5 Great Attractions To See In North Queensland

by JHouse

Looking to get away where you can spend hours in the sun and sand? If so then North Queensland is the place for you. Check out these 5 attractions to do while you're there.

Queensland is a huge place, spanning 1.7 million square kilometres across Australia. So huge in fact that it's divided into several regions including, Southeast Queensland, Central Queensland, and North Queensland. There's a lot to be seen all over Queensland, and the area is known for it's famous attractions, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

North Queensland is the tropical or coastal region that features many of Queensland's most unforgettable places to see. You can't go wrong taking a vacation here by booking with a agency like, My Travel Space Cairns. They'll help you book a vacation that gives you the chance to listen to storytellers in the Flames of the Forest, jungle surf, have a barbeque at the Cairns Night Zoo, snorkel at Beaver Reef and spot the largest dragonfly at Emerald Creek.

Storytelling in the Flames of the Forest

In the Flames of the Forest, you'll dine under fairy lights and chandeliers in the middle of the rainforest while Aborigines tell stories of their culture. However, you can choose between one of two performance options: 

  • Performance one is designed with the romantic in mind. During this performance, you'll be serenaded by an acoustic guitar played by a solo artist.
  • Performance two includes cultural stories from two aboriginal brothers. The natural backdrop of the rainforest and an accompanying didgeridoo's song only enhance their performance and set the mood for the mystical and spiritual nature of their stories.

Surf Through the Jungle

Jungle surfing takes you flying through the trees on a fox zip line over rolling streams, treetops and the Great Barrier Reef. You'll zip line to the heart of the Daintree Rainforest through the Human Hamster Wheel cable lift and onto six tree platforms. Guides will be there as you zip through the trees and to provide information on every platform. 

It's an experience that's suitable for all ages: from toddlers to the old folks. Platforms are 3.5 to 19.5 metres in the air and provide breathtaking views above the treetops, into the canopy, down the streams of the Daintree and out into the Great Barrier Reef.

Barbeque at the Cairns Night Zoo

Native Australian animals can be observed doing their nocturnal routine at the Cairns Night Zoo. You can come to watch the animals and enjoy a traditional Australian barbeque featuring fresh prawns, steak, steam rice and vegetables, chicken, salads and dessert. The barbeque dinner also comes with complimentary wine, beer, juice and soft drinks. 

After the barbeque, there will be a 'spotlight' or guided tour of the animals, which includes some of Australia's favourites, like the koala, the crocodile and the kangaroo. And you can book adventures like these with My Travel Space Cairns. The tour also includes a campfire were you'll get to drink Billy Tea and have Damper. A 'Swaggie' will be on hand with a kangaroo that you can pet and feed while enjoying your snacks around the campfire. Once the tour is over, you'll find even more entertainment dancing and singing along to the songs of the resident bush musician. 

North Queensland Resorts

North Queensland Resorts
North Queensland Resorts

Take a Dive Off of Beaver Reef

Beaver Reef Dive Site is the perfect place to spot turtles. It's located in Mission Beach in the untouched Beaver Cay Marine Sanctuary. The reef surrounds the sandy cay and has plenty of dive sites for snorkellers. There's a lot to see and explore including: 

  • Hawksbill and Greenback turtles
  • Bailer and helmet shell crabs
  • Soft corals
  • Giant clams
  • Large cod
  • Huge sea fans
  • Fusiliers
  • Barracuda
  • Manta Rays
  • White tip reef sharks
  • Spangled emperor fish

You can see all of these sites and more by snorkelling from a boat or straight from the cay itself. 

Take a Peak at Emerald Creek

The water flowing over sparkling granite boulders is a sight to behold at Emerald Creek. The creek flows out of the rainforest at Lamb Range down into the woodland over the boulders and into serene pools at the bottom. Red flowers from the bottlebrush trees between the rocks add even more vibrancy and beauty to the scenery. 

Water gum trees surround and cover the creek, and the twisted trunks of some make for an interesting topic of conversation. You can picnic by the water or take a hike to have a look at the views over the falls, across the northern Atherton Tableland or along the valley. There are plenty of damselflies and dragonflies to see, and you might even see the giant petalurid dragonfly: Australia's biggest dragonfly. 

Updated: 08/25/2016, JHouse
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DerdriuMarriner on 11/30/2018

JHouse, Thank you for the images, information and links. This really makes me want to go there! In particular, I like your giving wildlife names, such as bottlebush trees and petalurid dragonflies. Odonates rank among my favorites, and a sampling of activities, such as storytelling. It means that My Travel Space Cairns turns out educationally entertaining and entertainingly educational tours.
How fast does the Human Hamster Wheel cable lift go?

katiem2 on 10/22/2018

Nice travel guide though the great attractions of north Queensland, it is always good to have an experienced detail of the best sites and experiences.

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