An Cóbh, Corcaigh, Eire

by Veronica

Also known as Cóbh, Cork, Ireland, Cork lies on the South coast of Ireland. It is a county with its main city also being called Cork. Today, we visited Cobh in Cork.

Cóbh, pronounced Cove in Irish Gaelic, is a lovely, quaint old seaport town with a fascinating history. It has another claim to fame, being that as Ireland's only harbour with cruise line capability, it was the final stopping place of Titanic before it set out on its ill-fated voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. At this time it was called Queenstown as it had changed its name from Cobh following a visit from Queen Victoria. The name was changed back when Ireland declared independence in 1920.

Welcome to Cobh
Welcome to Cobh

An Italianate feel

Deck of cards houses

The beautifully colourful houses by the harbourside were built mid 19th Century ( 19th C )  in 1850 and are called the Deck of Cards because,  if one house were to collapse all of the others would fall too. They make a charming addition to the harbourfront and are full of character.  They have a Mediterranean, Italianate feel to them.

Beautiful houses

Cóbh, harbour side
Cóbh, harbour side

Painted houses with St Colman's above

italianate houses
italianate houses

St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh

Although St Colman's, also known as Cobh Cathedral looks very old it was started in the late 1800s and finished after World War 1. It is a Gothic revival building and very beautiful inside and outside. It is built in a highly decorative French style. The inside is calming and beautiful. The path up to it is steep and winding. We went to Mass there today.


Inside Cobh Cathedral

traditional pulpit
traditional pulpit

Out to sea

Lots of shipping
Lots of shipping

The harbour

The Port of Cork is at Cobh and it receives approx 115 cruise ships a year. I have never seen a cruise ship as large as the one which arrived there today, spilling out its guests into the town for a few hours.  The bustling, colourful harbourside is full of cafes and bars dotted along the edges.  The sea-way is busy. 


Titanic experience , Corcaigh
Titanic experience , Corcaigh

Titanic Experience, Cobh

The fact that the ill-fated Titanic's final stop was at Cobh is a great draw for tourists to Ireland. Titanic was built in Belfast in the North of the country from where it launched before going on to Cherbourg,  France, Southampton in the South of England and finally picking up over 100 passengers in Cobh, Corcaigh ( Cork). 

The Experience is small compared to Titanic Belfast but do not let this detract from the quality of the exhibits and information. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. 

As we entered we were each given a replica boarding pass of a genuine passenger on Titanic. This helped to make it more personal to us. My husband was given Daniel James Moran and I was given Daisy Minehan. We only found out at the very end if our character had survived or not. My husband's character was in third class and had drowned. I was a first-class passenger and had survived although her brother had not. 


Boarding passes

Replica Boarding Passes
Replica Boarding Passes

Pre sailing party

The night before the ship set sail, the harbour was the venue of a pre - sail party among the 3rd class passengers with much music, dancing and drinking. And why not, these people thought they were giving to a new life in America. Sadly, very few of them did. 

Evening before Titanic left

Titanic farewell spot
Titanic farewell spot

Survived ?

Survived or died ?
Survived or died ?

Annie Moore

Another claim to fame is that Cobh was the place where Annie Moore and her two little brothers Anthony and Philip left for America and she was the first person to be welcomed into the newly opened Ellis Island Immigrant Inspection and Processing centre in the AmerIca in 1892.

There is a statue of Annie and her siblings on the quay side. 


Hopefully, I have given you a  good look at Cobh. There are other places, Cobh Museum and the Heritage Centre which has an immigration exhibit. We did not get to any of those. 

It would certainly be possible to spend a weekend there. 

Updated: 07/05/2023, Veronica
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/06/2023

The Ancestry library genealogical room version accepted my input (of your father's grandfather) as -- no particulars given since I don't have them ;-D -- exact-spelled Beswick of Limerick, Ireland.

It interpreted it as Agustin Beswick, with baptism date Oct. 29, 1827, at Shanagolden, Limerick, Ireland, per Limerick diocese registers from the group Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915. It lists him as son of Walter Beswick and Maria Leary.

If that's your father's grandfather, then I might be able to find whether there's a Minahan or Moran collateral or descendant connection in Limerick to him, by a combination of Ancestry, Encyclopedia Titanica, Find a Grave and Geni.

Veronica on 06/05/2023

Given that I have "Minehan" cousins and my dear friend is called "Moran", upon being given these boarding passes, I stood and said a prayer quietly for all the families and descendants. I felt really moved to do so. It was a very moving moment.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/05/2023

It's quite touching that Bridget Moran and Daisy Minahan each lost brothers to the sinking Titanic.

It must have been heartening to be able to see them but disheartening because of the men who escaped that death by not respecting the rules by which the men would die.

Daisy noticed a man deliberately jump and swim in the way of a lifeboat that then was forced to pick him up whereas the ship steward on her boat threatened anyone bobbing in the waters (because they couldn't swim or because the cold water prevented them from doing so) or on the deck with his gun.

Bridget and Margaret possibly numbered among only 6 women on lifeboat 15. Men whom the steward allowed on before lowering lifeboat 15 numbered among 32 of the total 38. The steward -- who obstructed Daniel and Patrick from joining Bridget and Margaret -- permitted nobody bobbing in the water or swimming toward him on board.

Bridget and Margaret -- only because of their lawsuit upon arriving in New York -- subsequently received $500 each for the disparate treatment.

Lifeboat 15 took 15 to 20 minutes to get to the Carpathia, as 10th or 11th Titanic lifeboat to do so, because of navigating among and pushing away anybody in the water.

Encyclopedia Titanica, which I hope you can access through your UK internet, unites articles with pictures of each drownee and each survivor.

Thank you for sharing your and your husband's journey and for your wizzley inspiring me to look into the two names on your boarding passes.

Veronica on 06/05/2023

This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for all this work. It is so appreciated. We really have a page to remember now.
I am particularly intrigued at how out of 1500 passengers, both our boarding pass names Minehan and Moran hailed from Limerick ...where Dad's grandad was from.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/05/2023

I'd meant to add some information about the Titanic drownee assigned to your husband's boarding pass when I input the Daisy Minahan-related information.

Daniel James Moran (Toomdeely, Askeaton, County Limerick, Ireland, July 7, 1883-April 14/15, 1912)

Son of boatman, laborer, lighthouse keeper Patrick Moran (1837-Oct. 9, 1909), husband since 1867 of Bridget Nestor (1845?-July 20, 1891, from tuberculosis)

Brother of (1) Catherine (born April 1, 1868); (2) Ellen (born Dec. 21, 1869); (3) Alice (born July 1, 1872); (4) Michael (born Dec. 19, 1874); (5) John (born Dec. 24, 1875); (6) Mary (born April 18, 1878); (7) Bridget (Oct. 1, 1879-April 15, 1961), also called for unspecified reasons -- perhaps middle name? -- Bertha; (8) Frances (born Feb. 15, 1882); (9) Patrick (born Dec. 20, 1885); (10) Thomas (born May 20, 1888)

Resident, as unmarried domestic boatman, with widowed, never remarried father and siblings at house 8, Toomdeely North, per 1901 census

Arrival on Etruria June 2, 1901, in New York to stay at unspecified sister's home in Troy, Rensselaer, NY, where subsequently joined by brother Thomas and sister Bridget

Resident, as city policeman (of which last posting at Alexander Avenue Police Station), with maternal uncle John Nestor and family at Ogden Avenue, Bronx, NY, as city policeman, per 1910 census

Sister Bridget in Ireland to settle $15,000 to $30,000 paternal estate

Return to Ireland Nov. 1911 to help and to bring Bridget's and his part of paternal inheritance back to NY

Boarder with sister at Queenstown April 11, 1912, of Titanic as third-class passengers with joint ticket number 371110 for £24, 3s

Sharer, with sister, of above ticket with Toomdeely acquaintances Patrick Ryan (born Feb. 28, 1880) and Margaret Madigan (Aug. 11, 1890-Dec. 14, 1968)

Remained with Ryan in aft well-deck while sister and Madigan escorted by crewmen to upper deck for lifeboat 15 (8th boat lowered from starboard side)

Went down with $4,000 each for him, Bridget and 3 sisters living in NY

Namesake of Bridget's and first husband Richard Sinnott's (May 14, 1889-Oct. 26, 1917) firstborn, Daniel James (born Aug. 29, 1914)

Encyclopedia Titanica (2020) Daniel J. Moran (ref: #1040, last updated: 15th April 2020) URL: https: //www. encyclopedia-titanica. org/titanic-victim/daniel-james-moran. html (Please excuse crazily input URL, just in case Wizzley doesn't like URLs in comments. To be input as 1 word https through html, no [https]:, .[org], .[html] spaces)

DerdriuMarriner on 06/01/2023

You're welcome!

I hope that you can access Encyclopedia Titanica because it took me no more than 15 minutes to read the relevant articles and the Minahan obituary and perhaps 15 minutes at most to input the information into the comment boxes.

Veronica on 06/01/2023


Good grief, what an amazing researcher you are. Thank you so much. Your hard work has brought DAISY to our attention in a way no other comment could.
Excellent ty.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/01/2023

Daisy sighted Carpathia around 4 a.m. (Encyclopedia Titanica article Titanic Collapsible Lifeboat D article says that "There is a photograph of the boat approaching the Carpathia, and there are about 30 people visible; including about ten received from boat 14 earlier in the night and also Mr. Björnström-Steffansson and Mr. Woolner, who jumped into the boat from a lower deck as well as Frederick Hoyt, who had escorted his wife to the craft and then calculated where the boat would row and thought that if he jumped and swam in that direction, they would pick him up. He was right. They did pick him up; the only person rescued from the water by the last boat which rowed away from the ship.")

Daisy, Lillian to New York home of fellow survivors Charles and Annie Stengel until brother Robert Minahan from Green Bay to NY

Daisy one month after Titanic sinking to Wisconsin sanatorium for emotional disturbance and pneumonia

Release after unspecified time to Los Angeles, California

Buried section A lot 572 grave 1, Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California
Citation: Palmer, Sally C. "Daisy Ida Minahan." 23 Nov 2003. Find a Grave, memorial page for Daisy Ida Minahan (9 Jan 1879-30 Apr 1919), Find a Grave Memorial ID 8120759, citing Calvary Cemetery, East Los Angeles, Los Angeles County California, USA; maintained by Trevor Baxter (contributor 48403329). https:// www. findagrave. com/ memorial/ 8120759/ daisy-ida-minahan (copypaste CtrlC as continuous, from https through minahan, without crazy spaces put in because comments aren't supposed to include URLs, correct?)

Obituary Fond du Lac Daily Commonwealth, Saturday 3rd May 1919
sister of Dr. William Edward Minahan "one of Fond du Lac's best known physicians and surgeons" died on steamer
sister of Drs. J.R. and Robert E. Minahan and Capt. Victor I. Minahan of Green Bay, Wisconsin
cousin of Dr. P.R. Minahan of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin ("Miss Minahan Dies; Titanic Survivor." Encyclopedia Titanica > Titanic > Survivors > Ida Daisy Minahan.)
Citation: Encyclopedia Titanica (2003) MISS MINAHAN DIES; TITANIC SURVIVOR (Fond du Lac Daily Commonwealth, Saturday 3rd May 1919, ref: #20031, published 28 August 2003, generated 31st May 2023 12:41:19 PM); URL : https:// www. encyclopedia-titanica. org/ miss-minahan-dies-titanic-survivor. html (copypaste CtrlC as continuous, from https through minahan, without crazy spaces put in because comments aren't supposed to include URLs, correct?)

DerdriuMarriner on 06/01/2023

Ida Daisy Minahan (Chilton, Calumet, Wisconsin, Jan. 9, 1879-Los Angeles, California, April 30, 1919, from tuberculosis)

Daughter of immigrant parents from Limerick, Ireland: County school superintendent William Burke Minahan (1833-1906) and Mary Shaughnessy (1839-1902)

Sister of (1) Robert (1858-1935); (2) Ellen (1860-1915), married Jaeger; (3) John Robert (1862-1941); (4) Grace (1865-?); (4) William Edward (1867-1912, from drowning on Titanic) married Lillian; (6) Hugh (1871-?); (7) Mary (1873-1945) married Hector; (8) James (1875-?); (9) Victor Ivan (1881-1954); (10) Edna (1883-1883)

1880 census Resident of Chilton
1900, 1910 censuses Green Bay, Brown county, Wisconsin, with brother John and his family

1912 passport describes her as "standing at 5' 8¾" with a small mouth, round chin, round face with full forehead, of fair complexion with light brown hair and blue eyes." ("Ida Daisy Minahan." Encyclopedia Titanica > Titanic > Survivors > Miss Ida Daisy Minahan. Citation: Encyclopedia Titanica. 2018. Ida Daisy Minahan. Ref: #210. Last updated: 26th September 2018. URL : https:// www. encyclopedia-titanica. org/ titanic-survivor/ daisy-minahan.html copypaste Ctrl C it as 1 word no spaces, from https to html, done this crazy way since urls are not to be in comments, right?)

1912 Daisy, brother William and sister-in-law Lillian in Ireland, after January departure from New York on Berlin
Six-month vacation plans changed because of Daisy's appendicitis
Daisy, William, Lillian only first-class passengers boarding Titanic at Queenstown
Their £90 ticket number 19928
Their cabin number C78

Daisy, William, Lillian in Café Parisien with Major Archibald Butt, Wideners, Thayers, Captain Smith and near Duff-Gordons, Mrs. Leila Meyer, Mrs. Lucien Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B Harris until retired around 9:30 p.m.

Daisy, William, Lillian awakened by woman crying in companionway outside cabin
Dressed and, despite bread loaves inexplicably spilled all over deck, went to portside boat deck for lifeboat 14

Safe lifeboat landing despite jammed ropes, jerky descent, precarious angles, men at each open deck trying to jump into boat, officer in charge Harold Godfrey Lowe (Eglywys Rhos, Conwy, Wales, Nov. 21, 1882-Llandrillo Yn Rhos, Colwyn Bay, North Wales, May 12, 1944) threatening to kill any jumpees

48-people headcount in lifeboat without food, lanterns, water

Daisy, Lillian transfer to Titanic Collapsible Lifeboat D, ninth and last boat to be lowered from port side

DerdriuMarriner on 06/01/2023

No problem, Veronica!

Saturday this week and Friday and Saturday next look good for getting genealogical research done.

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