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English Identities
Oppenheim argues that Danish [Viking] contributed only 5% of British DNA, and as Danes were genetically identical with Angles they merged with the Northern English. The only area where Vikings [Norwegian] left a trace in identity was Cumbria, ...
frankbeswick, 9 days ago
English Identities
Would you say that in some of the identities going back to ancient tribal identities, especially in coastal areas, there is a significant diluting of identities causes by Viking settlement and Armada survivors? And would these be on the scale ...
blackspanielgallery, 9 days ago
Filming Tigers in the Wild
Tigers are extremely possessive about their cubs, one should stay away from the big cats. They should feel safe. Drones are not allowed in critical tiger habitats. Large animals in the food chain are scared of the tigers. In some videos you can ...
pateluday, 12 days ago
Filming Tigers in the Wild
Are tigers protective of cubs, as are bears, so being too close would be dangerous? Also, are drones allowed for aerial photographs and getting over inaccessible areas? The noise could disturb the tigers and any other animals, so perhaps they ...
blackspanielgallery, 13 days ago
History of Iron Works
Historical events are better recorded in Europe than in India, and chronological overlaps are in a haze here.!
pateluday, 13 days ago
History of Iron Works
Quite correct, but there was a period when technologies overlapped. In Britain bronze was an elite alloy so ordinary people used stone weapons. Iron is easier to handle than bronze is, so became the metal of choice, but flint tools continued to ...
frankbeswick, 14 days ago
History of Iron Works
Yes true but I believe as soon use of metals became popular wood was used as support may to make a base or handle of swords and daggers etc.
pateluday, 15 days ago
History of Iron Works
Archaeological evidence of wooden weapons is hard to find, as wood decays, whereas metal is more durable.
frankbeswick, 16 days ago
British Bullion Worth Consideration
The British queen has been aged in the effigies used, and we are now in, I believe, the fifth effigy. This is unique in that she has had such a long reign. Not every country has a monarch, and the ones that do have a monarch with a much ...
blackspanielgallery, 16 days ago
British Bullion Worth Consideration
blackspanielgallery, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines. Are other mints whose countries are monarchical aging their sovereigns like the Brit Mint does with the lines around the corners of the mouth and around ...
DerdriuMarriner, 17 days ago
History of Iron Works
Tribals in India do use bows and arrows made of wood. So wooden weapons may have been common in the country, but widespread mention is not there. Thanks for the information.
pateluday, 20 days ago
History of Iron Works
Weapons made of wood were used in the British Isles. One version of the King Arthur legend [500 CE] has Arthur being killed with a spear made of ash wood, a wood that made hard, sharp spears.
frankbeswick, 24 days ago
History of Iron Works
Iron age was between 1300 TO 300 bc Post-Harappan Period in India. Wood was used in conjunction with metal but there is no record of weapons made entirely of wood. But wooden artifacts have been used all over the world since prehistoric times. ...
pateluday, 24 days ago
Facing Chronic Illness in a Christian Way
Trying to see my health issues in perspective was made easier by an email from a friend telling me that he is dying of cancer. At my ailment does not kill.
frankbeswick, 25 days ago
Cruising to Shetland
Derdriu, the ponies were taken down the mine to pull coal waggons.
frankbeswick, 26 days ago

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