Zombie Clown Costume

by Marie

If you want to dress up as something really scary then Zombified Clown is perfect. These Evil characters make a brilliantly unique outfit for Halloween and other spooky events.

Clowns are officially evil in my book. So what a great idea to dress up as a Zombified one for Halloween and other creepy events where you want an idea that is just a bit different to what everyone else is doing.

I've always thought that these circus characters look scary. I loathe the big, fake painted on smiles and colorful costumes. There's just something very creepy about them which makes them a perfect theme.

Step 1 - A Basic Zombie Clown Costume

So what does this character look like? Actually not too different from a regular clown except this creep from the circus has just risen from death instead. So you can pretty much guarantee that the clown will look even worse than normal.

Think about how you might look if you'd been buried for a while and came back to life - that's going to give you lots of ideas for your clown costume and makeup. A deathly pallor, grey skin, dark around the eyes which look as though they've shrunk into the face. Probably some of the clown make-up like the painted on mouth is smudged. It's difficult to just buy a ready made item for this specific look but if you start with a normal clown costume or, even better, an evil or psycho outfit, then it makes it easier for you to zombify it! 

Article thumbnail image: shared with a CC license by Moggs Oceanlane on Flickr

Choose Your Clown Outfit - then Zombify it!

Do you want to look like a psycho which is embodied by the Joker in Batman? A regular 'happy' circus performer who's freaky enough or an evil version who wears a dark outfit with an ultra creepy face. After you've sorted your basic clothes (and you can get lots of ideas just by looking at the images above) you then need to make it fit with a zombie theme otherwise you'll just look exactly like a normal circus performer.

If you've risen from the dead, you'd expect that your outfit might look shabby and worn. You can fray the edges of fabric by cutting near the bottom with scissors and pulling to make some loose threads. Try cutting or burning (with adult supervision) some small holes into the costume. Use some sandpaper to make the fabric look worn and rough.

A real undead character isn't going to look like they've had a bath anytime soon! Coffee granules can be rubbed over clothes to look like dirt. If you want to get really inventive, you could glue or sew bits of plants to your outfit - make it look like you've crawled through undergrowth. Has your character been on a killing spree? Or are they wounded? Use some fake blood over your outfit to add to your gory Halloween look. 

Step 2 - Hair Styling and Wigs

My favorite hairstyle is the baldy look. This creeps me out enough. These characters wear wigs naturally. Most seem to favor bright red, frizzy hair or rainbow hair. You can get red afro wigs which would work well too.

But your hair isn't going to look all neat and tidy, not if they've just clawed their way up from their grave. You could mess the wig up with your fingers, maybe put some small twigs in it and some bits of sticky mud. What about spraying some of the wig so it's got silvery grey strands in it as well.

Step 3 - Circus Themed Footwear and Shoes

Big, Bright Circus Shoes

These characters normally wear large, bright shoes. I love the suggestions to the right - especially the brilliant circus shoes for a female version. Maybe your character has lost their shoes and you need to go barefoot instead? Remember that clowns normally wear bright, stripy tights. So, if you're not wearing shoes, at least opt for the stripy legs and feet!

You don't need to splash out on buying some proper footwear. You could buy flat shoes or pumps with laces which are miles too long for your feet so they look odd. You can then paint them in garish, bright colors. Will your shoes be spattered with fake blood or gore too? Acrylic paint is excellent for painting over most things and should work on top of canvas pumps.

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Step 4 - Accessories to Nail That Look

The right accessories can really complete an outfit and make it more individual and unique too. You might choose to make your own zombie clown outfit and then purchase some important pieces like the wig, a mask (so you don't need the bother of putting on make-up) and other accessories which identify you both as an undead creature and as a circus performer too.

If your character is a killer, what weapon will he be carrying? You can purchase pretend weaponry like the knife on the right which is blood-stained. Your guy could carry a knife, a cleaver or just a random thing he picked up on his travels like a thick stick.

These performers often have goofy accessories like this squirting sunflower. How gross would this be if you colored the water with red food coloring to look like he is squirting blood. But don't squirt it over anyone's clean clothes.

Are you going to paint your nose red or buy a red nose? How did your character die in the first place? If he was shot, does he have a bullet wound anywhere? Or what about a stab wound which has become infected. These effects can be achieved with latex accessories. An easier option is to wear a bandage somewhere and give it a fake blood stain.

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Step 5 - Scary Make-Up Effects

Most of these performers have white painted faces but your character is a zombie so he'd look better with a pale grey painted face. The undead are often dark around their eye area, so after applying a base for your face, I'd work on smudging dark grey and a little black around the eyes next.

On top of this basic face, you need to paint a clown's face. Will you opt for a great big smiley mouth which extends upwards - red is a great choice for this. Or will you go for a miserable painted mouth which curls downwards. I'd choose blue for a sad mouth. They often paint on exaggerated eyebrows and a red nose if you aren't wearing one. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Try looking at a makeup book for more inspiration.

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Marie on 02/21/2012

@Brenda aren't they fab. Thank you :)

Marie on 02/21/2012

@Angel, yes I've seen your Gene Simmons photo - it's really cool! Thanks for your visit, much appreciated :)

BrendaReeves on 02/21/2012

I love those clown shoes!

Angel on 02/20/2012

Sorry - I dress up like Gene Simmons from Kiss every year. But I did enjoy your article. I love Halloween and seeing all the people dressed up. This is a one stop shop for clown stuff.

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