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Biophilia: the love of nature
Yes. But indoor space is often used for tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons, leaving little room for the vegetables that you mention.
frankbeswick, 7 minutes ago
Can Christians Believe in Evolution?
You have made a good point. "In your eyes a thousand years are like yesterday come and gone, no more than a watch in the night." Says the psalmist.
frankbeswick, 9 minutes ago
Cornwall: England's most south-westerly county
Tin was very valuable. People took the risk of going long distances to obtain it.
frankbeswick, 13 minutes ago
Countdown to Crisis: the looming electoral problems in the United Kingdom
Probably, but we have no draft law and would need to pass a new one.
frankbeswick, 14 minutes ago
Foragers' Wines
That is a new one, Derdriu. I had never heard of onionnwine until now. Thanks.
frankbeswick, 16 minutes ago
Besides the Ocean of Time: reflections on the book is very uncommon with Orkney islanders, which is probably why the author chose it. But I am motor interested in the character of Thorfinn, for in him I see a similarity to my younger self. When I was six my teacher told my mother that I ...
frankbeswick, 17 minutes ago
Cunnamulla - Premium Destination Outback
I don't know wnat kind of coffee I better go and look at.
Jo_Murphy, 21 minutes ago
Much in Little: food production in a small space
Probably the best way to restore fertility is compost. To replace minerals you can use seaweed in either meal or liquid form or once every few years apply rockdust, ground granite.
frankbeswick, 22 minutes ago
The Burren:Ireland's land of stone
It is rare to find much evidence of violence, but it is still present.
frankbeswick, 25 minutes ago
Roman Ghosts in Britain
No. He is a mystery. Is he even conscious? We do not know. Does he even have a sense of time.
frankbeswick, 27 minutes ago
The Story of Wensleydale
No. There are none. They are a ridge.
frankbeswick, 29 minutes ago
Cunnamulla - Premium Destination Outback
Echo Ecidna is AI, and the background is photo.
Jo_Murphy, 34 minutes ago
The Story of Wensleydale
Thank you for your comment Nov. 24, 2020, in answer to my previous, same-day observations and question. The name Cheviots makes me mull French origins. But English Wikipedia presents Cheviots, in its The Cheviot article, as first rendered ...
DerdriuMarriner, 8 hours ago
The Burren:Ireland's land of stone
Thank you! That's a bit disappointing, a bit sobering to mull "evidence of physical violence in The English neolithic." Might that be common or rare England-wise and elsewhere?
DerdriuMarriner, 9 hours ago
Roman Ghosts in Britain
Thank you! That sounds so interesting and yet so lonely of one Roman ghost in the same space. Would there be any interpretations as to whether or not he would be looking for someone or something?
DerdriuMarriner, 9 hours ago

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