10 Business Ideas For Newbies That Will Thrive

by RobertKeith

If you are wondering which business is most suited for new owners, this article is for you.

The idea of opening a business like a laundromat might sound like an intimidating business idea, but the income and experience you can gain outweighs the challenges. In this article, we will be discussing ten different business ideas that are perfect for newbies and can generate big bucks. This includes how many customers they get on average per day, how much it costs to open one, what's involved in running one day-to-day and many more. Read on and learn valuable lessons.


The number one business idea for a newbie is a laundromat. If you are wondering how much laundromats make, it is  approximately $2200 per day, an average of 78 customers. This can be more or less depending on the location and size of your store.


According to statistics, "the restaurant industry in America employs approximately 13 million workers." That's a lot! And what does this mean? It means that there are plenty of jobs available if you want one. But before jumping into the foodservice industry as a whole, consider how much it will cost to open one. And how many employees you'll need.

Food Carts

If opening a restaurant sounds too expensive for you, how about having food carts? It's not as bad as being behind the stove 24/24. It also means the employees you'll need are two people maximum . one person working at the cart while another is helping with deliveries. How far away from home they live (or work) plays a significant role in this equation: running their errands won't take long if they live close by.

Selling Things Online

What's better than selling things at a store? Selling Online! How many customers do e-stores get on average per day? The number is very high, and you can reach millions of people all around the world by just sitting in front of your laptop or computer: how cool is that?! And what about how much does it cost to open one? There are plenty of free websites where anyone can sell their products for free. But keep in mind that these sites often take a percentage from each sale.


Food Cart
Food Cart

Online Teaching

All you need is a laptop or computer, internet access, and how much money teachers make, which varies from state to state. The demand for this kind of job isn't as high as the one mentioned above. However, plenty of people are still looking for lessons – especially if your location has a large community with immigrants who might not have too many friends in town yet, so being their teacher will help them integrate faster.


How many hours would I work as a freelance writer? That depends mainly on how much experience you have and how many clients you have. The more experienced and the fewer clients, the longer it will take to complete a project. And as for how much money freelance writers make, that also depends on how long your article is but an average of $50 per page (500-600 words) should be enough to cover your living expenses.

Online bookkeeping

People are always looking to save money, so if you have how many clients bookkeepers get on average per day, you can become their online accountant. Even though this may sound complicated, it's not that hard since there are plenty of free tutorials, and how much does it cost to open one is affordable.

Online shop owner (dropshipping)

This idea includes how far away from home they live (or work). If the client lives close by, then running errands won't take long. On the other hand, if they live far away, then how much it cost will be higher because you need products shipped directly to your customer's doorsteps.


If you know how to look after children and how many kids nannies get on average, this can be your way of making extra money. If you want more information, head over to how much a daycare worker makes.

Marketing Manager

How about becoming an online marketer? It doesn't sound straightforward, but in reality, it isn't. all you need is how many clients do marketing managers have per week? Or how large is their company? How much do marketing managers make, and how many hours would I work as an online marketer? You can then start making money off your efforts by simply bringing in new clients or helping current ones boost their profits!


Updated: 10/27/2021, RobertKeith
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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2021

RobertKeith, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
Do you know if editing and typing student papers and theses and teacher articles is still a lucrative self-employment?

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