AMERICAN GIRL Innerstar University Books

by Yeirl

Are you having trouble with your tween girls opening up to you, and do you wonder if there are things they are concerned about that you don't know?

These Innerstar University book series may help your tweens talk about their problems spontaneously and casually while having fun with you. Read together.


Since I have some of these books at home, I read one myself to get a better idea what the series were all about and how they worked.

This book stars 'you' (the reader).  You attend a college called, you guessed it, Innerstar University and live in a dorm with a few close friends.

It's a clever setting since most tweens are curious about high school and definitely college life.   Fortunately, the book skips all the wild parties, binge drinking, and skipping classes to sleep late.


One of books in the series I read is called, Braving The Lake.  It starts like all the other books.   You hang out with your friends at a swimming pool, and your good friend asks you if you are coming to her birthday party at a lake.   I don't mind telling you the story because the story can have 20 different endings, and I am not sure if I can really spoil the stories!

You are afraid of swimming in the lake although you are a pretty good swimmer.   Actually, you are afraid of any body of water where you can't see the bottom...  So what do you do?  Confess your fear? Go to page 14.  Accept the invitation anyway and worry? Go to page 15.  Make an excuse not to go?  Turn to page 16.

Depending on the choices you make (you make them throughout the book), you will have different scenarios and challenges to face.  You are likely to have very different ending from other people reading the same book!

The best way to read this book is to read aloud with your girls or have them do the same with their friends.  When the time comes for a decision making, you can also discuss why kids make those decisions.  

Me? I made an excuse  to get out of the party.  It wasn't the lake.  I had too much homework to do and the test was on Monday... (RIGHT...)


The book is only 120 pages long, but you can go on for a couple of hours, reading together and discussing about the decisions and consequences.

It is not a great work of literature, but we had a lot of fun while opening up our hearts to talk about our thoughts and concerns.   It was a learning experience for me.  Kids were able to come up with very simple and practical solutions.  I was told that I could not share them here.

This book is educational and simulates real life situations pretty well.  While the 'challenges' they face are not difficult or traumatic, it does show when and how to be brave, and what to do when you don't feel so brave.

I'm not sure if I am a raving fan of this series, but I like the Innerstar University books perfectly fine. I might even go back and read the same book and make different choices!




Updated: 04/03/2012, Yeirl
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