5 Star Urgent Response Review

by sciencestudent

The 5 star medical alert system from great call looks like it could be an inexpensive alternative to First Alert, Lifeline and Jitterbug emergency alert systems. Here's a Review.

Let’s face it, we can’t always be there for our loved ones. Sometimes we have to go to work. But what if there is an emergency? Could our loved ones reach a phone and call for help? What if your mother or father fell down? Could they still manage to get medical service?

Unfortunately, each year, hundreds of elderly people are stranded for hours without assistance. In this age of technology, there is truly no need for that.

5 Star Urgent Response System Review

The Five Star medical alert system consists of a small device that can be clipped on and discreetly worn. Most people will wear it on their pant’s pocket so it is easily accessible, or, if you are getting it for a child, you can put it inside their backpack.

Whenever there is a problem, the user can push a button.  It immediately connects them with a trained emergency response operator who can then access the situation.  Even better, you can provide the medical operator with pertinent medical information ahead of time, so when the user calls in, the phone operator will be able to better assess the situation and summon the required help.

The best part is that their agents are certified by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch®

How Do You Use the 5 Star Medical Alert System?

A touch of the button.

There are two options, actually. If you simply press the button, it will connect the caller to the operator who can then direct the call.  They can transfer to an in-house nurse to answer medical questions, transfer to family, or even dial 911, if necessary.

And the 5-Star Alert system isn’t only for medical emergencies.  Your loved ones can access it in any situation they are scared about.  Perhaps they have gotten lost or confused.  Or they are out late and are concerned about walking to their car (you might even decide to attach it to your key chain just to have it when you need it).

Five star gives a safety net of having someone there.

Or, if you know that you have an emergency that requires immediate assistance, you can simply hold the button, and it will connect you directly to your local 911 dispatch team -- bypassing the 5 Star operator entirely.

GPS Locator Abilities

I think one of the coolest things with the Five Star is that it uses the cell phone towers to create an approximation of the user’s location.  Worried about your family?  You simply log onto the website and enter your password-protected information to locate your loved one.

For parents it’s a great way to keep track of the kiddos to and from school.  Children can use it to make sure that mom and dad are kept safe as they age.

And it can put your mind at ease if you are having a hard time reaching them by traditional means.

Verizon Coverage Map

Verizon Provides the Cellular and GPS Coverage for the 5 Star Medical Responder
Verizon Coverage Map
Verizon Coverage Map
From Verizon.com

Let's Talk Costs For This Medical Alert System

Frankly, I think it is one of the best deals out there.

The Alert unit itself typically runs right around $40.  Then there is -- at the time of this writing -- a $35 activation fee and a $15 monthly membership charge.

This medical alert system uses the Verizon network, so its nationwide coverage is very extensive.  However, as with a cell phone, it may not work in extremely remote situations or indoors.  


You can pick it up locally at stores like Walmart.  However, you will often save a little bit off of list price by buying it online at Amazon. Activation works the same either way. 

How Much Money Will You Have To Shell Out For The 5 Star Urgent Response System?


John Walsh 5 Star Alert Commercial From Youtube

Phones with 5 Star Emergency Responders

The 5 Star Emergency system is actually brought to you by the makers of the Jitterbug.  For years, I have seen the Jitterbug advertised, and their policy makes sense: phones are a great safety feature, but only if you can use them.

We bought Grandma a cell phone once.  We showed her how to use speed dial. We made it carry it with her.  Has she ever used it? Nope.  In an emergency situation, it is simply overwhelming for her to try to remember out how to use it. She has frantically handed it to a passerby more than once and plead them to call home for her.

We've decided that it makes a lot more sense to spend the little bit extra to get a phone that is easy for her to use. 

The 5 Star is just one button. You've got to love that. 

The Jitterbug gets around that by using large buttons and easy navigation.  So using it is much like using, say, a cordless phone.  Plus it has a little louder volume making it easier to hear. 

They have also updated the J’bug with the 5 star option so that for the same $14.99 rate you can access the same services as the urgent response unit can.  On the phone, you just press the number 5 and then the * key.

The Jitterbug costs around $80 - $100 for the phone, and then the monthly calling plans are around $15 for 50 minutes and run up from there to $80 for unlimited calling. 

Plus, they do not lock you into contracts.  Which a lot of people like.

All Jitterbugs Offer 5 Star

Same Monthly Fee For Service + Cost of Minutes
Jitterbug J Cell Phone (Red)
Only $147.00
It's more than a Medical Responder

Sure, most people will likely get this to provide peace of mind to aging parents. 


But for anyone who wants help to be just a press of a button away, the 5 Star Urgent Response is worth looking into. 

Updated: 07/19/2012, sciencestudent
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Don Humble on 07/17/2017

On the new unit the battery life sucks! You have to charge each day and you only get a one day service something needs to be done as this is very in convenient
Don Humble

Don B on 02/06/2014

Had my 5star just 1 year & 1 week & the battery fails to hold a charge more than 3 hrs. The unit is sealed so no way to change battery. Great Call told me that I would have to buy a new unit. I told them to cancel the service, because only one year of life for a $50 unit is unsatisfactory.

Arlene crant on 01/24/2014

I had the same problem as Judith after only a few months of signing my mother up for jitterbug. Then went to 5-star service only and found out they are the same company. Their customer service stinks - they don't know the meaning of those words! Still trying to find a decent medical alert for my mother!!

toney linder on 10/12/2013

never had either parent have to use just found out mother in laws wont charge have to buy new responder cant change battery or could be charger went out either way don't want to pay another fifty dallors plus activation fee all over again guess will drop service

Judith Elliott on 05/01/2013

When the device fails (and it WILL fail), you will be told you damaged the device with water (it was NEVER wet), and charged for another, which will also fail. The waranty is a scam.

Mary A. Rolfe on 10/06/2012

This is: Mary A. Rolfe. My serial # is 10805033006. My ? is this: I understad most of the billing but why have I paid you $101. 73? I expected less. would you be kind and explain. thank you.
[email protected] (810-687-0690)

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