3 Tips for Creating a Great Content Marketing Strategy to Help Your Business

by AlexandriaIngham

A content marketing strategy will help your business but only if done right. Read on for three tips to help create the best content marketing plan and help your business succeed.

No matter how much you write, if your content marketing strategy isn’t good then you will not get the traffic, leads or sales of your dreams. You will not see the profit and your business will not grow. Now that the harsh reality is out of the way, it’s important to focus on creating a content marketing plan that will help you. It is time to start focusing on the tips that will help you build traffic to your business, website or blog – whichever you have – and turn that traffic into sales and profit.

It does take time to build an effective plan and you will need to constantly evolve with the times. This is just part of the world of business. Many people think that it takes too much work and ask a marketing firm to do everything for them but you could save money. With some time and patience, you could start using content marketing to benefit your business.

Find the Right Places to Post

Tips for Creating Excellent ContentPart of content marketing is finding the right places to post. The benefit of a content marketing plan is that you build credibility so the places you post at need to help with that. You have different options available and each offer pros and cons.

A popular option is to create your own blog. This could be attached to the website or on a separate domain. When opting for blogging, you will need to follow a blogging style. This means short paragraphs and sentences, using first and second person more and making the posts more personal and friendly. Opt for paragraphs with just two or three sentences – or one where possible! – to make them easy to read and follow.

If you enjoy blogging, look out for other people’s blogs that you can guest post on. You will need to find people already working within your niche so you continue to build authority. Check out the following and quality of the blog to make sure it is worth your time – you can get an idea by checking out the comments sections to see how many people reply and whether they find the blog helpful. You should follow the blog for some time and check out the previous posts before pitching – and always read the guidelines. This helps to make sure your pitch is accepted.

When blogging isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to write articles or how-to posts, you could consider posting on article directories and revenue share sites (making your content pay you as well as build traffic). There are many popular ones but you will need to check the guidelines. Most of the sites prefer that you offer constructive and informational posts and not spammy content, which you shouldn’t do anyway! Not all will allow a link back to your own website, apart from in your author bio, which could limit your ability to promote and use the content marketing strategy to your advantage.

Create Content that Is Valuable to Readers

Content that is weak, lacks information, is wrong or just plain spammy is bad. Your content should be valuable to the people reading it. It should answer questions that they have and stick to that topic – never switch between topics when writing something, whether a blog post or article. If it does not offer value then the readers will simply click away and find something else. When it is valuable, they want to know everything else you have to offer and more about you and your business. They are more likely to check out your website and your products or services.

This can also help to encourage them to sign up to your email list. They will want the free gift you offer and will want to know about the information you only share through your newsletter or emails. This can help turn your traffic into further sales, especially as you promote more products or services through it.

Build a Good SEO Campaign

Content marketing is all about SEO. You will need to find the keywords that people are searching for and have some, but not too much, competition. This will help you rank at the top of the search results so people find you – after all, if they can’t find you then everything else will be in vain. This requires work as you learn about keyword research and how to implement that into your content marketing plan.

When picking keywords, you also need to find ones that will help to answer a question and are relevant to your content. Opt for the longer keyword phrases as they are better for ranking and create a more detailed piece – shorter one are much harder to rank for. This may seem like harder work, since you have less freedom over the topic of your post, but is worth it in the long run when you gain more traffic and potential sales.

Having a good content marketing strategy is essential if you want to succeed. You need to think about where you post and the type of topics you are going to cover. The whole point is to build credibility and a following, which requires valuable content that is easy to find. By offering something your readers like and is useful, they will check out your website and the products on offer and it increases the chances of sales – or at least more on your email list.

Updated: 04/06/2013, AlexandriaIngham
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cmoneyspinner on 09/21/2013

If you have a blog, use the RSS Feed module that's right here at Wizzley and if appropriate tack it on at the end of one of your articles. What have you got to lose? If what you wrote relates (or indirectly relates because your wrote it) tack on the feed and let at least one post from your blog show up - although you're allowed up to 3 posts. The worst that could happen is you get banned from Wizzley. :) But the folks here seem to be flexible and grant freelance writers a certain freedom, as long as they don't abuse it. I'm testing it out on a few of my articles. If it don't work, I'll just edit and delete the feed. No biggie!

AlexandriaIngham on 04/08/2013

Great to hear it's helped encourage you. Good luck, K :)

katiem2 on 04/07/2013

I had a few Ah Ha moments while reading this, thanks for the encouragement and inspiration. :)K

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