5 Tips for Weird and Unusual New Businesses

by Jeffers

Thinking of starting a new business, but feel that your idea is a little too out there? You might be worrying unnecessarily.

In the current credit crunch, starting a business might seem like the last idea you'd want to consider. However, these conditions might actually be the most advantageous ones, and that weird and unusual idea might just be the winner.

Work Can Be Fun
Work Can Be Fun

A website that sells nothing but yellow foam balls. A company that creates fake testicles for your neutered pets. A delivery service that will send you something in the post – but you won’t know what until it arrives.

These are just some of the strange businesses that have popped up in recent years, created by people who had leapt into unexplored niches.

Seize the Moment

In the current economic climate, however, it may seem like an entirely stupid idea to take a risk on a new business start-up. And certainly not like the aforementioned businesses that when written down on paper seem like they should flop immediately.

Yet now may be the perfect time. The job market is floundering and you’re waiting for it to finally recognise you – so you have nothing to lose by using the time to put serious effort into your business idea. Times may be dark at the moment, but starting up in the midst of the credit crunch would mean that things can only get better for you. And should there be another downturn in the future, you have the experience to see it through again.

Five Tips

What about ‘weird businesses’? Are these a good idea? There are a few factors that mean that potentially they could be:

-          Niche market: with an unusual idea, you can be fairly certain that you will have little to no competition. It can also lead you to becoming an authority in this particular area (someone people will automatically come to, aware of your expertise).

-          Power of the Internet: back in the say, unusual businesses would have found it very difficult to get started. The internet, however, makes it very easy for people to track down even the most unusual and specific things they might need. It also allows you to be available to a world-wide market and able to deliver globally.

-          People love weird things: the internet loves weird and unusual facts and information. Once people know of your odd idea, you can be sure it’ll spread – very likely through fun lists and articles. If you’re canny enough, you might even be able to come up with a gimmick that will go viral, advertising your business as it spreads.

-          Not as complex as you might think: when people hear the words ‘company’ or ‘business’ they immediately picture large offices full of employees and computers and all manner of equipment. However, it is very likely that you already possess the tools you need to get your business going. With the aid of a computer, you can set up your online presence and go from there.

-          Not as expensive as you might think: depending on how ambitious your idea is, it may take a small business loan to get started -- but some people have even managed to circumvent that, using only a standard credit card and taking orders in advance.

If you’ve been sitting on an unusual business idea for a while, thinking that it would be useless, that it would never take off, that you lack the tools or skills…well, maybe all you really need is a push to give it a go!

Updated: 02/21/2012, Jeffers
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