3 Great Benefits of Green Tea You May Not Know About

by healthtalk

Are you a green tea drinker? Did you hear about some of its benefits? Well, you are doing more good for your health than you think!

Green tea is native to both India and China. People are consuming it on a regular basis because it known for having a wide variety of different benefits. During recent years, it has become well known in the United States and is being used for more because of its antioxidant properties.
Though there are many different types of popular teas on the market today, green tea is the one that is known for being the least processed type since it is made from un-oxidized leaves. Which means, green tea keeps its polyphenols and its antioxidant properties that provides all of its critical benefits. Listed below are a few of the many benefits that it contains.

Green tea leaves
Green tea leaves

Helps with Improving Your Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease in America is at an all-time high and these problems can affect any sector of a society. According to Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA), published in 2006, the benefits of green tea include positive effects on turning around cardiovascular diseases. People who take it on a regular basis can bring back their cholesterol levels to the good ranges, especially if they are drinking on an average of 10 cups per day. Contrariwise, if they are only drinking an average of 4 cups per day, studies show that there is little to no effect on reducing an individual’s cholesterol levels.

Traditional Chinese and Indian Medicine and Stabilizing Wounds

Due to the results that green tea brings to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, it has been used in many cases to control a patient’s bleeding and heal their wounds. Therefore, it is has been a staple in making sure the body can assist in healing itself naturally instead of using a lot of harsh prescription medicines to speed up the healing process.

Regulating Digestive System

Sometimes people may have a hard time with their digestion system because it does not work properly. Therefore, they may find that they have problems with eating certain foods without filling bloated and heavy. To keep these problems from happening, some people are adding green tea as a supplement into their regular diet plans. By incorporating green tea into these diet regimens, it can aid in improving the person’s digestion.

Cold vs Hot: Which One is Best?

Though green tea can be consumed cold or hot, the greatest benefits is normally in drinking it hot since it is known to have higher levels of antioxidants at this temperature. Before the person prepares it at home, they should be aware of how long it should be cooked. For instance, some people recommend cooking it at least 3 minutes and no more.

Updated: 10/16/2017, healthtalk
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Telesto on 11/09/2014

Fabulous, thanks!

healthtalk on 11/08/2014

There are different types of jasmine tea. The most popular is jasmine green tea made from green tea scented with jasmine flower through a complex process. You will be getting the same benefits plus a relaxing benefit from jasmine scent!

Telesto on 08/27/2014

I like jasmine tea... Is that as good?

ologsinquito on 05/02/2014

I'm a tea drinker and I pick up organic green tea when I can find it where I shop. Voted up and pinned.

Guest on 03/17/2014

Also a green tea fan here although I prefer it in a mix with something else. I'm drinking mine with ginkgo at the moment. Plain green tea always ends up making me feel sick, so I've started to try the blends with fruit or herbs as an option.

healthtalk on 03/16/2014

Thanks Mira. I am glad to contribute to this great community!

Mira on 03/16/2014

Welcome to Wizzley, Jane! I love green tea. I often give green tea blends to others as a gift :)

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