A Totally Awesome 80s Christmas

by sockii

Are you a child of the 80s? Want to get nostalgic this holiday season? Then check out this blast from the past including toys, movies and music of the era.

Growing up in the 1980s, I can't think about the holidays without thinking back on the music, movies, tv specials and of course the toys of that decade! Nothing takes me back in time faster than one of those classic Christmas songs of the 80s, or seeing some vintage advertising clips on YouTube.

If you love the 80s too and want to have a "totally awesome" Christmas, then check out some of the fun videos and cool items I've showcased here. Maybe you're thinking of throwing an 80s Christmas theme party, or want to surprise another 80s lover with some vintage fun this holiday season. So go ahead, do up your Christmas tree in radical fashion, pop in some New Wave Christmas tunes, and throw on your leg warmers before you rip into those Christmas presents from Santa Claus. If you've been a good boy or girl, perhaps there's a new Atari system or Colecovision games waiting for you! I pity the fool who wouldn't love it!

What was Christmas in the 80s like?

A few tv clips and ads to start your journey down memory lane

Ah, the 80s...when Polaroid cameras were still high tech (no one had smart phones to get instant photos!), mullets and big hair were in fashion, and the Commodore computer what a hot Christmas gift! But does it "Clap on, clap off?"

Get a vintage 80s Clapper

Great for a gag/surprise Christmas gift for an 80s lover!

Yes, you can quite often find old vintage Clappers available on eBay. Couldn't you sometimes still use one today?

Are you a child of the 80s?

Christmas Music of the 80s

Classic hits of the decade

A 2014 survey in the U.K. found that the 80s were voted the "best decade" for Christmas music. So it seems I'm not alone in being fond of the holiday music of that time, produced by some of the top pop-rock acts of the decade.

Today you'll find many great cd collections of 80s Christmas music to enjoy, perfect for a themed holiday party...or just to enjoy a dose of nostalgia.

Get in the mood for the holidays 80s style with this great collection of classic holiday songs! Some of the biggest artists of the decade are featured here, including Run DMC, The Bangles, Hall & Oates, Wham! and more. 15 tracks you'll for sure want on your playlist, perhaps at a holiday party or just while celebrating the season.

Remember these great 80s Christmas songs...and videos?

Band Aid: "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

The Ultimate 80s Christmas Song!

Band Aid was formed in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. Their resulting song and video is a pure trip back to the 80s for me, featuring nearly all of my favorite UK singers and musicians from the era: Sting, Boy George, George Michael, Simon Le Bon, Paul Young, Phil Collins, Holly Johnson...truly totally awesome! In fact I remember resenting it a bit in 1985 when USA for Africa got more play and press in the States for (in my humble opinion) the much inferior and sappier "We Are The World".

Band Aid - 1984 to 2014! Reuniting to help raise more needed funds and awareness

More 80s Christmas music compilations

Add these to your collection, or party playlist!
Vh1: Big 80's ChristmasThat 80's Merry Christmas Album [Audi...80's Wonderland!

"Just In Time For Christmas"

My Favorite 1980s Christmas Album

This awesome Christmas album from IRS records features some great novelty tracks - and plain great songs - from some terrific new wave and alternative bands. IRS carried a lot of my favorite acts from the 80s and you'll hear some of them here: Squeeze, Wall of Voodoo, Klark Kent and Timbuk 3. It's largely kooky and quirky - for instance, Dread Zeppelin taking on "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in reggae/Elvis/Zeppelin style, but there's also Deborah Holland's sweet "It Only Comes Once A Year" and Rebel Pebbles' "Cool Yule".

Vintage 80s Toys For Christmas

Fun stocking stuffers and retro gifts

Delight the 80s fan in your life with one of these vintage 80s toys and games this Christmas - still available today! I remember when these were HOT and every kid had to have one under the Christmas tree...

Did you know? The Rubik's Cube was first invented in 1974 and developed for sale in Hungary as the "Magic Cube". But it was licensed and released worldwide in 1980 as the Rubik's Cube, after which it became an international sensation. Although it was most popular in the 80s, there are still "speedcubers" who practice and compete today in solving various puzzles. 

The puzzle game that was a sensation!

Were you ever able to solve it?

The stress-relief fun ball that's still perfect for the office. It was first developed by Scott Stillinger in 1986, who created it as a ball easy for his young children to hold and throw. In 1988 it was one of the year's most popular Christmas toys. 

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Remember the riots in stores when parents HAD to get a cabbage patch doll for their kids for Christmas?
16" Cabbage Patch Kids - Vintage Baby Boy Doll From 1985


View on Amazon

Vintage 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

Vintage 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Blond Hair with Red with Red Dress & White Shoes by Coleco

View on Amazon

Cabbage Patch Kids Doll 1984 "Vick Wall"

New in box 1985 Alexandra Fern (box does show some wear). Blond hair, blue eyes, yellow crocheted sweater and booties with yellow/white checkered dress.

View on Amazon

The Cabbage Patch Kids created an absolute frenzy when they first became widely available in the early 1980s. If you recall, the dolls were "born" at Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, a converted medical clinic which creator Xavier Roberts used to first sell his dolls. The origin story continued even after the dolls were licensed out to Coleco in 1982. 

What other toys were super-popular in the 80s?

These lists and guides will take you back in time...

What 80s Video Game System Will Be Under Your Tree?

Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, or Sega Master System?

Just like today, video games were hot in the 1980s - the only difference was in the technology! We all craved the hottest systems of the time and the newest game cartridges, be they the Atari 2600, 5200 or 7800; the Intellivision; the ColecoVision, the Sega Master System or Vectrex.

What Was The Best Video Game Console of the 1980s?

Which One Did You Want for Christmas?

Vintage Games and Consoles on eBay

Great for a total nostalgia trip

Want to go back in time to the 80s? Then check eBay for classic game consoles and cartridges. A fun gift idea for someone who loves classic games, or maybe even fun to set up for an 80s themed Christmas party.

Many of the lots up for sale on eBay come with an assortment of original game cartridges, too, making them an especially great and fun deal. 

More Fun Christmas Ads from the 80s...

Best 80s Christmas Movies

Relive Christmas in the 80s with These Classic Films

You can't celebrate a totally awesome Christmas without some awesome Christmas movies. The 80s certainly produced some films which are now considered classics of the season, from  humorous favorites like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to A Christmas Story. Which one is your favorite?

80s Favorites Christmas Ornaments

For a Totally Awesome Tree!

Of course, if you're going all out with an 80s Christmas then you have to get some themed/vintage ornaments for your tree. Think about the popular movie and other characters of the time; toys and games that we all loved; fashions and other nostalgic elements that immediately take you back in time. Just as a few examples...

"E.T. phone home!" One of the most popular movies of the 1980s is commemorated with this great ornament which is not only cute but a great collectible from Hallmark.  It can even be attached to a tree light in order to create a unique "moon glow" effect, just like in the movie.

Do you remember the excitement when Return of the Jedi first came out in 1983? I do! While this ornament isn't vintage (it was released by Hallmark in 2008), it still brings back memories of when fans first got to watch this much anticipated confrontation between the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force.

I mentioned Cabbage Patch Kids earlier, well...did you know you can get them as Christmas ornaments, too? If you don't want one of those big dolls around, you can still bring back the 80s frenzy with a Christmas ornament (or set of them!) recalling these always recognizable toys.

Not only does this ornament look just like a Rubick's Cube, it moves and you can play with it, too! Great fun for a "puzzle nerd" as well as anyone who wants to bring back a little 80s fun this Christmas.

No matter what you think of the 80s, I hope you have a great holiday season! Thanks for checking out my page and feel free to leave any comments or feedback here.

Updated: 10/30/2015, sockii
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peony_desiree on 11/03/2015

I was born in the 90s, but thanks to my older sister and cousins I got to enjoy a lot of the things from the 80s. Plus, my mom is a big fan of all of the 80s music so I know all the Christmas songs here by heart! This brings so much memories from when I was a kid and would go through my big sis' stuff and photos!

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