Zombie Plush Toys

by Marie

Tired of the same old cuddly toys? How about a sweetly scary Zombie Plush instead? Stuffed zombie toys are fun gifts, perfect for kids and adults into harmless Halloween horror.

A zombie doesn't make for your average plush! Stuffed Zombie Toys are the perfect gift idea for someone who's into zombie horror and wants to have a undead creature or ghoul of their very own.

Gift a zombie for Halloween or for a spooky party - they make great stocking stuffers so long as you wrap them well so they can't rise up and surprise you when you least expect it. Some plush zombies can be taken apart which is fun for someone who loves taking things apart. Watch your back now.

The Rise of the Zombie Plush

Plush toys are not all sweet and sickly! Here's some frightfully great stuffed Zombie toys which are perfect for kids (and adults) who are fascinated by those ghoulish undead creatures. My personal favorite is the 12 inch Dismember Me plush which can cleverly be ripped apart and it's got interchangeable limbs. Kids can rip, pull and tear all they like with this innovative toy. My brother was famed for taking my toys apart and breaking them when we were kids - wish he'd had one of these! 

A Toy That's OK to Pull Apart!

Dismember-Me 12" Plush Zombie
Only $250.00

Ghastly Stuffed Zombies

For some more horrible ideas. How about a Feasting Electronic plush! The Zombie character will feast on you (hence the blood around his mouth) and make gross chomping sounds when pressed against your body. Let him take a bite out of you! This is a brilliant toy for Zombie enthusiasts of all ages. Or there is the Toxic Zombie Snake plush. He doesn't do anything but he looks frightfully cool.  

If you're feeling at all crafty, check out the DIY Zombie book below which teaches you how to make your very own zombie plushies which you can keep or gift. There are 16 different undead creatures which you can enjoy making. That's something a little different to sew - a perfect project for a reluctant crafter who's into horror.

Cute Zombie Plushies

You can even get kinda cute zombie, ghoul and undead plush dolls in pretty pink, lilac and pale blues. Girls like Zombies too and these little lovelies look sweet despite what they are. Ophelia the Zombie is from the creepy cuddlers range. She has bright red, evil staring eyes and decayed 'skin' displaying some scabby sores underneath. She's no Barbie doll, that's for sure.

Monster High Friends make some freakishly fabulous school ghouls with some co-ordinating pets. These zombies are about as pretty as they're going to get. Spectra Vondergeist comes with thick, two-tone yarn hair and an adorable little pet called Rhuen. I adore this raggedy doll's button eyes. Lagoona Blue is my favorite girly ghoul. She's decked out in a super sweet candy blue with a pretty pink fish pet. She is the sweetest MH doll of all. 

If cutesy zombie plushies are not what you had in mind, check below for some alternative suggestions that will probably go down well with male members of the species. Don't forget to also check eBay which is near the bottom of this page. You can get some fantastic bargains on there although watch that you're not paying more than what you'd pay on Amazon.

If you love all things Zombie, please check out some of the other Zombie pages which I've written below. Discover how to make really cool Zombie Cupcakes, dress as a Zombie or a Zombie Clown and what about those brilliant skull cufflinks for a gruesome gift.

Updated: 02/15/2016, Marie
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Marie on 02/27/2012

Sorry to hear your daughter's been poorly, Katie. Mine has too, had one of those nasty colds. Hope she gets better soon. Thanks for stopping by :)

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

Oh my I love it, my daughter got something similar with a halloween costume, she loves it, we've looked for others since and had not found any. She is so going to love these, she's been sick this weekend so this will be a much appreciated treat. Great zombie stuffies. :)

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