Artist Mannequin for Children Who Want to Learn to Draw

by Jimmie

When a child's interest in drawing goes beyond doodles, it is time to buy a wooden art mannequin (manikin) for learning to sketch the human body.

Invest in your child's interest in drawing with a tool that serious students and art professionals use -- the wooden artist mannequin (also spelled manikin). The art manikin is a physical form made of wood and jointed at various points so that it can be posed in many lifelike positions.

Just as models have posed for artists through the ages, the wooden mannequin serves as a model to help an artist get the body proportions correct.

Children as young as eight years old can benefit from sketching with an art manikin.

Wooden Manikin for Art

Practice the Human Figure with a Drawing Mannequin
Darice 7-3/4-Inch Magnetic Manikin
$10.59  $7.24

The Convenience of a Pose-able Drawing Manikin

For Sketching and Drawing

A pose-able artist manikin is better than a human model because it needs no rest or pay. It can be posed in awkward positions that a person would have a hard time holding for extended periods of time.

A pose-able artist manikin is better than a photograph because it can be rotated and looked at from all angles. It is three dimensional, just as a human truly is.

A pose-able wooden manikin is durable and easily stored. There are many different sizes from four inches to sixteen inches. And an artists mannequin can be used to sketch both the female and male form.

The Manikin Helps You Draw the Human Form

Instructional DVD

For Using an Art Manikin
Drawing From The Manikin
Only $15.77

A Drawing Mannequin is a Perfect Gift

For a Young Artist

If you want to encourage a child's passion for art, invest in quality tools -- paper, pencils, erasers, smudgers, and an artist's manikin. It is a real boost to a child's confidence to receive professional supplies.

Getting the proportions of the human form drawn correctly is quite difficult for the novice artist. A mannequin helps because the proportions are matched to an average human figure. 

A young artist sometimes struggles to break down an object for drawing. The mannequin does that for him. Each main section of the body is clearly shown with a separate wooden part. 

After sketching in the parts of the manikin, it is relatively simple to add on muscles and skin to create a realistic person, both male and female.

Moreover, the human body in action is easy to capture with the pose-ability of an wooden model. It can run, kick, fall, or leap, providing a perfectly proportioned form for a sketch or drawing.

Sketches Made from a Drawing Manikin

Art Manikin Sketch #1
Art Manikin Sketch #1
photo by Jimmie
Art Manikin Sketch #2
Art Manikin Sketch #2
photo by Jimmie

Wooden Artist Mannequins for Drawing

A Grown Up Drawing Tool
Artist Manikin
Artist Manikin
by Jimmie

About the Sketches Above

The two sketches you see above are representative of what my daughter was able to do when I gave her an artist's mannequin for the first time. She was only nine years old at the time and had never used one before.

She had been using the Drawing with Children material since around age seven. And she had always shown a deep interest in art.

I will admit that her two mannequins were named Jethro and Ellie Mae. They were not only used for sketching but also for various play set ups.

At age twelve, my daughter is still an avid sketcher and takes drawing classes.

Updated: 02/24/2012, Jimmie
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onepagearticles on 02/01/2012

I've got one of these somewhere and also a hand wooden mannequin too that was very useful for drawing hands I remember at the time, although I could have drawn my own hand as I realized years later lol!

Wooden mannequins are really important for figure drawing. Nice article reminder for artists!

TerriRexson on 01/10/2012

We have one of these somewhere. My son loves to draw, I'll definitely get it out for him soon.

Angel on 01/10/2012

This is very interesting. My nine year old daughter is very artistic and would benefit greatly from something like this. Thanks for the great info.

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