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ZZ Top Halloween Costumes or Party Outfits - dress as the iconic Texan rock band, famous for beards, blues and boogie!

ZZ Top Costumes - dress up as sharp as the Texas blues-rock legends ZZ Top this Halloween!

ZZ Top's iconic trio of Billy Gibbons (guitar and vocals), Dusty Hill (bass guitar and vocals), and Frank Beard (drums and percussion) have been playing their distinctive brand of blues and boogie influenced southern rock for over 40 years! Their latest album La Futura was released in 2012 and they continue to tour throughout the world.

Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill's trademark long beards, sunglasses and hats have helped make ZZ Top's "look" as unique and famous as their sound!

ZZ Top outfits are easy to put together and perfect for music or rock star themed costumes - here's how to get that ZZ Top look!

How To Put Together A ZZ Top Costume

Costume essentials

Dressing as the Tres Hombres is pretty straightforward. Here's a list of what you'll need to look the part:

  • Long beard (if you're wanting to look like Billy or Dusty)
  • Sunglasses (it goes without saying that these should be cheap - big black Wayfarers fit the bill perfectly!)
  • Hat (ZZ Top have worn LOTS of different hats over the years, ranging from Stetsons and Fedoras to Billy Gibbons' legendary African Ashente hat!)
  • Smart jacket (this can be anything "tailored" such as a plain suit jacket if you want to keep the cost down, but if you're wanting something a bit more adventurous, ZZ Top are well known for a bit of flamboyancy when it comes to jackets, having favored a wide variety of sequins, metallic and animal print fabrics over the years!)
  • Jeans or pants
  • Guitar (if you don't have one, an inexpensive inflatable alternative will do the trick to complete the look)

It's an easy look to achieve and very distinctive. You're unlikely to have anyone asking you "Who have you come as?" - once you put on an oversized beard, a hat and a pair of sunglasses, pretty much everyone will know exactly who y'all are!

For any of the costume components you don't already possess, you'll find suitable items can be obtained online from sites such as Amazon.com (with examples shown below) and are usually very reasonably priced.

I always recommend looking for items that have a number of customer reviews to give you a guide to quality!


They've got beards...they know how to use them...

ZZ Top's Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons are famous for their long beards!

You can find numerous ZZ Top style costume beards online, but the one shown below seems to have a fair number of reviews from satisfied customers.


For a perfect ZZ Top costume...go get yourself some Cheap Sunglasses!

It goes without saying that for areally authentic looking ZZ Top costume you've just got to have Wayfarer sunglasses with "big black frames" and "glass so dark they won't even know your name"!


10 gallon Stetson hats, fedoras, golf hats, baseball caps and Billy Gibbons African hat...ZZ Top have worn a LOT of hats over the years!

The hat shown below is described a a "cowboy hat" which certainly fits the spirit of the band. It's stated to fit adults (unlike many costume hats). There are lots of alternatives available, so pick your ZZ Top look, from classic Texan to "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"!


You won't look like a Rough Boy in a sharp ZZ Top style jacket!

ZZ Top have worn a range of jackets throughout their career from simple plain black to flamboyant patterns, sequins, metallic fabrics and animal prints! 

The jacket shown below is black and sequinned, but gold, silver and even pink versions of it are also available if you want something that'll really turn people's heads - click the link for more information about sizing and other colors!

Or you might want to consider a suit - this fun suit comprises an animal print jacket, matching pants and tie plus a shirt!

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Party on with a guitar fit for a rock star!

For a Billy Gibbons or Dusty Hill costume a guitar is an essential.

Billy Gibbons uses a Gibson Les Paul or Gretsch Billy Bo and Dusty Hill uses various bass guitars including Fender Telecasters and custom Deans.

For authenticity, use one of the above - but if total accuracy isn't your main objective, or you don't already have a guitar, an inflatable one makes an inexpensive finishing touch to your costume (and will provide extra fun as you can play air guitar to your heart's content!)

The inflatable guitars shown below feature an animal print finish which fits in well with ZZ Top's use of animal prints in their stage costumes. It's available at a budget price as a pack and comes in a variety of colors - but the drawback is that you'll end up with more than you need for a costume! If this puts you off, there are lots of other inflatable guitars available, so it'll be easy enough to find something you feel comfortable with.

Would YOU Dress As A Member Of ZZ Top For Halloween Or A Party?

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