A Made in America Buyers Guide

by katiem2

As the economy remains the topic of much concern many Americans feel it all the more vital to purchase products made in the U.S.A find the list of American made products here.

There are many great products made right here in the good ole U.S.A. It feels good to support your country. The trying times we continue to face day in and out have us thinking long and hard about the money we spend. We look hard and long to find the made in the U.S.A trade mark. Now more than ever it's vital to support our countries economy. Americans are working harder than ever to make sure the U.S. dollar stays here supporting our struggling country. I've done a bit of research and found some everyday products we often buy for our families that are proudly made right here in America. I'm proud to share with you my findings. Please leave any information you have about American made products in the chat section at the bottom of this page. Plus chime in adding your thoughts and opinions to our debate poll.

American Made Products

The most common products most every family buys throughout the generations are those made in the U.S.A.

Today I introduce to you some very hard working Americans who provide you with trusted American made products all of which help to support our economic standing in the world!

Now more than ever its vital to support the "Made in the USA" label with so many economic disasters and the rampant outsourcing to other countries! Stand proud Americans I have some very good news for you about some of your favorite products you can feel good about buying. Many of which I'm certain you've seen in homes over the years through out the generations.


The State of America's Economy

While many fret over our economy rest assured there is much to feel good about when it comes to Americas Economy

Guess who the world's leading manufacturer is, and who produces goods valued in excess of one and a half trillion dollars, go ahead guess.

Well, if you guessed the good ole U.S. you are dead on!

Although China and Japan dominate the world in producing much of the everyday products such as electronics, toys, clothes and other common household products, the "Made in the USA" label is alive and well and stands proudly as a significant provider of much needed goods.

I will now unveil just a few of the proud companies located right here in the United States of American providing you with home made brands marked with the "Made in the USA" label.

Enjoy the show! The list includes chocolate, bikes, technology, baseball bats, toys and heavy equipment! I'm proud to be an American and writing this has helped me to be even more proud.


The Caterpillar

The all American company Caterpillar exports $16 billion dollars in equipment from the homeland based assembly plants to areas all over the globe.

Regardless of your interest, whether it be a good golf course or a beautiful land scape this product has developed the world around you so that you enjoy all the comfort and beauty you probably take for granted.

Peoria, Illinois is home to the proud American company Caterpillar. Caterpillar is known the world over for the brightly colored yellow construction equipment. Caterpillar not only moves and develops the earth beneath your feet, it exports $16 billion worth of its equipment from the homeland based assembly plants. You've gotta be proud of a company like Caterpillar!

Now the next time you hear negative talk about the state of our country tell folks about the great American Company Caterpillar who's still working hard to provide you with great goods and services, not to mention building our towns and cities. 

Harley Davidson

The highly sought after Harley Davidson motorcycle is made right here in the good ole United States of America

Any warm blooded biker knows there is but one motorcycle and that be a HARLEY! 

Made by the one and only real motorcycle maker known to man...Harley Davidson!

Children have been named after this bike and no doubt conceived on one as well. The Harley is bar none the best motorcycle ever to be made and the dream bike of bikers the world round.

Harley Davidson, is the proud red blooded product of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This magnificent machines roots date back to 1901. The American made Harley rolls down the road with the mesmerizing rumble distinctive to Harley. There is no other sound or feeling like it! Once you've had a Harley you'll never go back!

The Harley is one hard working product that has shaped the and traveled the landscape of our country. 

K'NEX Brand Building Toys

K'NEX Brand is the proud makers of the innovative toys developing critical thinking minds in all who play with these amazing toys.

Hatfield Pennsylvania is the proud home of K'NEX Brands. Can you remember building great things for hours on end with building sets?

K'Nex creates such greats inspiring many a budding engineer, architect, designer, builder and flat out all creative types of children.

These great American made toys include blocks, bricks, connectors and rods giving a child all they need to create amazing things.

You will find the "Made in the USA" label on all of these great must have toys.

NOTE: You will no doubt see toys from your childhood and yes they are alive and well still today. Enjoy!

New Balance Shoes

American company New Balance is right here in the good ole United States and located in Boston Massachusetts.

Who hasn't been in the market for a good tennis shoe? New Balance is a great shoemaker building great tennis shoes in America, yep it's true the only one new balance shoe is created and built right here in the good ole U.S of A. New Balance offers a wide range of high-performance shoes for women, men and children alike. You will certainly want to give this American shoe company your business before they become instinct, plus they make a quality shoe.

Anytime you need a new tennis shoe remember New Balance one of the best American companies remaining in an industry widely consisting of foreign manufacturing! So if buying American is important to you this is a company you will want to support!

Intel Corp

Intel is a world leader in computer chip technology.

Did you know high tech is alive and well living right here in the good ole United States of America? Yes indeed, in fact we have a world leading computer chip technology giant living right here in the good ole United States of American with the "Made in the USA" label proudly affixed!

Well it is and you can find in at the Intel Corp in Santa Clara, California.

Intel is a world leader in computer chip technology.

So if your looking for a great American made computer processor Intel is your product.

It's great to know you can buy American made products in the high tech industry?

The Louisville Slugger Company

Baseball, America's favorite past time!

It doesn't get more American than baseball which also happens to be my favorite sport!

The Louisville Slugger company is located in Louisville Kentucky and has been settled there for over 120 years. This amazing company makes a great line of bats that are the same as those used by the Major League Baseball Players.

So if you ever have a need for an American made bat and one that's like those used by the pros, a Louisville Slugger is the bat for you!

Gibson Guitar Company

America is the safe haven to the legendary electric guitar!

Many a guitar legend has wrapped their hands around a Gibson proclaiming their love for this high quality American made treasure. Not only is the Gibson guitar a great American made product still proudly living and breathing new creation into the product line each dawning day, Gibson guitars has been the cradle which rocks each and every American with a beautiful song through all the years and moments of their lives.

The Gibson Guitar Company makes it's home in music city, Nashville, Tennessee.

Gibson has long defined the electric guitar sound and market.

Gibson recently reissued a classically styled and very classic sounding blues and jazz axe bringing back the sound and experience of America's guitar greats and legends.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company

The Vermont teddy bear company is very proud of the American handmade quality that goes into each product.

This is another company I visited with my daughters. It was a magical experience.

One my daughters will treasure forever. They became the proud parents of their very own custom made teddy bear which went straight to the nursery for prenatal care once the girls completed their creation. This is one of the fun features available there, kids can create their special little new born teddy.

The girls went through the entire newborn hospital stay experience and it was amazing. Something words have a hard time explaining.

So if you have small children a easy and magical vacation trip is in Shelburne, Vermont, home to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company!

This great company is very proud of the American handmade quality that goes into each product.

Every single bear made is done so by hand and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Now it doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy!

The Viking Range

Need a quality kitchen appliance? Viking Range Corp., is located in warm and beautiful Greenwood Mississippi which is a beautiful place filled with warm and friendly hard working folk. Viking makes a durable quality line of restaurant quality ovens, ranges and grills. If you need anything of the sort do give "Made in the USA" your patronage!

While the list goes on there is much to be positive about when it comes to the "Made in the USA" label and many great products you can support as you provide loved ones with everyday common needs plus feel the pride in supporting your home and country!


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Updated: 10/31/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/31/2012

Well I'll be I did visit Hershey PA years ago when they still made it there, that's a shame, they are going off the list, thanks

BrendaReeves on 10/30/2012

Katie, If you look on the label of a Hershey's bar, I believe all the production is done in Mexico now. The Mars Co. is in Kansas, and Ghirardellie chocolate is made in San Francisco. If you visit Louisville, you can visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and see how bats are made.

Now I'm dying for some chocolate. Great article!

teddletonmr on 09/25/2012

I like what you've put together here, it's a great idea to share American made products. Why not buy home made products and support your neighbor and friends. It all adds up.

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