10 Ideas To Wow Your Wife: How To Be The Most Romantic Husband Ever

by PragmaticOptimism

A must read for any guy who wants to add some romance to his marriage, but has no idea how. After reading this, you'll be well on your way to knocking her socks off.

Okay guys, I know romance isn't exactly at the top of the list when it comes to our favorite subjects, but trust me gentlemen, it's one we all need a little help with every now and then. The old go-to moves like flowers and candy aren't nearly as effective as they used to be; times have changed and we need to play a little catch-up.

In this article, I'll give you 10 step-by-step tips, all designed to turn you into a more romantic husband; not only will this make your wife happier (which every husband wants), but it can also help to greatly increase your happiness as a byproduct.

Before We Begin

A Few Things To Remember

There are four rules to follow for these tips to be effective:

1. The More Specific The Better: All of these tips are generic, you need to customize them to fit your individual situation. You know what your wife likes or, more importantly, dislikes, so customize these tips accordingly.

2. Surprise Is Key: One of the things that makes some of these tips so romantic is that they're unexpected. Do not attempt to use any of these tips to "make up" after a fight, or in lieu of a proper birthday/anniversary/holiday celebration.

3. Under No Circumstances: Do not, in any way, under any circumstances: ask for, mention, imply, suggest, recommend, intimate, allude to, or in any other way attempt to parlay these tips into sex. It will backfire 100% of the time. When executed correctly, these tips are designed to catch her off guard, like "Romantic C-4"; just set the timer and walk away (Remember: Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions).  

4: A Little Goes A Long Way: This ties in with Rule 2; don't overuse these tips or they'll lose all effectiveness. Too much of anything (even romance) is never a good thing.    

10: Have A Theme Day

The Set Up:This one will require you to know what your wife actually likes, which shouldn't be a problem. If however you have no idea what your wife likes, not to worry (unless she finds out), some simple "recon" can give you a clue.  

The Planning: First, you can always just come out and ask her (make up a reason), but if you want to embrace your inner James Bond, then check around the house for clues (books/magazines she's reading, her favorite movies, things she DVR's, etc). Unless you've actually spent time with the C.I.A. don't try to do any in depth snooping, she will find out, and she will be pissed.

Don't ask her friends either, no matter how much they promise to keep the secret, they'll talk (they always talk). Keep this on a "need-to-know" basis; remember, surprise counts for half your grade. 

This is one where attention to detail will make all the difference; the more "real" you can make it, the more amazed she'll be. Study, study, study is the best advice I can give you for this one, while it will more than likely be easy to find source material, you need to be willing to put in the extra effort.

Example: My wife is a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (aka Johnny Depp), so while she was at work one day, the kids and I turned the house into a pirate paradise. We went all out with the decorations, costumes, music, you name it. We had a pirate style dinner, things like turkey legs, corn on the cob, and lots of stuff to eat with your hands (and I made sure we had plenty of rum for after the kids went to bed).

9: Spa Day At Home

The Set Up: This is another really easy one that you can set up in about an hour. You'll need to schedule this for a day when she has nothing else going on, preferably a week day so that the kids will be in school. 

The Planning: Head to your local Bath & Body Works (or similar store) and pick up one of their "spa kits"; just tell the associates there what you're looking for and they'll set up. You'll also want to pick up some snacks for her spa day; light hor dourves are perfect, just make sure it's finger food. Make sure you have candles (aroma therapy are the best), music, and a book/magazines for her to relax with. The key for this one is to leave her alone and let her relax.

Example: I did this for my wife the first year we were married. I was at the store and they still had Mothers Day gift baskets out, so I got a couple of them and made a basket of my own. I fixed her a bubble bath, lit a bunch of candles (beware of shower curtains btw, they are surprisingly flammable), poured her a glass of wine and then went and got her. She loved it. 

Not only will your wife love the "spa day", she'll also love remembering it every time she uses the products that come in the spa kit. This is the very definition of a "gift that keeps on giving". 


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8: Cleaning Service & Catered Dinner

The Set Up: I stumbled onto this one, and it's solid gold. Basically, just like the title says, you hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the house and you hire a caterer to cook dinner; too easy. 

The Planning: Most towns have cleaning services for hire; several in most cases. Simply call one up and they'll send out a crew to clean the place from top to bottom. As for caterers, I use a service here in Orlando that specializes in romantic dinners. They provide everything: the food, the chef, a server, and the dishes (which is my favorite part because that means no clean up). Depending on the laws in your area, they may or may not be able to provide wine or other alcohol, so plan ahead if that's something you'll want.   

Example: When my wife was still in grad school she did way too much. I tried to help out around the house, but in her opinion, I wasn't cleaning as much as I was "re-configuring the mess". After a full day of school, she'd come home and start Donna Reed-ing it up around the house.

So, I called a cleaning service and they did an amazing job; they had the house (which was only a tiny 2 bedroom at the time, but we loved it) looking amazing. It was actually one of the cleaning crew that recommended the caterer for dinner.

The dinner was perfect, however I'll warn you, you'll want to set this up in advance depending on the menu you're planning; generally I try to book these at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance. Yes, this is one time I break Rule Number 4, but it's just so damned convenient. 

7: Recreate Your First Date

The Set Up: This can be a little difficult as it requires you to actually remember your first date. **WARNING** Before you try this, make damn sure you're right. The Gods themselves will not be able to save you if you take your wife on a romantic recreation of your first date, only to find out that you screwed up and took her on the wrong date

The Planning: Exact locations are the best, but they're not always practical or available, so recreating what you did will also work. Just like with the "Theme Day", attention to detail is key, it's what will make the experience that much more powerful and romantic.

Do a quick Google search on the year to get a refresher course if you need to; focus on things like popular songs from that year, movies, trends, things like that. Every little detail you add to the recreation will help trigger more and more memories.

The best way to pull this off is to let her realize on her own what you're doing; build slowly, dropping little clues as you go. Once she realizes what's going on, she will have one of two reactions:

A) She'll be overwhelmed that you remembered your first date and that you went to all the trouble to recreate it.

B) Fury that burns hotter than the core of a thousand suns, because you didn't listen to my warning and you took her on a recreation of your first date with one of your exes.

 Example: The first date I went on with my wife was to see Braveheart. Since we couldn't go to the theater to see it now, so I stole an idea from "Gilmore Girls" and used a projector to play the movie on the side of our house.


6: Spa Day With Friends

The Set Up: This is by far the easiest one on the list. You simply send your wife to a spa with one of her friends. 

The Planning: Just call a spa in your area and book reservations for your wife and one of her girlfriends. In most cases, you can get a really good deal if you book for three or four people, especially if you book it during a slow season.   

Example: A couple months after our first child was born, my wife was worn out. She had just finished school (while pregnant) and had a baby, and she was just plain exhausted. I called one of the spas here in Orlando and made reservations for her, her sister, and her best friend. I sent a car to pick them up and then come get her, I took care of the baby and sent them off to a weekend of relaxation. 

On a related note, that was the weekend I learned babies do not like Metallica

5: Send The Kids On Vacation

The Set Up: Pretty self explanatory, just send the kids off to the grandparent's/aunt's/uncle's house for a weekend.

The Planning: Most times, the grandparents love to take the kids for a weekend. If the grandparents aren't available, aunts and uncles are also good. It's usually best to do this in the summer, when you won't have to worry about getting the kids to school on Monday, but if the person you're sending them to lives in the same town (and doesn't mind taking the kids to school for you), you can do it anytime. 

Example: A couple of years ago, there was a brief window where my wife and I were going to have a four day weekend together. I sent the kids off to their Uncle Rick's and my wife and I had four days alone together for the first time since our kids were born.

Needless to say, with no kids in the house, we did what every young married couple with kids dreams about doing all day every day... we took a nap, we watched TV Shows that weren't cartoons, and we had a dinner that didn't include either Macaroni & Cheese or Chicken Nuggets.   

4: Grand "Rom-Com Style" Gesture

The Set Up: Creativity is important for this one, so you may need to get some help with ideas. You're looking for the romantic version of "Shock & Awe" with this one, so go big or go home.  

The Planning: You'll want to go all out with this one; there is no such thing as too big. Think elaborate wedding proposal, but without the proposal. In public is best as it adds to the "shock value"; if you decide to do something for her at her job, make sure you talk to her boss ahead of time so that you don't end up getting her fired.

The actual planning for this one will depend on what you're planning on doing, so I can't really give you much guidance on this part. I can tell you that Rule 198 is true (Rule #198: If it exists, it's on Google) so you should be able to find anything you need there. 

Example: Remember up top when I said "flowers aren't nearly as effective as they used to be", well there is one exception: when you send your wife 20 dozen roses at work. I sent her one dozen for ever year we've been together (we've been together since we were 14) for our anniversary last year.

Some Romantic Comedies For Inspiration

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3: Surprise Vacation

The Set Up: Start with a seemingly casual trip to the mall/grocery store and end up on a vacation she'll never forget. This is another one that can go really wrong, really fast, if you don't pay attention to detail: you have been warned.

The Planning: Okay, your mission, should you choose to accept it: plan, book, and pack for a vacation for you and your wife- all by yourself... without your wife finding out. This takes some serious skill to pull off, but it's one of the most amazing things you can do for your significant other.

If she works, make sure that you arrange it with her boss, otherwise she'll more than likely worry the entire time. Make sure that you have the pets taken care of, and that you have everything ready to go when you pick her up. The best time to do this is while she's at work, make some excuse to need to use her car for the day so that you have to drop her off and pick her up.

Example: This was actually part of a 3-for-1 in my case, I combined the last three; you you'll see this example under Number 1. 

2: Buy Her "The Perfect Gift"

The Set Up: Out of the blue, surprise your wife with a gift, but make it the MOAG (Mother Of All Gifts). 

The Planning: This doesn't have to be something insanely expensive, in fact it will more than likely be something relatively inexpensive; the catch is, it's usually something hard to find... something really hard to find, I'm talking "four-hobbits-and-a-wizard-on-an-epic-quest" hard. Again, remember Rule 198 and get to work. 

Example: Keep reading, the last example is a long one, and it encompasses this one as well. 

1: Have A "Dream Come True" Day

The Set Up: This is the "Once In A Lifetime" one, the one that will leave her speechless for days and that will make her happier than she's ever been. 

The Planning: I can't give you specifics on this one (obviously), but I can tell you that this is the "big one" so don't hold back, and go all out, this is the one she'll remember 50 years from now.

Example: When my wife was a little girl, her father left on a business trip, and when he came home, he brought her a snow globe from London. She loved that thing, she always kept it right beside the bed on the nightstand. Unfortunately, four year olds and snow globes don't mix and our daughter shattered it one day trying to make it snow; my wife was heartbroken.

The next summer, I picked my wife up from work one day and drove straight to the airport. She was understandably curious as to why we were there, and so I told her that I had made dinner reservations for us at Hemisphere (a really great restaurant at the Orlando International Airport). After dinner, the server brought us out dessert, and a little red box for my wife. Inside was a little "London" snow globe key chain that looked just like the big one her father had given her.  

She was so busy staring at her "snow globe" that she didn't notice that I walked us over to the security checkpoint and got in line. When she looked up I surprised her again, with a red envelope this time. Inside it was her passport and our tickets to London. I explained to her that my sister had flown in and that she was going to stay with the kids, and that I had already spoken to her boss and get her the time off. 

I had shipped our luggage to the hotel in London a few days before and it was waiting on us when we got there (Fed-Ex is a wonderful thing). She was amazed the whole time, aside from the kids being born, and perhaps our wedding day, I've never seen her happier. Now every time she grabs her keys she has a reminder of that trip

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PragmaticOptimism on 10/16/2012

Aww shucks, now I'm blushing.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read =)

The truth is, my wife is a wonderful woman (aside from her lapse in judgment marrying me) who still manages to amaze me every day. She's an excellent mother, and the best wife/friend that a guy could ever have.

BrendaReeves on 10/16/2012

Wow! You are one in a million. Your wife is a lucky woman.

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