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Brain Fun During TV Commercials
chefkeem, Thank you for the alternatives and the products. Perhaps a commercial is a good time to work on perfecting your dancing and singing routines so the hat, shirt, shoes and shorts need to be included in the product line. In particular, I ...
DerdriuMarriner, 2 minutes ago
Creative Writing Tips For A Dramatic Play
chefkeem, Thank you for all the cues and links. Did you know that the video is not accessible any more? Good thing I have the links to Dr. Kunze's information and works elsewhere.
DerdriuMarriner, 9 minutes ago
Funny Idioms And Hilarious Sayings - All New
chefkeem, Thank you for the video, sayings and links. The lyrics and the moves are habit-forming! Is that a Bavarian yodeler costume? My favorite saying is not the brightest crayon in the box because it makes me think of those big boxes of multi ...
DerdriuMarriner, 14 minutes ago
Marie Antoinette - Quotes, Facts, Pictures And Musical
chef keem, Thank you for the biography and the video. It's particularly effective since the filming is so well done, dark enough to feel like a theatre but with enough light for effective contrast of body language, dress and faces. Is Axel ...
DerdriuMarriner, 27 minutes ago
Chef Keem - who the hell is he?
chefkeem, Thank you for the Alaska photos and the dancing, singing video. Do you really speak Alaskan or Texan -- ;-D -- since I'm not hearing an accent? Which was the crowd-pleasingest of the extracts and oils for your agave nectar?
DerdriuMarriner, 42 minutes ago
So, you want to build a freelance internet marketing business?
chefkeem, Thank you for the information and links. What about Zazzle?
DerdriuMarriner, 53 minutes ago
7 Deadly Sins Of TV Ads And How To Avoid Them As Online Marketer
chefkeem, Thank you for the lists and links. Looks like that kid in the commercial never outgrew the terrible twos. How would one say "lawn the mow" in German?
DerdriuMarriner, 1 hour ago
How To Make Money On Wizzley - The Official 2012 Update
chefkeem, Thank you for the information and links all in one place. Is there any information on which affiliate seems to be the biggest money-maker?
DerdriuMarriner, 1 hour ago
Boldo Tea
A well written, informative article.
frankbeswick, 15 hours ago
Moose Hat Or Moose Slippers - Which Is Manlier?
chefkeem, Last week or the week before, I read about the fetching moose hat and slippers. I voted the article up but wrote no comment since the last comments were from 2012. But I really would like to know what would be worn between the hat and ...
DerdriuMarriner, 23 hours ago
Boldo Tea
I like, no I LOVE tea, this is a very interesting tea, I enjoy learning more about tea. Here's to good health and tea brings good health.
katiem2, 1 day ago
How to Make Pumpkin Spiced Tea
@DerdriuMarriner I'm glad that you are enjoying it! I am sorry for the delay in my reply...but I am replying when the pumpkin spice season is upon us! Enjoy.
happynutritionist, 1 day ago
Making a Garden Pond
A small pond was better than no pond. One precaution in my area is that if you have a fish pond, beware of herons, which are common round here. We are close the following waterways: the Bridgewater Canal, the Manchester Ship Canal and the ...
frankbeswick, 1 day ago
Making a Garden Pond
Every person should try to incorporate nature into their environment, even if they don't have much room like you. Even people in apartments can grow plants to attract butterflies or feed birds. Thanks for this article. Not everyone thinks of ...
AngelaJohnson, 1 day ago
Trust Me, I’m a Life Artist: What Makes a Life Artist
One of the best ways to find time to be creative is to downsize - get rid of stuff. So often we have so much "stuff" that housework becomes so overwhelming. And stuff can also be commitments. Do you really have to stay in a club you no longer ...
AngelaJohnson, 1 day ago

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