest superhero Wolverine, Lady Deathstryke has been one of the deadliest enemies the X-Men have ever made. Created by Dennis O’Neil and Larry Hama during their run on Daredevil, she was introduced under her actual name, Yuriko Oyama. However, X-Men writers Bill Mantlo and Chris Claremont would bring her to the X-Books, fleshing out her background while artist Barry Windsor-Smith who redesigned her as a cyborg.

Through this we learn that Deathstrike was the daughter of Lord Dark Wind, who among being a horrible father who scarred his children’s faces, a powerful crime lord, and a WWII Japanese pilot, was also an expert on the rare and unbreakable metal, Adamantium (multitasking was apparently his superpower). He developed a process of bonding the indestructible metal to bone, the first to do so, or at least, that is what his daughter had thought years.

Her early adventures were spent as a villain/reluctant partner with Daredevil in the hunt for Bullseye. During this search, she used an adamantium tracker to find Bullseye who was using weapons made by the rare metal. Instead of the assassin, she found Wolverine, whose bones have been bonded with adamantium. Realizing that in order for Logan to have his metal skeleton, someone had to have stolen her father’s research, she tried to kill the X-Man. She failed, and knowing she could not kill Logan as she was, she travelled to the Mojoverse and had her body upgraded with cybernetics, including adamantium claws.

After this, Deathstrike would join the Reavers, battling against the X-Men again and again, always seeking out Wolverine above all others. Her appearances would become more sporadic over the years, until she joined the reformed villain team, the Thunderbolts. She would stay on this team until Civil War, after which she was sent to the Negative Zone Prison.

Lady Deathstrike would reappear with a new team of Reavers, allying with the Purifiers to destroy the X-Men during the Messiah Complex event. Attacking the New X-Men, she battled against X-23, Wolverine’s clone/daughter. Though the Reavers wounded Hellion, X-23 destroyed Deathstrike’s armour, and sent the rest of the Reavers packing. The Reavers then went after Hope Summers personally, leading to a conflict with X-Force where X-23 nearly killed Deathstrike.

Deathstrike would return once again as a member of Spiral’s Sisterhood of Mutants. During a battle with the X-Men, she nearly fatally wounded Wolverine, but the Sisterhood was defeated before she could finish the job. After that, she would reform the Reavers once again, and would be involved in multiple battles with the X-Men, coming up short each time.

After a few years of obscurity, Deathstrike would in the pages of X-Men, this time in the body of one Ana Cortes, whom agreed to share her consciousness with her. This new version of Deathstrike, calling herself Muertas, would attack the X-Mansion to retrieve the Omega Sentinel technology from Karima Shapandar. Deathstrike failed in this attack, and was wounded by Karima and Monet St Croix. Now seeking revenge (kind of her theme really), she allies herself with Typhoid Mary and the Enchantress, before finding the AI Arkea, and reforming the Sisterhood. Arkea occupies a woman named Reiko, and together the new Sisterhood resurrects former Black Queen Selene, and together the powerful group resolve to destroy the X-Men. These decisions however cause a conflict between Ana and Yuriko inside Deathstrike’s mind. Realizing that Deathstrike cares nothing for Ana’s wants or needs, the young woman leads the X-Men to their location. As the battle ensues Arkea asks Ana to help her resurrect Madelyn Pryor, but Ana kills herself rather than help the dangerous AI. Madelyn is resurrected anyway, and Deathstrike’s consciousness is put inside Reiko with Arkea. Arkea is destroyed by the X-Men soon thereafter, leaving Deathstrike alone in Reiko’s body. She has not been seen since, likely biding her time as she gets used to this new body.

Lady Deathstrike is a great example of a villain that has evolved herself time and again, allowing her to maintain her status as a dangerous enemy for the X-Men. Her last re-design was is the best in my opinion, the Muertas version of the character breathing new life into the old foe, making her deadlier than ever before. I have no doubt that she will return someday, he hatred for the X-Men driving her to destroy them in whatever form she may take.



Unlimited Power

Another creation of Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Proteus might just be the most powerful, and most dangerous, mutant to ever live. First appearing in 1979, Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert) is the son of Dr Moira MacTaggert, long time ally of the X-Men and head of the Muir Island Research Facility. A child of rape, Kevin lived an unhappy childhood, which only got worse when his mutant powers began to manifest. Gifted with the ability to literally warp reality, he could change the world around him with the wave of his hand. However, his powers demanded a constant hunger for energy which he could only get from other people, making him extremely dangerous to those around him. Moira, seeing no other option, locked him away in a special cell that would constantly replenish his energy while also suppressing his powers. Moira kept his identity from even her closest friends, referring to him only as Mutant X, and for a time, Kevin was safely sealed off from the rest of the world.

After several years of living like this, his cell was damaged during a battle between Magneto and the X-Men, allowing him to escape. He stole the body of Angus MacWirter, but soon realized the human form would not be able to sustain him. He attempted to take Phoenix’s body, but failed. Moving on, he tried to do the same to Polaris, but ended up taking a duplicate body of Madrox. Finally with a new body, he fled Muir Island, switching bodies when Wolverine and Nightcrawler caught up to him. Renaming himself Proteus, he fought the two X-Men and nearly killed them, but Moira drove him away with a sniper rifle. He fled north to Edinburgh to find his father, and upon doing so, possessed him. With his new body, he made a final stand against the X-Men, during which his father’s body was destroyed. While in his energy form, Colossus turned to steel and punched him. Due to Proteus’s intolerance to metal, his form was scattered to the wind. The X-Men and Moira thought him dead, and returned home.

For years, Proteus was one of the few X-Villains to stay dead, though there had been attempts by many villains to recreate him, all of which ended in disaster. During the events of Necrosha however, Proteus was resurrected fully. He took a number of mutants as hosts, his awakening changing his powers so that he could control multiple hosts at once. Rogue managed to use Psylocke’s powers to free them one by one, but as her power wore off, Magneto launched himself and Blindfold, Proteus’s original host, into orbit. Proteus would manage to redirect them, but Magneto used the time to find Proteus’s electro-magnetic wave length and disrupt it. Proteus was once again destroyed, and the X-Men were able to pick up the pieces left from his onslaught.

Proteus has only appeared in a handful of stories, but in each of those instances was one of the most dangerous threats the X-Men have ever faced. The personal connection to Moira made it even worse, as this dangerous and deadly mutant was the son of one of their closest allies, and the idea of destroying him not an easy one for mutant heroes to process. However, he was also one of the most tragic villains the X-Men had ever faced. He was an unhappy child burdened with powers that he didn’t want, and because of them was driven to do horrible things. The question that always burns in me is what would have happened if Moira had tried to help him instead of locking him away? We’ll never know sadly.

Will he return? It’s always possible, but for the X-Men’s sake, I hope he doesn’t. The cost of defeating him again might be too great for the team to bear.


Cameron Hodge

Enemy Within

Another of our ALL MUTANTS MUST DIE villains, Cameron Hodge is one of the most enduring and also may be the most personal. Created by Bob Layton and Jackson Guice in X-Men spin-off title X-Factor #1, Hodge was original X-Man Angel’s college roommate. When the Defenders (Angel’s team at the time) disbanded, Hodge and Angel created a plan to form a new team that could help young mutants in ways the X-Men couldn’t. Hodge, who was a public relations expert, put together the plan that Angel, along with the rest of the original X-Men (Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, and Iceman) would go undercover as X-Factor, a mutant hunting team. This was a smoke screen to hide their true intentions, which was to find young mutants and take them away from the public and train them to control their powers like Xavier had done for them.

This plan backfired, X-Factor’s actions, combined with Hodge’s advertising campaign only increased the ant-mutant hysteria gripping New York City. It all came to a head shortly after the events of Mutant Massacre, during which Angel’s wings were cut off on Hodge’s orders. Angel’s plane then crashed unexpectedly, followed quickly by Jean Grey beginning to show signs of becoming the Phoenix again. All this was orchestrated by Hodge to drive anti-mutant hysteria to peek levels, soon thereafter revealing himself as the leader of the anti-mutant terrorist group known as The Right.

This would lead to the Inferno storyline, during which The Right and Hodge struck a deal with the demon N’astirh who promised Hodge immortality if he helped the demon and his forces come to the mortal plane. Hodge did this so that he could continue to fan the flames of war between humans and mutants towards his ultimate goal: the complete extinction of the mutant race. During the course of this conflict, Hodge tortured Angel’s girlfriend Candy Southern to death, after which Angel, who was now Archangel after Apocalypse had gotten a hold of him, beheaded Hodge in retaliation.

Hodge survived because of his deal with N’astirh, his head being attached to a cybernetic body. He returned during the X-Tinction Agenda storyline where he attacked Genosha, killed New Mutant Warlock, captured Storm, and placed Wolfsbane under his control. Additionally, he brainwashed Havok, making him a magistrate within the Genoshan government and a slave to Hodge’s will. Thankfully, Alex able to free himself, and along with the rest of the X-Men and New Mutants, took the fight straight to him. During the course of the battle, he was beheaded once again, Riktor burying his immortal head underground, seemingly ending his threat once and for all.

Hodge would return during The Phalanx Covenant, during which he would band together with Stephen Lang, Donald Pierce, and other anti-human terrorists and use the Phalanx construct to destroy the X-Men. This would eventually fail, Hodge being buried under the Phalanx Citadel by Stephen Lang. Hodge would again return with the Purifiers years later, but was defeated again, and since, he has not been seen or heard of.

Cameron Hodge is by far one of the most hated enemies in X-Men history. He deceived them, tried to destroy them from within, and even killed team members. The one flaw for Hodge as a villain is that his personal vendetta towards mutants was never fully explained, which is why he doesn’t land as well with readers as other ant-mutant terrorists. Will we see him again? Maybe, but one can never be certain what Hodge is going to do and when.



Human Sentinel

Another one of our ALL MUTANTS MUST die villains, Bastion was the next evolution of the Sentinels. Created in 1996 by Scott Lobdell and Pascual Ferry, Bastion was a mysterious figure at first, his true nature as a Sentinel hidden from the readership. He burst onto the scene as the head of the anti-mutant task force Operation Zero Tolerance and rising quickly to fame within the US Government, taking advantage of the anti-mutant climate enveloping the nation. When Charles Xavier had surrendered himself to the authorities after the Onslaught incident, it was Bastion that had taken him into custody. Shortly thereafter, Bastion used Manites (small machines) to take control of the X-Mansion and gain possession of the Xavier Protocols in order to hunt down and eradicate all of mutant kind

Allying himself with Graydon Creed, Bastion began to wreak havoc on the X-Men, using the newly built Prime Sentinels to capture most of the team. After the (supposed) death of Graydon Creed at the hands of (allegedly) mutant assassins, Bastion was given authorization to begin hunting down known mutants under the guise of national sercurity. Over time however, the remaining X-Men, lead by Iceman, were able to stop him, leading to his eventual capture by SHIELD. Operation Zero Tolernace was shut down a short time later, and the mutants they had captured freed.

Bastion would not stay imprisoned for long, escaping SHIELD before taking refuge in the   now abandoned Operation Zero Tolerance headquarters. There, he absorbed the energy from a Master Mold unit, and in the process regained previously lost memories. Through this his history is revealed, and readers discover that he is a specialized Sentinel born from a merging of Nimrod and Master Mold some time ago after a battle with the X-Men blasted them through the Siege Perilous. Living on Earth as a human with no memory, the eventual realization of the mutant conflicts activated his Sentinel programming, driving him to his genocidal quest against mutants. With this truth finally realized, he tried once again to destroy the X-Men using Machine Man, but was defeated and taken back into custody before eventually being killed by Wolverine.

Years later, Bastion’s head was recovered by the Purifiers prior to the Messiah Complex event, and was then attached to Nimrod’s body. Upon reactivation, Bastion lead the Purifiers to what he believed was the techno-organic construct the Magus. Though it only turned out to be one of the Magus’s offspring, Bastion used it to resurrect some of the X-Men’s biggest anti-mutant adversaries, mixing man and machine and declaring them the future of the human race. Once his new league was set, he used a new version of the Legacy Virus to infect various mutants and causing them to go beserk, killing thousands of humans before killing themselves. X-Force tried to stop them, but were unable to do so completely, leading the UN to form a Mutant Response Division.

This all leads to the Second Coming storyline, where Bastion’s plans finally come to fruition. With his new army, he assaults the X-Teams in full force in an effort to destroy Hope Summers. In the midst of the battle, he kills Nightcrawler as the X-Man sacrifices himself to save Hope. Shortly thereafter, Hope destroyed Bastion for good, but the damage was already done. Nightcrawler’s was the first in a series of events that would cause the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine, and which in turn was one of the primary events that lead to the mega-storyline Avengers vs X-Men.

Bastion, despite having only appeared in a handful of storylines, has caused as much damage as almost any of the X-Men’s adversaries over the years. So much death and destruction was reaped by this strange Sentinel, leading to some of the more horrific and heart-breaking moments in X-Men history, and in the case of his last appearance, managed to bring forward every evil anti-mutant foe the team had ever faced in a true battle for the future of the mutant race. Will he return? One can never tell with Sentinels, but I would be surprised if he didn’t pop up again someday, and heaven help mutant kind when he does.



Dark Son

One of the most complicated (and underutilized) villains in X-Men history, Stryfe was born in the pages of New Mutants, created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld. Stryfe’s early days were largely a mystery, but it was eventually revealed that he was in fact the clone of Nathan Summers, better known as Cable, the son of Cyclops and Madelyn Pryor. How he came to be was not revealed until years after his creation, but it is shown that when Cable was baby, a woman named Askani came to Cylcops and Jean Grey (Cable’s foster mother, don’t ask, long story), telling them that in the future, Cable is infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse. Offering to help them, she takes Cable into the future, where she clones him in the event that she can’t save Nathan. Though she manages to cure Cable, Apocalypse attacks her base, and steals the infant clone. He raises the child as his own, seeking to use him for a new body since his current one is decaying. He is stopped by Jean, Cyclops, and a teenage Nathan just as the transfer was about to be performed, and Apocalypse (seemingly) dies. His second in command, Ch’vayre, raises Nathan’s clone thereafter.

The clone’s childhood environment not being exactly pleasant, and thus Stryfe becomes a bitter, vengeful lunatic (you know, like most supervillains). Wanting to make everyone that wronged him suffer, he seeks out his biological (technically) parents Cyclops and Jean Grey, as well as his adoptive father Apocalypse, to destroy them and bring everything they love down around them. Once in control of his timeline, he travels back 2000 years and forms a terrorist organization known as the Mutant Liberation Front, and has a number of running battles with the former New Mutants and Cable, now known collectively as X-Force.

This all comes to ahead during the storyline X-Cutioner’s Song, during which he shoots Professor X in the head while posing as Cable, nearly killing his target. This leads to a massive hunt for Cable by the X-Men and X-Factor, leading to several conflicts with X-Force, who only seek to protect their leader. Wolverine and Bishop eventually track Cable down, but once they realize he was being framed, go on the hunt for the real killer. This was all carefully planned by Stryfe, who uses the chaos to capture Jean and Cyclops, intent on destroying them. An all out battle goes down on the Moon with Jean and Scott, the X-Men, and Apocaylpse’s Dark Riders, at the end of which Stryfe is defeated, his body destroyed before the heroes can discover who he really is.

Sometime later, Stryfe would return through unknown means and subjugate Latvaria. Both Cable and his AOA counter-part X-Man try to stop him, but he overwhelms them, even going so far as to siphon off X-Man’s power. Madelyn Pryor arrives, and though she at first appears to be on the side of Stryfe, she turns on him, stealing his psychic energy and giving back to X-Man, allowing the three to defeat Stryfe and send him packing.

Over the following years, Stryfe would again and again attempt to destroy the X-Men, failing every time. He fell into a deep depression, and even with the opportunity to use La Bette Noir (an entity possessing Bishop at the time) to destroy the universe, he regrets his path. Sacrificing himself to free Bishop of the entity, Stryfe dies nobly, though Gambit is suspicious that Cable forced this action to finally be rid of his clone. This seems to a point of contention among readers, as there was never any clear indication as to what really happened, leaving Stryfe`s fate up in the air for years.

Years later, Stryfe would return during the Messiah War storyline, where he would be discovered by X-Force as they chased after Bishop, who had resolved to kill Hope Summers to save his own timeline. Stryfe has no memory of sacrificing himself, and writer Christopher Yost confirmed that this was the same Stryfe X-Man, Cable, and Madelyn Pryor had faced in Latvaria, and that anything that happened after was someone or something else. This Stryfe, needing to destroy Hope’s father Cable, joins forces with Bishop, but they are defeated by X-Force, Deadpool and Apocalypse. Apocalypse afterwards drags Stryfe away, intent on using him as a host like he had originally stolen him for.

Stryfe somehow manages to escape and travels back in time during the Vendetta storylinem, and kidnaps Bishop and Hope (the latter trying to kill the other). Stryfe tries to force Hope to kill Bishop, but X-Force and Cable intervenes and despite having the opportunity, Hope is unable to end Bishop for good. Bishop, now repentant of his past deeds, helps Hope defeat Stryfe, killing both himself and Cable’s clone in a noble sacrifice. Since then, Stryfe has not been seen or heard of, and it seems as if for the moment that he is truly dead.

Stryfe is a villain born of the X-Men and is a dark reflection of one of mutant-kind’s greatest heroes. The differences between Cable and Stryfe are almost a perfect case-study of nature vs nurture, the question of Stryfe’s nature coming to mind in every encounter. Was Stryfe truly evil? Or was he a product of his environment? Either way he has been a dangerous and deadly foe to the X-Teams for a long time, and I doubt anyone has inflicted as much pain on X-Force as he has. Will he return? Maybe. He has beaten death before, but sometimes things are better left to rest, especially a maniac like Stryfe.



Infecting Hatred

Our final villain for today’s episode is one of the most unique in the X-Men’s rogue gallery. Created in 1994, Phalanx was the first major villain to come out during the transitional period between Chris Claremont leaving the X-Books and Scott Lobdell coming aboard. The character itself was created by Claremont and Lobdell along with Bill Sienkiewicz and Joe Madureira, though to call it a single character would be inaccurate.You see, the Phalanx is the result of any organic life being becoming infected with a techno-organic virus from the Technarchy, a techno-race of which former New Mutant Warlock is member. More than that, a Phalanx will spread like wildfire if released, converting every piece of organic life it can find until it is destroyed.

The Phalanx on Earth was formed by a group of anti-mutant terrorists lead by Stephen Lang. Lang, who had long sought for a way to destroy mutant-kind forever, allied himself with Cameron Hodge, and together they took the remains of Warlock and infected themselves and their minions with the virus in order to become a form of living Sentinels. The plan works, and together Hodge and Lang begin a campaign to absorb all mutant life into the Phalanx in order to destroy it forever.

However, mutants proved to be immune to assimilation,       so Hodge and Lang adjusted their plans. Kidnapping several members of the X-Men, they replaced them with Phalanx constructs. Banshee would discover the ruse, and together with Emma Frost, Sabretooth and Jubilee, managed to escape and get word to the remaining X-Men that they were under attack. The various mutant heroes hurried into action, trying to save as many mutants as they could while the Phalanx continued to spread through the world. After several intense battles, the Phalanx was eventually destroyed, Lang killed and Hodge assumed dead after being buried under the Phalanx Spire at the cost of young mutant Blink’s life.

After this, the X-Men never encountered the Phalanx again. You might wonder why I’ve placed the Phalanx so high on this list if it had only appeared in one major storyline, and you would be right to ask that question. I did so because of how close the Phalanx came to destroying the X-Men forever, something that only a handful of villains have been able to do. This entity caused so much death and destruction that it took nearly every mutant the X-Men could find to defeat it, and even then it had been one of the toughest fights they had ever faced.

Will the Phalanx ever return? Well, Mister Sinister has managed to clone several of its constructs, but they have never been released. But the possibility that they could break free still exists, and if that happens, the X-Men will be in for the fight of their lives, and that’s a fight that they may not be able to win.


Well True Believers, that wraps things up for this episode. I’ve got three left in the tank on this series, and believe me when I tell you that the villain coming up on among the meanest, cruelest, and most dangerous the X-Men have ever faced.

Until then, keep reading being nerds everyone!

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