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The Pioneer Woman - From Blog to TV Series
With all her successes, I still feel that Ree is grounded and just a "real" person. She's very inspiring. I have a couple of her cookbooks and several pieces of her kitchen products.
Susan, 3 days ago
Why Write on Wizzley?
Nice! I have just joined and looks like I did the right thing.
hiteshsahni, 3 days ago
Enjoying Indian Wildlife: The Big Cats of Kanha
pateluday, 3 days ago
Brexit: a political catastrophe
It was noted in today's Independent that a report by the Labour Party's Fabian society showed that areas that voted for Brexit were those that had been neglected by the British government and had not received a fair share of government spending. ...
frankbeswick, 3 days ago
Brexit: a political catastrophe
BSG, physicist, you are going to love this on-line discussion between a professor of physics and a leading Brexit campaigner and member of United Kingdom Independence Party, Douglas Carswell, reported in the Independent today. The professor ...
frankbeswick, 3 days ago
A Farm of Your Own
These are extremely important points that you make. We don't get the drought problems over here that you get in parts of North America, but we are prone to the opposite, wet and unpredictable weather and flooding, with all that follows ...
frankbeswick, 3 days ago
Brexit: a political catastrophe
Europe was not perfect, we know that, but I strongly suspect that the British people were beguiled by hard right capitalists into supporting a Brexit in which their workers' rights protected by Europe would disappear. Heaven for the ...
frankbeswick, 3 days ago
A Farm of Your Own
It is a lifestyle for some, but not for others. That realism about finances is a valid one, there could be tow or three lean years in a row when crops suffer from drought. A reserve of cash is important. Another consideration is whether there ...
blackspanielgallery, 4 days ago
Brexit: a political catastrophe
In my opinion, the UKIP was right in pointing out that the European project has been a failure so far. I wouldn't like the UK to leave the EU, though. I live in Spain, and I can tell you, there's a huge cultural gap between the Mediterranean ...
georgebass, 4 days ago
How to Make a Simple Turkish Style Drop Spindle
Katheryn, I found my dowel and wood strips at a place like Home Depot. It was super easy to make.
Ragtimelil, 4 days ago
How to Make a Simple Turkish Style Drop Spindle
Hi Julie I to would like to make one where did you go to buy everything you need. Was it hard to make it . Is it a good size to start with thank you
Kathryn Fay, 4 days ago
The 90 Day Writing Challenge
I would not like to turn into a writing mill, churning out products like a production line. Better to write less, but good, than more but mediocre. I like to ponder before I write and then while writing an article I stop at times, get a cup of ...
frankbeswick, 4 days ago
Birding in North India at NainiTal in The Foothills of Himalaya
Thanks blackspanielgallery
pateluday, 5 days ago
What State Has The Most Lakes?
If you were to include the area of water within each states boundary lines wouldn't Michigan have the greatest percentage of water? Its' boundaries include huge portions of lakes Michigan, ...
TERRY, 5 days ago
The 90 Day Writing Challenge
Different methods work for different people. If I wait until ideas come to me like that I will never write due to my expert ability to make excuses :)
AlishaLutz, 5 days ago

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